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Canoe Camping Just Got a Lot Easier…

If you love to canoe and camp, I’ve got some news you’ll want to hear! A new partnership between two iconic Minnesota brands makes canoe camping easier than ever before.

How, you ask?

Well, that’s simple: combine the lightweight versatility of a SPACE Trailer with the rugged functionality of a Wenonah Canoe, and you’ve got the ideal setup for canoe camping near and far.

Let’s dive into the specifics of this match made in heaven!

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The Wenonah Adventure Trailer Has Arrived for Your Canoe Camping Needs

wenonah adventure trailer

Whether you’re ready to hit the water in your canoe and take a long, slow camping tour downstream or simply want to improve your ability to bring your canoe along on traditional camping adventures, the Wenonah Adventure Trailer is just what the doctor ordered.

This trailer is the result of a new partnership between two Minnesota-based companies: SPACE Trailers and Wenonah Canoe. By combining forces, these companies have created the ultimate canoe camping rig – and one that’s lightweight, easy to tow, and has tons of functionality to boot.

I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of the Wenonah Adventure Trailer’s specs and features in a moment, but first, I want to give you a broad overview of what this canoe camping rig is all about.

The foundation is a Space Trailer, a trailer that is specifically designed to be featherlight so it can be towed by cars, small SUVs, and compact trucks. As you can see in the video above by SPACE Trailers, there’s no need to invest in a big, burly truck to pull this thing – instead, you can keep your Subaru or whatever fuel-efficient vehicle you currently have. Nice!

Wenonah Ultra-light Spirit II Canoe

The included boat is the Ultra-Light Aramid Spirit II Canoe, which can only be described as the Swiss Army knife of canoes. Its 17-foot body gives you a long-hulled canoeing experience, yet at just 35 inches in maximum width, it’s as maneuverable as a smaller canoe.

In other words, the combination of the SPACE Trailer and the Ultra-Light Aramid Spirit II Canoe gives you the height of functionality and multi-purpose usage. Just what you want in a compact, budget-friendly canoe camping setup!

Canoe Camping: Specs & Features of the Wenonah Adventure Trailer

space trailers cargo bed

Your canoe camping adventures can be done right with the ultra-convenient SPACE Trailer. The trailer has an extra-long tongue that extends the trailer’s overall length to 13.5 feet. This allows you to haul the 17-foot Ultra-Light Aramid Spirit II with ease (you could actually haul a canoe or kayak up to 18 feet in length if you need to).

The trailer is available in HighRider or LowRider options, allowing you to accommodate your vehicle’s hitch height. The trailer also comes with 72-inch SPACE bars on top, plus a Thule Portage Canoe Rack, which gives you a safe and stable means of transporting your canoe to the next river, stream, or lake.

The trailer rides on 15-inch Black Mod wheels and comes with a full-size spare tire. Other goodies include HD cylinders (which allow you to raise and lower the trailer’s canopy with ease, even with weight on top), rear stabilizing jacks, and a security kit to keep your gear safe. Heck, you can even choose between ten different colors for the trailer!

Wenonah Spirit II overview

Of course, the SPACE Trailer is just part of the story…

The Wenonah Ultra-Light Spirit II offers excellent maneuverability and supreme efficiency for explorations in all kinds of waters from still lakes to moving water in streams and rivers.

The canoe is built from Aramid, an ultra-light material that enhances the maneuverability of the boat. Its structural foam core ensures stiffness while the laminated ribs and aluminum plates provide secure connections between the canoe’s components for a result that’s rock-solid, durable, and reliable for the long term.

This combination of design and materials means you can use this canoe for easy lake explorations, Boundary Waters trips, and fishing trips. It’s both seaworthy and predictable in windy conditions and waves, so you get a rig that can do it all while giving you a canoe camping adventure of a lifetime. See it in action in the video above by Wenonah Canoe.

Like SPACE Trailers, the Wenonah Ultra-Light Spirit II is proudly made in the USA by a small business. Over the years, I’ve found that locally-made products built by American workers are head and shoulders above the rest in the quality department. This combination of trailer and canoe is no different!

How the Wenonah Adventure Trailer Changes Canoe Camping

wenonah adventure trailer canoe camping accessories

So, the big question is this: How does the Wenonah Adventure Trailer change the way canoe camping is done?

The way I see it, there are three things that will change…

First, at just $8,250 at the time of writing, this adventure trailer is about the most budget-friendly canoe camping rig you’ll find. That price is a savings of more than $2,000, and it’s good until March 10, 2024. By investing in a rig that doesn’t eat up every last dollar you have, that’s all the more spending money to pay for gas, food, and other necessities for a summer of canoe camping trips.

Second, the Wenonah Adventure Trailer makes canoe camping so much simpler.

On the one hand, you have a Swiss Army knife boat that can handle all sorts of water and weather conditions. On the other hand, you have a Swiss Army knife trailer that’s compact and lightweight, yet offers a 4×7-foot, covered, secure bed for storing all your gear. This is a true all-in-one combination that maximizes efficiency without sacrificing comfort, convenience, and maneuverability.

space trailer vertical

Lastly, the Wenonah Adventure Trailer is a game-changer because of its use of space. The SPACE Trailer is specifically designed to store upright, thereby taking up far less space in your garage. The tongue folds down, and the trailer tilts up on end, so you can keep the trailer in the back corner of your garage without hogging valuable territory to park your car.

And at 17 feet, the Wenonah Ultra-Light Spirit II is short enough to fit in a typical garage. Not only that, it’s light enough that you can store it on the wall, up and out of the way. Again, this efficient use of space enables you to have the canoe camping gear you need and want without your garage being completely overtaken by it.

About SPACE Trailers

space trailers on dirt road

SPACE Trailers was born in 2009 after its founders pledged to buy fuel-efficient vehicles. But the company’s founders didn’t want to sacrifice gear in favor of buying more efficient cars, so the solution was to develop a compact, lightweight trailer that maximizes space for gear while minimizing its footprint.

The result is a trailer that offers maximum functionality for all kinds of outdoor pursuits – camping, kayaking, biking, canoe camping – you name it! But SPACE Trailers doesn’t stop there; it can also be used to haul cargo from Point A to Point B, home improvement materials from the hardware store back home, and just about anything in between.

About Wenonah Canoe

Wenonah Canoe was founded more than 50 years ago by Mike Cichanowski, a man who has spent the majority of his life paddling a canoe. His youth on the banks of the Mississippi River certainly helped him develop a love for the water – and for exploring it, too.

Early on, Mike used his dad’s old aluminum canoe. As a teenager, it was wood-strip canoes he built himself. Later still, Mike developed fiberglass canoes in his garage. These early designs informed decades of canoe making and helped Mike build one of the most trusted canoe brands around today.

Unlike many other canoe companies, Wenonah Canoe is locally-owned with local shareholders that still gather around the kitchen table for meetings. These folks love to paddle, love engineering high-quality canoes, and it shows!

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