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4 Things to Know About the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Off-Road Trailer

The feeling of freedom and infinite flexibility that comes with an off-road trailer is simply indescribable. With enough space for the whole family – and the ability to conquer virtually any terrain that gets in its way, be that the desert, mud, or even a river – an off-road trailer is a must for people with an adventurous spirit.

Many off-road drivers are faced with the decision of whether a lightweight teardrop trailer could be a good addition to their travel set-up. However, the range of off-road trailers is growing continuously, and it can be challenging to find the perfect one. 

We can actually help you with that by offering you one of our favorite options. We’re talking about Sherpa TrailersBigfoot off-road trailer.

Let’s take a look at four things you should know about the Bigfoot to illustrate why it’s an ideal off-road trailer for your needs.

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The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is Made in the USA

Orange Bigfoot From Sherpa Trailers

When you purchase a product, knowing where it came from can greatly impact your buying decision. After all, it directly shows and affects the quality of said product and lets you know how long it will last. Regarding lightweight teardrop trailers, the USA is simply the best. 

The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is proudly made in the state of Montana using high-quality construction materials such as ¾“ exterior grade plywood for the floor and walls and 24-gauge sheet metal for the exterior. 


When you check out Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot, you can easily notice the attention to detail as well.

For example, the ceiling is constructed with 2×4 ribs every 12 inches for extra sturdiness and then covered with Mahogany plywood for a rich look inside the cabin. The Bigfoot also has an insulated roof with 1 ½” thick foam between the ribs.

You Get Tons of Standard Features

sherpa trailers bigfoot review

This is just another reason why we love Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot – it comes fully features straight from the factory!

First off, the venting problem…

Without proper airflow, a trailer can quickly become stuff (and smelly). The Bigfoot takes care of this by using two opposing doors. To make sure it really is dealt with, Sherpa Trailers also placed a vent on one side and a 12-volt fan on the opposite side to provide proper cross-ventilation.

sherpa trailers bigfoot

The second problem with many off-road trailers is maneuverability. To solve this issue, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot comes with a wheeled jack on the tongue that enable you to move the trailer around with much greater ease. Just detach it from your car/truck’s 2” ball and turn it or move it as you like. 

The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is Customizable to Your Needs

Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Deluxe Add On Room

This is where we would like to talk about the additional features because more optional extras for a lightweight teardrop trailer means that it can get as personal and customizable as you need.

The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot comes with nearly two dozen options to help you build the ideal trailer for your needs.

For example, if you need a bit more space, we highly recommend you to get this Deluxe Awning Room with Floor. With that, you’ll get an additional room for your Bigfoot where you can spend all of your time outdoors while staying dry in the process.


You should also take a look at this additional rear door option. It will give you a quick and easy access to your trailer. The opening is 42” wide x 38” in height so you can easily load and unload any off-road gear through it. 

Of course, these are just two optional features you can add – as I mentioned above, the list of options is much longer!

This Trailer is Extremely Lightweight and Easy to Tow

bigfoot trailer with jeep

We saved the best for last, and it’s the weight of Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot.

Now, brace yourself because this whole thing weighs about 1300 lbs dry and has a tongue weight of about 140 lbs. That’s true, it is lighter than a smart car!

Since it’s so lightweight, the Bigfoot trailer can be towed with virtually any vehicle. If you have a small SUV or a small truck, you can easily tow the Bigfoot. If you are not planning to take it off the road, you can even tow it with a sedan or a wagon. 

bigfoot trailer road close up

The Bigfoot is extremely light and if you are determined enough to attach a towbar on a coupe, you can easily pull the Bigfoot with it as well. It would surely be a sight to see the Bigfoot beind towed by a Maserati!

At the end of the day, most of us aren’t going to tow off-road trailers with a Maserati. However, this just illustrates how lightweight and mobile the Bigfoot trailer is. If you’re after a trailer with all the necessities that you can take deep off-grid, this bad boy is it!

Get more details about the Bigfoot trailer by visiting Sherpa Trailers today!

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