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The Best 5th Gen 4Runner Mods

This article was last updated on May 1, 2024.

The 5th Gen 4Runner is one of the most famous vehicles in the overlanding and off-roading sphere. And for good reason!

 It is a vehicle with plenty of storage space, good on-road comfort and off-road abilities, plenty of aftermarket support, and great reliability. 

 So, in today’s 4WDTalk article, we’ll highlight some of the best 5th Gen 4Runner mods. Let’s get started!

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5th Gen 4Runner Mods: A Custom Gear Plate

Aiden James Customs Gear Plate 2

When it comes to the best 5th Gen 4Runner mods, the custom gear plates by Aiden James Customs are the perfect addition. 

Because of the large storage space in the back, the 4Runner can accept many accessories. The problem with this is that all those accessories need to be mounted securely. 

The Aiden James custom gear plates enable you to easily mount all kinds of gear from slide-out drawers to refrigerators.

Aiden James Customs gear plate 3

Furthermore, you get multiple tie-down points for securing items in the back of your rig. 

The custom gear plates can be mounted in a stationary position or even on a slide to give you better access to all your accessories. The mounting points also help keep everything organized – a huge feature for those long overlanding trips when you have tons of gear in the back.

Aiden James Customs gear plate4

Worth noting is the fact that the Aiden James gear plates can accommodate just about any accessories you want. Simply let the company know what you are planning on mounting to your 5th Gen 4Runner, and they will build it for you. 

The best part is that no drilling is required to install these plates. Anyone can do the installation, and your truck will not lose any value. It’s a win-win!

5th Gen 4Runner Mods: Bilstein Stage 1 Shocks

Bilstein Stage 1 Shocks

The suspension is arguably one of the most important mods anyone can do to a 4×4. It provides more clearance, better articulation, more payload, and improved ride quality. 

Therefore, it makes sense that it is on our list with the best 5th Gen 4Runner mods.

For this list, we decided to feature one of the more budget-friendly lift kits for the 4Runner. 

The kit we have in mind is the Bilstein Stage 1. This suspension upgrade will provide your 4Runner with a 2.5-inch lift. It’s the perfect height to avoid CV issues and have the clearance both for larger tires and bigger obstacles! 

Countless 5th Gen 4Runner owners have used this lift kit, so you can be sure that it will suit your truck perfectly. 

Keep in mind that it becomes harder to get a proper alignment when lifting a vehicle with independent front suspension like the 4Runner. Some aftermarket upper control arms may also be a good addition. 

5th Gen 4Runner Mods: CBI Full Skid Plates

CBI Full Skid Plates

Skid plates must also be on the list with the best 5th Gen 4Runner mods. They are especially important on IFS vehicles because vital components such as the oil pan are more prone to damage when compared to 4x4s with solid axles. 

The steel skid plates by CBI directly replace the thin skid plates that come with the 4Runner. No drilling or cutting is involved to fit these, so installing them should be a job that the home mechanic can easily tackle.

This specific kit has both the oil pan and transmission skid plate. There is also an option for just an engine skid plate

Regardless of the trail you happen to be on, this accessory will prevent vehicle damage and enable you to tackle more difficult trails. 

5th Gen 4Runner Mods: Husky Floor Liners

Husky Floor Liners

Overlanding involves a lot of getting in and out of your pride and joy with muddy boots. This leads to carpets full of dirt and mud, and after a couple of years, your cabin may start looking a bit old and tired.

To prevent this, many companies have come up with floor mats designed to contain all the dirt and grime that falls off your shoes. Furthermore, specially designed grooves help contain water or any other liquid, keeping the actual carpet of the truck clean. 

Husky is a great company that has been in this market for many decades, and their expertise shows. These floor mats have a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon through 1900 ratings. 

The best part is that they are reasonably priced, as some companies who make such mat upgrades tend to be expensive. 

This is one of the best 5th Gen 4Runner mods for people who would like to keep the interior of their truck as clean as possible.

What Mods Will You Get?

Best 5th Gen 4Runner Mods

Logandale 1 by do_productions is marked with CC BY-ND 2.0.

The above list includes some of what, in our opinion, are the best 5th Gen 4Runner mods a new owner and overlander can make to their rig. 

However, you should keep in mind that they may not be the correct ones for you, specifically. Every person has different needs out of their 4×4, and with those different needs come different mods. 

A suspension upgrade may be unnecessary if you keep it light and only drive dirt roads. On the other hand, if you love the hard stuff, a lift kit that provides more clearance and wheel travel may be the correct choice. 

Therefore, the above list must act like a guide through which you can decide which accessories fit your driving style and which don’t.

If you have any further questions regarding 5th Gen 4Runner mods or any other off-road or overland-related questions, post them in the forum section of our page.

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