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The Best Camping Lights

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Camping is becoming more and more popular, and a lot of people enjoy this hobby that allows them to spend time in nature while being in the present. From the campfire to the tents, there is something to love for everyone that enjoys a good camping trip.

However, adding camping lights to your outdoor campsite gives it the perfect finishing touches while also providing a good light source. 

There are many different styles of lights available on the market. So, every type of camper is bound to find a set of lights that perfectly fits their needs, whether that is string lights, a camping lantern, solar lights, or even rechargeable lights. 

In this article, we have lined up our favorite of each category to help you find the best camping lights you can use.

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Why Do You Need Camping Lights?

Family playing music under camping lights

photo by Edwin Tan via iStock

A camping light or a lantern is a very important tool in terms of illuminating the current environment in situations where there are no light sources. Considering the dimensions of the need for light, it is obvious how important the camping lantern is.

In cases where you are lost in the camp or you want to send a signal, the camping light will help you and someone from afar will understand that someone is at the light source and will send you help. There are rules for calling for help with a flashlight, and you should learn them.

In a dark environment, you cannot find your belongings or move freely. Therefore, if you have your camping light source with you, your movements are not limited. With a lantern that illuminates large areas, you can easily spot the dangers in any environment.

Accidents can happen at any time and you may need to give first aid. Light is very important for you in this intervention that you will do with limited materials in the camp environment. 

Best Camping String Lights

Best Camping String Lights

Our absolute favorite camping string lights are the Brightech Ambience Pro- USB battery pack powered, waterproof string lights for camping. These camping string lights will provide that perfect outdoor camping feeling to your setup, providing you with a tremendous and reliable power source. 

A USB port powers these camping string lights. Meaning you can plug them into a power bank, but if you have a portable generator with a USB port, you can plug them right in as well. 

The camping string lights contain ten hanging bulbs and are 24.5 feet long in total, with 6.5 feet of cord at the end. The bulbs themselves are evenly spaced 20 inches apart from one another. 

These camping string lights are waterproof, weatherproof, and shatterproof. Built with commercial-grade insulation to ensure water stays on the outside.

Brightech also provides a three-year warranty period for their lights. This warranty covers if the product stops working at any time during those three years or if any other defects should occur within those three years. 

  • Price: $25.99
  • Power source: USB port
  • Length: 24.5 feet
  • Number of bulbs: 10 bulbs
  • Type of lights: LED S14 bulbs
  • Wattage: 1.5 Watts
  • Light temperature: 2700 Kelvin
  • Lumens: not specified
  • Material: Plastic, rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Water resistance: Waterproof
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty 

Best Camping Lantern

Best Camping Lantern

When it comes to the best camping lantern, our pick is the VONT LED Pro camping lantern which comes in a 4 pack.

This fully collapsible LED light also holds a red SOS signal light at the bottom in case of emergencies. 

It is dimmable by partially collapsing the light, and the lantern exhibits a 360-degree light throw which makes sure you have light all around this camping lantern and not just on one side of it. 

A few extra batteries will go a very long way with this light, as a simple set of 3 AA batteries will last up to 16 hours of continuous run time. VONT claims that the run time can be up to 100 hours when using alkaline batteries. 

Best Camping Lantern

It also comes with a set of handy hooks allowing you to hook it to the top of your tent. In addition, VONT provides a lifetime warranty against loss, theft, and any defects in material and craft for as long as you own the camping lantern.

  • Price: $29.99 (per 4 pack)
  • Power source: 3 AA batteries
  • Number of bulbs: 1
  • Type of lights: LED
  • Wattage: 3 Watts
  • Light temperature: not specified
  • Lumens: 300 lumens      
  • Material: HIPS
  • Color: Black
  • Water resistance: IPX-4 Water-resistant
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Best Solar Camping Lights

Best Solar Camping Lights

If you want to choose solar camping lights as a light source on your next trip, look no further. The LuminAID Solar inflatable lanterns are not just great for camping and hiking. But also for any emergency kit, as they either hook to a backpack or simply fold into a small 4.75”x4.75”x1” package. 

These collapsible solar camping lights have multiple brightness settings and are both perfect for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, they are lightweight, collapsible, inflatable, and rechargeable. 

Best Solar Camping Lights 2

Don’t worry if the solar panel gets dirty either; you can simply dip the entire light in a nearby creek to clean it (or use any other water source) as it is fully waterproof. In addition, the 1000mAh battery can be charged on a rainy day and will last up to 24 hours. 

And the best thing? For disaster relief, LuminAID brings safe light to families in need, including Syria, Nepal and Puerto Rico. 

  • Price: $29.95
  • Power source: Solar powered (or charged with a 1000mAh battery)
  • Number of bulbs: 1
  • Type of lights: LED
  • Wattage: 3 Watts
  • Light temperature: not specified
  • Lumens: 75 lumens        
  • Material: not specified 
  • Color: White
  • Water resistance: IP67 Waterproof
  • Warranty: not specified

Best Rechargeable Camping Lights

Best Rechargeable Camping Lights

And last but absolutely not least, we picked the best rechargeable camping lights for you. The WdtPro portable LED Camping Lanterns. These also come in a four-pack and have their rechargeable lithium-ion batteries included in the purchase. 

These rechargeable camping lights have three different brightness modes and an easy hook to hang them from the roof of your tent. They offer a 360-degree light throw of 300 lumens and will work up to 8 hours on a single charge. 

Best Rechargeable Camping Lights

The charging time for these rechargeable camping lights is three hours. Furthermore, these rechargeable camping lights are IP65 waterproof so that you can leave them out in the rain without a problem. And to top it off, the manufacturer provides two years of full warranty and replacement guarantee, no questions asked.

  • Price: $19.99 (per 4 pack)
  • Power source: rechargeable lithium-ion batteries included
  • Number of bulbs: 1
  • Type of lights: LED
  • Wattage: 3 Watts
  • Light temperature: not specified
  • Lumens: 300 lumens      
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Water resistance: IP65 Waterproof
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty 

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