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Cargo Dog Storage Review

When I bought my Jeep Gladiator in 2020, I almost bought a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited instead. What tipped the scales toward the Gladiator, though, is that I could use the bed for additional storage – something that I need given the lack of secure storage space inside a Wrangler.

In the years since, I was introduced to Cargo Dog, a company specializing in custom-fit storage solutions for Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds and Gladiators. In short, Cargo Dog Jeep storage gives you secure, incognito storage in the rear floorboard of your Jeep and does so with a high-quality, well-made, and durable product.

In this Cargo Dog storage review, I’ll dive deep into the specs and features of this system so you can learn how easy (and affordable!) it is to add secure storage to your rig.

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Cargo Dog Storage Review: Basic Specs

cargo dog wrangler pic2

Cargo Dog storage is simple, really: it’s a flat-topped box that fits perfectly into the floorboard of the backseat in a Wrangler Unlimited. You can replace the entire backseat with a three-bay Cargo Dog storage unit, or you can remove two-thirds of the backseat and replace it with a two-bay unit while still having one seat for passengers.

In either case, you get a fits-like-a-glove storage solution that looks like it was installed right from the factory!

The full three-bay Cargo Dog storage solution weighs about 54 pounds. If you’re wary of weight, this is roughly 15 pounds lighter than the backseats.

On top of that, Cargo Dog is water resistant to offer added protection for the items you keep stored inside. With well-sized storage areas, you can keep any manner of items inside, from recovery gear to first aid to expensive items like firearms or electronic devices.

Cargo Dog Storage Review: High-Quality Features

cargo dog wrangler pic4

Cargo Dog storage isn’t just a box in the floor of your Jeep…

Instead, this unit comes with some interesting features that make it the perfect solution for storing necessary gear with the peace of mind that it will be secure.

For starters, each bay in the unit has a robust locking mechanism that deters theft, even when you have the top off your Jeep. Of course, the incognito design is a great theft deterrent, too – people walking by your Jeep will most likely not even realize that the Cargo Dog is there!

Secondly, each Cargo Dog bay has struts that prop the lid open, making it easier to add or remove items as needed. Think of it as a second set of hands to help facilitate getting what you need more quickly.

cargo dog 1

And third, Cargo Dog has lighting for each storage bay so you can see what gear is where even in the dead of night. So, Cargo Dog is not only about security but also about convenience!

The fact that Cargo Dog storage is made here in the U.S. says something about the quality of the product, too. With the best materials and artisans at its disposal, Cargo Dog can build the highest-quality storage solutions for Jeep enthusiasts like you and me.

Cargo Dog Storage Review: Installation

Though it might sound like a laborious task to remove the backseats in your Jeep and replace them with a 54-pound storage unit, it’s actually a really simple, straightforward process.

In fact, the installation procedure takes all of 10 minutes – which includes the time needed to remove the seats! See the complete installation process in the video above.

Cargo Dog Storage Review: Pricing

cargo dog 3

You can pick up a Cargo Dog storage unit for your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for $1,595.00. That’s a fantastic price to get secure, incognito storage in a vehicle that really has neither of those things from the factory!

And if you have a Jeep Gladiator like I do, you can get one of these bad boys for $1,695.00.

About Cargo Dog

cargo dog wrangler pic5

Cargo Dog is the brainchild of MP Motorsports LLC, a family-owned company hyper-focused on developing innovative, functional, and rugged accessories for Jeeps.

The design of Cargo Dog was borne out of the lack of secure storage space in Jeeps. Not only does Cargo Dog solve this issue, but it also allows for a flat floor in the back of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited or a Gladiator. A flat floor enables you to load the backseat area with even more gear or, if you prefer, gives you a flat area for sleeping.

On top of that, Cargo Dog is a fantastic solution for improving the organization of your gear. Adding necessary items to the Cargo Dog’s storage bays means those items remain contained and secure as opposed to rolling around in the back of your Jeep. Not only is this helpful during everyday driving situations, but it’s also helpful for off-roading when the last thing you want is your gear bouncing all over the interior!

I think we can all agree that Jeeps have the pedigree to be called one of the most capable off-roaders of all time. With Cargo Dog storage in the back of your Jeep, you can add safe, secure, functional storage to its long list of capabilities.

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