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5 of the Best Campgrounds in the Midwest

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Whether you are a weekend warrior who lives in the Midwest and wants to make the most of your free time, or you live elsewhere and are planning a vacation to the Midwest, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll share five of the best campgrounds in the Midwest. We’ll discuss places like jaw-dropping mountains in South Dakota, remote islands in Michigan, dunes in Indiana, and more. In addition, we’ll recommend one of our favorite trailers for camping in the Midwest.

With that in mind, it’s time to kick it into high gear and discover our must-visit campgrounds in the Midwest!

Check out the video above by Midwest Small Town to learn about five under-the-radar places to visit across the Midwest. 

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The Best Trailer for Camping in the Midwest

rustic mountain overland 4

Due to the Midwest’s diverse landscapes and unpredictable weather, our favorite way to explore the region is with a camping trailer—not just any trailer, but the one-of-a-kind Anzac GFC Moto Hauler by Rustic Mountain Overland

The Anzac GFC Moto Hauler is a rugged teardrop trailer perfect for outdoor adventures. It features an innovative design, premium build quality, and off-roading capabilities. Moreover, its portable (yet spacious!) design boasts more storage than meets the eye and can be towed by any vehicle. 

rustic mountain overland 3

Here are some of the key features and specs of the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler that make it ideal for camping in the Midwest:

  • 48” x 99” main storage compartment
  • 15” wheels with 31” all-terrain tires
  • GFC Rooftop tent
  • Tongue box with two chambers
  • Dometic PLB-40 battery
  • Dometic CFX3-45 cooler

rustic mountain overland 2

Plus, it’s lightweight, easy to tow, and offers all the room you need for gear. Speaking of which, the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler has a locking storage compartment with flip-up hatches that allow you to safely store your gear. Then, when you need a place to lounge, you can do so inside the storage compartment. There’s even interior access to the rooftop tent!

So, no matter where you want to camp in the Midwest, this bad boy will be an ideal companion for you, your gear (even if you’re hauling motorcycles!), and your adventure buddies!

Best Campgrounds in the Midwest: Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

The sunset along the waters of Voyageurs National Park as seen from the Ash Visitor Center.

Photo by BlueBarronPhoto via iStock

Voyageurs National Park is a stunning water-based National Park in northern Minnesota, just a few miles from the Canadian border. It’s a large park featuring 218,055 acres of protected wilderness, 137 front-country campsites, 15 backcountry campsites, and two primitive campsites. All the front and backcountry sites require a watercraft. 

While water activities such as boating, kayaking, and fishing are the most popular pastimes in Voyageurs National Park, there are also many trails for hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. One important thing to remember is that regardless of which campsite you stay at, you will need a permit and a reservation.

For people traveling with RVs, camper vans, and camping trailers, we recommend staying at one of the many drive-in campgrounds nearby and visiting the park during the day.

Best Campgrounds in the Midwest: Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Big Badlands Overlook provides the opportunity to view the eastern portion of the Badlands wall. Big Badlands Overlook provides the opportunity to view the eastern portion of the Badlands wall

Photo by Satya Aditya Vasireddy via iStock

When many people think of the Midwest, they forget about South Dakota, but they shouldn’t! It’s home to Badlands National Park, unquestionably one of the best campgrounds in the Midwest. Badlands offers three sleeping options: cabins, front-country camping, and backcountry camping. Cabin rentals are available through the Cedar Pass Lodge

Front-country camping is possible at Cedar Pass Campground and Sage Creek Campground. Cedar Pass has 96 paid sites (reservations required), many of which provide electrical hookups, while Sage Creek has 22 first-come, first-serve sites. For the more adventurous, dispersed camping is permitted anywhere in the park, as long as you are at least 0.5 miles off the road. 

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Best Campgrounds in the Midwest: Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana

Lake Michigan shoreline at the Indiana Dunes State Park

Photo by tacojim via iStock

One of the Midwest’s hidden gems is also one of the country’s newest national parks—Indiana Dunes National Park. In 2019, it became the USA’s 61st National Park to protect the area’s unbelievable biodiversity. The park is home to more than 1,100 different flowering plants and hundreds of animals, including over 350 species of birds.

Indiana Dunes has one campground, Dune Campground, with 66 sites. Fifty-three spaces are car-camping sites where you can sleep with a trailer, RV, or van, while 13 are walk-in sites only for tent-camping. The campground has two restroom facilities, each with access to drinking water and hot/cold showers.

Best Campgrounds in the Midwest: Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

Isle Royale National Park hiking trail over rocky terrain with cairns to mark the route.

Photo by jstewartphoto via iStock

One of the nation’s most unique National Parks is also found in the Midwest: Isle Royale National Park. Its remoteness is why it is one of the best campgrounds in the Midwest, as you can only reach it by ferry or seaplane. Isle Royale is a wonderful place to escape city life’s hustle and bustle and spend a few relaxing days reconnecting with nature and your inner self.

There are 36 tent-only campsites scattered across the island, all with drinking water and an outhouse. Additionally, some sites have a picnic table and beach access. All the sites are first-come, first-serve, but a permit is required to stay overnight on the island. Permits are free for groups of six or fewer, while larger groups of seven or more people must pay $25 per night.

Something important to keep in mind when planning a trip to Isle Royale National Park is that it is closed seasonally from November 1st until April 15th every winter.

Best Campgrounds in the Midwest: Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin

Devils Lake in the Fall in Devils Lake State Park near Baraboo, Wisconsin

Photo by herreid via iStock

Lastly, we can’t go before talking about Devils Lake State Park. It’s a beautiful 10,000-acre park about two hours outside of Milwaukee. It’s the most-visited nature reserve in Wisconsin, and for good reason! It’s a family-friendly destination with fun activities like hiking, swimming, and boating. Furthermore, it has 423 campsites spread across three modern campgrounds.

RV and trailer campers who want electric hookups will want to sleep at the Quartzite Campground or the Northern Lights Campground. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere surrounded by only tents, the Ice Age Campground is for you. If you are going with a large group, nine group sites can host 240 people combined.

All sites are reservation-only and must be reserved through the official Wisconsin State Park System website

More of the Best Midwest Campgrounds

Happy brothers are taking selfie by tent. Smiling boys are camping in forest. They are spending leisure time.

Photo by Morsa Images via iStock

While the five places above are our favorite places to camp in the Midwest, they aren’t the only options. With that in mind, here are a few more of the best campgrounds in the Midwest that you should consider visiting on your next road trip.

Finally, if you are considering upgrading your current camping rig by investing in a new outdoor adventure trailer but aren’t 100% sold on the Anzac GFC Moto Hauler, check out the links below for information about other kick-ass trailers by Rustic Mountain Overland.

Disclaimer: Our articles might have affiliate links and the occasional sponsored content, but don’t sweat it – if you buy something, we get a little kickback at no extra cost to you, and we only hype products we truly believe in!

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