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This Custom Van Conversion Highlights the Possibilities of the Ford Transit 148 Platform

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Embark on an adventure where your vehicle is more than just transport; it’s a home on wheels that gives you the freedom to explore the open road. This is what you get with the Ford Transit 148. It’s not just any van, but a platform for endless possibilities.

Enter Roger’s 148, a 2022 Ford Transit reimagined by Camplife Customs into a luxurious, rolling retreat that redefines the camping experience. 

As we dive into the features and custom touches that make Roger’s 148 stand out, you’ll see it’s more than a van; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about bringing the comfort and style of a high-end apartment to the unpredictable and thrilling world of van life. 

Let’s explore together how Camplife Customs transformed this Ford Transit 148 into a luxury adventure vehicle!

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What is the Ford Transit? 

Ford Transit Van

Image Credit: Ford Motor Company

At the heart of countless adventures and businesses alike lies the Ford Transit, a versatile platform known for its reliability, flexibility, and capacity to transform according to individual needs.

Why has it become such a favored choice? It’s simple: the Ford Transit offers a range of configurations that cater to almost any requirement. 

With options for 130” or 148” wheelbases, low, medium, and high roofs, and regular, long, and extended lengths, the Transit ensures that space is never an issue. Furthermore, its drive options—rear-wheel or all-wheel drive—along with XL & XLT trims for passenger vans, make it a flexible choice for any road condition or usage scenario.

What truly sets the Transit apart is its engine lineup. The base model features a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter PFDI V-6 engine, while the more powerful turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 is available for those seeking extra power and torque. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and capable of towing up to 7500 pounds, the Ford Transit is not just versatile; it’s powerful. 

This blend of customization, performance, and reliability is why the Ford Transit has become a go-to platform for both commercial use and personal conversion projects like campervans.

Upgrading the Ford Transit 148’s Exterior for Camping


Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Camplife Customs has expertly upgraded Roger’s 148 by enhancing its exterior for the ultimate camping experience. Key to this transformation is the installation of a durable roof rack, providing ample space for all your adventure gear. It means you can easily transport everything from camping equipment to sports gear, expanding your adventure possibilities.

Adding to the van’s outdoor functionality is a spacious awning, creating a comfortable, shaded area for relaxation and dining. This protected outdoor living space allows you to fully enjoy nature’s beauty, come rain or shine. It’s perfect for those peaceful mornings or evenings spent in the wilderness, offering an instant extension of your living area.

These upgrades by Camplife Customs don’t just add to the van’s functionality; they’re done with precision that ensures the Ford Transit 148’s integrity remains intact. Every modification, from the added storage options to the creation of outdoor living spaces, is professionally executed to enhance the van’s exterior without compromising its original build quality.

The Ford Transit 148 Can Become a Comfortable Camper With These Interior Upgrades 

camplife customs Ford Transit 148 sink

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Camplife Customs transforms the Ford Transit 148 into a luxurious camper with thoughtful interior upgrades. The kitchen area blends functionality with style, featuring a Dometic fridge, bamboo countertops, and an induction cooktop for gourmet meals on the go. A dining area with a bamboo table ensures eating inside is as pleasant as it is outside, underlining the van’s seamless blend of practicality and aesthetics.

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

The bathroom setup introduces a compact yet efficient DryFlush toilet, integrating convenience into every aspect of van life. The living space is smartly designed with a convertible bed platform, providing both a restful sleeping area and a functional work space. Overhead cabinets and durable flooring reflect Camplife Customs’ commitment to quality and comfort.

Ventilation and lighting are key to the van’s airy and inviting interior. A MaxxFan, vent windows, and a Dometic AC system ensure optimal comfort, while strategic window placement offers ample natural light. These features highlight the meticulous attention to detail that Camplife Customs brings to every conversion.

You Can Add a Beefy Electrical System in the Ford Transit 148camplife customs Ford Transit 148 kitchen

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Camplife Customs powers up the Ford Transit 148 with a formidable electrical system designed for the long haul. At its core, an 800Ah lithium house battery bank pairs with a 4000-watt pure sine inverter, ensuring all onboard appliances and gadgets are fully operational, no matter where the road leads. This setup turns Roger’s 148 into a model of self-sufficiency and comfort.

Solar panels are on the roof, channeling sustainable energy back into the battery bank, showcasing an eco-friendly approach to power. Inside, the strategic placement of outlets and USB plugs ensures connectivity and convenience are always within reach. LED lighting, adjustable for ambiance, casts the interior in a glow that’s both practical and inviting.

Water Storage is a Must for Campervan Adventures

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Water is the lifeline of any campervan adventure, and in Roger’s 148, Camplife Customs has meticulously integrated a water storage system that marries capacity with innovation. The inclusion of a slim-profile fresh water tank ensures that ample water supply is a given, supporting everything from cooking and cleaning to showering, without the bulkiness traditionally associated with high-capacity tanks.

The system is complemented by a gray water tank, facilitating easy and responsible disposal of used water. This dual-tank setup ensures that adventurers can enjoy the comforts of home while respecting the natural environments they explore. The integration of a 12v water pump maintains consistent water pressure throughout the van, mimicking the flow one would expect in a stationary home, further enhancing the overall living experience.

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Camplife Customs’ focus on water storage exemplifies their understanding of the essentials for extended travel. By providing a reliable and discreet water system, they ensure that the inhabitants of Roger’s 148 can venture further and stay out longer, making the most of their adventures. It’s this level of detail and care that transforms the Ford Transit 148 from a mere vehicle into a home on wheels, ready for any journey.

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