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3 Ways to Camp Smarter, Not Harder

The essence of camping lies in its simplicity; the crackling campfire, the canvas of stars above, and the thrill of immersing ourselves in the raw beauty of nature. However, simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean doing things the hard way. 

This is where the concept of smart camping comes in. It’s about enhancing our outdoor experiences, merging the serenity of the wild with the conveniences of the modern world. It is about making our time outdoors more comfortable and efficient without losing the spirit of adventure. 

Smart camping allows us to savor the pleasure of being in nature, without the usual obstacles. It’s about creating a balance between enjoying the rustic charm of the wilderness and having the right gear that makes life easier under the open sky.

This article introduces you to three key strategies that will help you camp smarter, not harder. We will explore the cutting-edge equipment and camping hacks that promise to make your next camping trip the most enjoyable yet. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a rookie eager to learn, these insights will change the way you camp for the better.

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Camp Smarter With an Easy-to-Tow Trailer That You Can Load With Features

sportsrig trailstomper review 2023

Taking the leap from tent to trailer can elevate your camping experience in ways you never thought possible…

A trailer offers ample space, comfort, and convenience, enabling you to camp smarter by keeping everything organized and accessible. It eliminates the daunting task of setting up and taking down tents, saving you precious time to indulge in your outdoor adventures. 

More than that, a trailer can weather the elements more effectively than a tent, providing you with a safe and cozy retreat in even the harshest of weather conditions.

Red Sportsrig Trailstomper

When it comes to trailers that embody the philosophy of camping smarter, the TrailStomper by SportsRig is a standout choice.

Built to tackle any terrain, this California-made, lightweight trailer can be towed with virtually any vehicle. It’s more than just a place to sleep, though – it’s a fully equipped base camp on wheels!

With options to add a fridge, lighting, a charging station, water storage, and more, the TrailStomper offers the home-away-from-home in the wilderness that you want and need.

trailstomper off road

Constructed with a rugged steel frame and equipped with trail-gripping tires and FOX coil-over independent suspension, the TrailStomper delivers reliability and durability. It’s also designed with ample storage in mind, including a spacious aluminum “Chuck Box,” a front cargo tray, and an upper cargo rack that can even house a rooftop tent, giving you a comfortable night’s rest elevated from the ground.

Sportsrig Trailstomper Storage

Available in two models, the TS1 and the TS-PRO, the TrailStomper caters to varying camping needs. The TS-PRO adds more storage options, upgraded wheels, a spare tire, and a rear stabilizing jack, making it a dream rig for the serious camper.

With custom color options and the ability to add features as needed, you can truly make the TrailStomper your own camp smarter rig!




CLIQ Camping Chair - Most Funded Portable Chair in Crowdfunding History

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PORTAL Camping Table Foldable Portable with Adjustable Legs

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3000 Large Capacity Hand Crank Solar Camping Lantern

Odoland 15pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit

71kxtXyRsEL. AC SX679 71kxtXyRsEL. AC SX679

WANNTS Sleeping Pad Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping

71jSF+x8s L. AC SX679 71jSF+x8s L. AC SX679

MARBERO 88Wh Portable Power Station 24000mAh Camping Solar Generator 

Simplify Camp Life With an Easy-to-Deploy Table

Tailgater Tire Table By An SUV

A table might seem like a basic piece of equipment, but when it comes to camping, it’s much more than that. Having an easy-to-deploy table can add convenience to your camping trip, playing many roles. 

It can serve as a prep area for meals, a dining table, a gear staging spot when heading out for the day, a place for fun and games, and even a makeshift workspace for those who need it. In essence, having a simple, sturdy, and portable table helps you to camp smarter.

tire table 23

The Tailgater Tire Table is a standout accessory that fits this bill perfectly. Its unique design allows it to mount to any vehicle tire, offering a sturdy surface that’s 100% stable, regardless of ground conditions. It requires no tools for installation and needs only a 2-inch clearance between the tire and fender, simplifying setup and takedown.

tire table 11

Constructed from powder-coated, aircraft-grade aluminum, the Tire Table is both lightweight and rust-resistant. Despite weighing just 5.5 lbs and measuring a compact 29″ L x 23″ W x 1.5″ thick, it’s incredibly durable and capable of supporting up to 50 lbs. Its compact size also makes it easy to store in your rig, ensuring it doesn’t take up valuable space.

Camp Smarter With an Easy-to-Use Power Source

inergy power station

Just as food and water are vital for survival, power has become an essential need for modern camping experiences. The ability to charge your devices, run your camp lighting, power a cooler, or even operate a portable heater can significantly enhance your comfort and convenience when out in the wilderness. 

However, traditional power solutions like generators can be bulky, noisy, and require fuel. This is where a silent, efficient, and easy-to-use power source, such as the Inergy FLEX 1500 Power Station, comes into play, letting you camp smarter and more comfortably.

inergy flex 1500 power station with solar

The Inergy FLEX 1500 Power Station is a game-changer in portable power solutions…

It’s a versatile, lightweight, and compact solar energy platform that delivers clean, quiet power right at your fingertips. No need to lug around fuel or deal with a loud generator! Just place the power station in a convenient spot, plug in your electronics, and enjoy your camping trip to the fullest.

inergy flex 1500 power station with batteries

Powered by a 1,000-watt-hour lithium-ion battery, this power station is capable of supporting a wide range of appliances and devices. Its 1,500-watt pure sine wave AC inverter can handle a surge of up to 3,000 watts, making it suitable for more substantial power needs. 

The power station also supports lithium-ion battery expansion, allowing up to 96 Flex Batteries to be connected, drastically extending the power availability and your ability to store power for long off-grid trips. You can also add goodies like solar panels, an MPPT Supercharger, a Rapid Charger, and more!


What are Some Space-Saving Camping Hacks to Camp Smarter?

One of the most effective space-saving camping hacks is to pack only what you need. Choose multi-purpose items that can perform more than one function to save on space. Invest in collapsible kitchenware like pots, cups, and bowls. 

If you’re camping with a car, use every bit of available space, including under the seats and in the spare tire compartment. Packing clothes in a roll instead of folding them can also save space.

How Do I Make Cooking While Camping Easier?

Make your cooking process easier by preparing as much as you can in advance. Pre-cut veggies, marinate meat and pre-cook certain foods at home before leaving for your trip. Use one-pot recipes to minimize the amount of cooking equipment you need to bring and clean up afterwards. Foil packet meals are also an easy way to cook with minimal cleanup.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a type of camping that incorporates the luxury and amenities of a hotel or home into the outdoor camping experience. The term is a blend of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping.’ Instead of traditional tents and sleeping bags, glamping often involves accommodations like yurts, cabins, treehouses, or luxury tents. 

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