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Why You Should Buy a Trail-Rated Teardrop Trailer

A modern trail-rated teardrop trailer isn’t your grandpa’s teardrop…

The first teardrops were meant for more civilized travels on established roads and highways, not for rigorous off-road adventures. But companies like So-Cal Teardrops have flipped that notion on its head with a wide range of trail-rated teardrop trailers that can go just about anywhere your vehicle can.

So, what are the benefits of a trail-rated teardrop trailer? Let’s find out!

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There’s a Trail-Rated Teardrop Trailer for Any Purpose

so-cal teardrops rover2

The beauty of investing in a trail-rated teardrop trailer is that you can customize your trailer to the types of trails you want to explore.

For example, if you want a trailer for leisurely explorations on pavement, in RV parks, and well-maintained dirt roads, a Road Package trailer (like the Rover shown above) from So-Cal Teardrops is a great option.

These trailers range in size and have varying features, but the connecting component is that each trailer can be towed by a small car, SUV, or truck. In fact, each Road Package trailer weighs 1,120 pounds or less dry, so you can tow them with a really small vehicle – even a UTV!

so-cal teardrops xs11 8

So-Cal Teardrops offers three other types of trail-rated teardrop trailer packages, too: Crossover, Off-Road, and Extreme Off-Road (like the Cal-Deluxe shown above). In each instance, you get a trailer that’s purpose-built for your kind of adventuring, whether that’s the occasional foray off-trail or weekend after weekend of difficult trail riding.




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A Trail-Rated Teardrop Trailer is Lightweight & Easy to Tow

So Cal Teardrops XS511 Towing 2 Rotated

As noted earlier, a primary benefit of a trail-rated teardrop trailer is that it’s lightweight. This isn’t just a feature of the smallest Road Package trailers from So-Cal Teardrops, either. Even their biggest trailers – the Extreme Off-Road models – are feather-light.

For example, the heaviest model is the XS511 Cal-Deluxe Extreme Off-Road, which tips the scales at 2,200 pounds. Considering the lightest model is about 670 pounds dry, that’s a significant difference.

However…2,200 pounds is still a very lightweight trailer. And with models at various weights below that, you can choose a teardrop trailer that fits your needs and the towing capacity of your vehicle.

So Cal Teardrops Sierra

Of course, being so compact and lightweight, these trailers are a dream to tow. The aerodynamic design of teardrop trailers helps reduce drag, and their small form factor means they travel lower than your vehicle’s profile, again improving aerodynamics. The result is a trailer that handles well and doesn’t greatly impact your vehicle’s fuel economy.

A small trailer is also easy to maneuver on the trail (or off) and at camp. With a teardrop trailer, you can go virtually anywhere and set up camp in tight spaces that simply don’t accommodate a larger camper.

You Can Add Many Different Options to Your Trail-Rated Teardrop Trailer

So-Cal Teardrop at the beach

Whether you opt for a teardrop trailer for traveling on the road or off, you can add a host of amenities that make your trailer that much more comfortable and functional.

For example, you can add an awning, as shown above, to give yourself some protected outdoor living space. Add your favorite camp chair, pop open the cooler, and enjoy a cold drink in the shade! There’s no better way to have fun while camping!

scipio annex so-cal teardrops

As another example, you can opt for an annex room to give you enclosed space for changing clothes, showering, or answering nature’s call. Given the small form factor of a teardrop trailer, it’s nice to have the option of adding usable outdoor space for taking care of tasks that are difficult or impossible to accomplish inside the trailer.

Extreme Off Road Teardrops So Cal Teardrops Trailer

There are many other features and accessories you can add to your trail-rated teardrop trailer, too. From a propane furnace to a rooftop tent to a 30-gallon water tank, companies like So-Cal Teardrops give you all the options you need to turn your trail-rated teardrop trailer into the ultimate adventure rig.

Many Trail-Rated Teardrop Trailers Have a Great Galley

so-cal teardrops xs11 6 off road teardrop galley

Teardrop trailers might be compact and lightweight, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without a kitchen for cooking while you’re on the road…

In fact, many of the teardrop trailer models from So-Cal Teardrops have a robust galley with storage galore. The XS 511 Cal Deluxe model shown above features Baltic Birch cabinets, a spacious countertop, and an area perfect for adding a refrigerator.

Moreover, the rear hatch lifts up and away to give you plenty of headroom in the galley. You can prepare and cook dinner without having to hunch over! Heck, there’s even a passthrough to the cabin so you can make some late-night snacks, hand them off to your travel partner, and head inside for a relaxing and comfortable night.

Why So-Cal Teardrops?

so-cal teardrops xs11 14 crew

So, why invest in a trail-rated teardrop trailer from So-Cal Teardrops and not one of the other guys?

Well, the simple answer is that the folks at So-Cal Teardrops have been perfecting their craft for the better part of two decades. With all that time comes valuable experience that results in a product that is not only impeccably designed but beautifully built, too.

I’ve had a chance to get to know some of the folks at So-Cal Teardrops, and I can tell you that they back up their design and construction skills with a true passion for exploration. Again, whether you stick to the pavement or need a trailer that can handle the most difficult mountain trails, these folks know how to build a custom trailer to fit your specific needs.

So, if a trail-rated teardrop trailer is on your wishlist, head over to So-Cal Teardrops to see what they can do for you!

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