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The Joy of Camping With the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer

There’s something magical about leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind and venturing into the great outdoors…

The call of the wild, the serenity of nature, and the freedom to explore at your own pace are just a few of the reasons why camping is a beloved pastime for many. And when it comes to camping in style and comfort, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer reigns supreme.

Camping enthusiasts understand the delicate balance between having a cozy cabin to rest in and the need for a vehicle that can handle challenging off-road terrain. The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer strikes that balance with finesse, offering a spacious cabin without sacrificing maneuverability as you tow it on rugged trails.

But that’s just the start…there’s so much more to enjoy about camping with this trailer. Let’s  dive in and see what else the Bigfoot has to offer!

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Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer Cabin Space


With a cabin measuring five feet wide and eight feet long, the Bigfoot provides ample room for your camping adventures without being unwieldy. This teardrop trailer understands that while you crave a comfortable place to sleep and unwind, you don’t want to be limited to paved roads and wide paths. It’s the perfect companion for those who seek both comfort and adventure.

One of the standout features of the Bigfoot is its generous 40 square feet of cabin space. Whether you’re embarking on a solo expedition or bringing along your significant other, there’s no need to compromise on comfort.

The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot teardrop trailer cabin easily accommodates a queen-sized mattress, ensuring that you can rest soundly even in the heart of the wilderness. And, for those who can’t bear to leave their furry companions behind, the cabin is spacious enough to bring Fido along for the journey.

bigfoot trailer with jeep

The well-designed cabin of the Bigfoot features not one, but two doors. When open, these doors not only offer picturesque views of your surroundings but also allow for a refreshing cross-breeze.

Additionally, a 12-volt fan can be activated to ensure a steady flow of air throughout the cabin, enhancing your camping experience.

As night falls and you retreat into your temporary haven, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful touches that make the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot teardrop trailer cabin a home away from home. The walls and floor are carpeted, providing insulation from fluctuating outdoor temperatures and adding a touch of comfort. Plus, easy-to-clean surfaces ensure that your post-adventure cleanup is a breeze.




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Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer Practical Features


When it comes to features, Sherpa Trailers has gone above and beyond to ensure that the Bigfoot is more than just a metal box on wheels. This trailer arrives fully equipped for your escapades, without the need for extensive modifications.

The standard package includes a wheeled tongue jack for effortless maneuvering, dual stabilizer jacks at the rear for stability during camping, and a two-inch rear receiver that allows you to attach a bike rack or additional cargo storage.

Orange Bigfoot From Sherpa Trailers

The thoughtfulness of Sherpa Trailers is evident even in the smallest details, too. The Bigfoot boasts a six-outlet power strip in the rear bulkhead, enabling you to charge devices and power electronics when connected to a generator or shore power.

LED lighting illuminates both the interior and exterior, providing a cozy ambiance while also aiding functionality when connected to power sources, as well.

Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer Off-Road Amenities

sherpa trailers bigfoot reflection

What truly sets the Bigfoot apart is its exceptional design that combines comfort with practicality.

Weighing in at just 1,300 pounds dry, towing this trailer is a breeze. You don’t need a heavy-duty truck to hit the road – even a two-door Jeep or a small SUV can handle the task. The manageable 140-pound tongue weight further adds to its towing convenience, making it a viable option for a wide range of vehicles, including Subarus.

But it’s not just about what’s inside the cabin; the Bigfoot is built to handle off-road excursions with gusto…

bigfoot trailer with jeep

Equipped with 31-inch 10-50 R-15 Milestar Patagonia MT tires, the Bigfoot is ready to roll on surfaces of all kinds. I have these same tires on my 2020 Jeep Gladiator, and I can tell you first-hand that they are some of the best tires I’ve ever run.

In fact, I replaced my Nitto Grapplers with these tires, and I’m so happy I did. As they’ll do with the Bigfoot Trailer, these tires will efficiently sling mud and debris out of the treads to improve off-road performance. Plus, Milestar has ensured the long-term durability of these tires with features like three-ply sidewall construction.

milestar patagonia mt review

Milestar calls this sidewall technology MILETECH, which offers a high level of pliability and flexibility. Plus, MILETECH ensures these tires are rigid and durable, so you can take your Bigfoot trailer off-road with confidence.

milestar banner 7

Other features of note include the following:

  • Cross-directional siping for improved tread block strength
  • Aggressive tread design with large voids that expel mud and debris
  • Angled biting edges that improve traction
  • Silica-based compound on the treads to improve resistance to cuts and chips

milestar patagonia mt tires

These tires also have an interesting center rib design…

As you can see above, the robust center rib offers plenty of surface area to contact the ground. What’s more, this design improves on-road comfort. In fact, these tires provide a vastly improved comfort experience and less road noise than other tires I’ve tested. Nice!

In other words, Sherpa Trailers has done you a favor by outfitting the Bigfoot with Milestar tires. I couldn’t be more impressed with mine, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with these tires, too.

On top of all that, the Bigfoot trailer has heavy-duty aluminum fenders and a sturdy Dexter axle with 1,400-pound leaf springs on each side. That makes this trailer ready to tackle the rough terrain that beckons the adventurous spirit. The Bigfoot isn’t merely a teardrop trailer – it’s a reliable partner that can keep up with your desire for exploration!

The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer is An Affordable Option for Your Adventures

Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Trailer In The Desert

While the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot might not be a luxury hotel on wheels, it certainly doesn’t skimp on convenience and comfort. With its spacious cabin, off-road prowess, and thoughtful features, it’s a testament to the joy of camping without compromise and without busting your budget!

So, the next time the call of the wild beckons, answer with the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot in tow, and embark on a journey where comfort, exploration, and freedom converge!

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