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RV Camping Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to the camping world, brace yourself. It is all fun and adventure, and once you get the hang of it, life becomes so much more meaningful.

But, before you jump into it, we recommend that you learn the art of camping from  veterans in this field who have mastered it through trials and experiences.

Having a robust RV or camper trailer is just the start of a fun and enjoyable camping trip. There’s so much more that you need to have and ought to plan so you don’t miss anything and live your camping life to the fullest.

This article is a detailed compilation of RV camping tips and tricks to follow to become a pro RV camper.

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Essential RV Camping Tips and Tricks

Obi Dweller Right Side Profile

Planning to jump into the world of RV camping? There’s so much you need to know before you set off. The first step to successful and luxurious RV camping is to get a quality RV or  camp trailer.


One of my favorite camping trailer recommendations is the Dweller 15 from OBi Camper. In fact, it might just be the perfect vehicle you need for off-road camping adventures. 

It has a rugged build quality, is loaded with tons of safety and luxury features, and boasts endless storage options with state-of-the-art features that make it a perfect choice.

As we go through the best RV camping tips and tricks and learn the art of RV camping, I’ll use the OBi Dweller 15 to illustrate why these tips are so essential.

Store Plenty of Water

Dweller 15 Bathroom

When you’re off the grid and wandering in remote landscapes, water becomes a luxury and must be treated like one. It’s important to have plenty of water in your RV, not just because you have to consume it to stay hydrated, but because it serves so many other purposes as well.

You might not find fresh, drinkable water when out in the woods, so it’d be nice to have plenty of water in the tank so you can drink whenever you need it. Moreover, you need water for cooking your meals, showering, and maybe doing some quick laundry while you’re out in the wild, too.

So, it is the most important thing that you must have in abundance, and thanks to the smart design of the Dweller 15, it comes with three generous water tanks, separate for each type. It has 21-gallon fresh water with 31 gallons of gray water storage capacity so you can pack out your dirty water.

If there could be only one option in RV camping tips and tricks, it would be to bring lots of water with you.

Get an On-Board Kitchen for Culinary Needs

Dweller 15 Slide Out Kitchen

You might not want to eat haversack meals or ready-to-eat canned food on a fun RV camping trip. Sometimes, cooking a great meal is a key factor in having a fun-filled trip.

Having a dedicated kitchen with other cooking accessories makes it easy for you to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but not all RVs come equipped with one. Luckily, the Dweller 15 comes equipped with a slide-out galley kitchen with a dedicated sink, tabletop, and a two-burner stove.

Obi Dweller Slide Out Kitchen

With the Dweller 15’s marvelous outdoor pantry, you’ve got room to bring along all sorts of food and snacks to keep your belly full on your trip. Plus, the luxury of having a kitchen in the backcountry allows you to create fantastic meals to help fuel your adventures. A kitchen really is a must-have item on your fun RV camping trip’s inventory list.

Have Extra Storage in Your RV

Dweller 15 Exterior Storage 2

An RV camping tips and tricks list would be incomplete if it didn’t mention the importance of extra storage on your RV.

It might look like you have a lot of space at the beginning, but once you start packing and loading your gear and your friends join in, you realize that you need a lot more storage inside your RV.

Apart from your clothes and other gadgets, you need to carry your camping gear, fuel cans, and tool kits as well. If your RV doesn’t have enough storage space, you’ll have to ditch some of these items.

Obi Dweller 15 control panel and storage

The Dweller 15 shines in this department as well. It has tons of storage space and cabins inside where you can store pretty much anything. The master bed is retractable and folds up to offer even extra space for your gear, and thanks to its design, the kitchen remains on the outside and slides out only when required, making the best use of space.

If you were to follow the RV camping tips and tricks, this idea must be in your top three!

You Need a Reliable Power Source

Obi Dweller 15 AC AND CONTROLD

When you’re out on your adventures, it’s helpful to have a generator. A reliable power source is usually required to power your appliances and charge your gadgets. This can be a problem since most generators require gas or diesel to run. So, in addition to a big, heavy generator, you need fuel, which adds weight and the unpleasant odor of fuel.

The Dweller 15 solves this problem. It comes equipped with a cutting-edge power setup: a 2000-watt inverter with three 100-watt solar panels and three 100AH batteries.

With this capable power system, you’ll never run out of juice. You won’t need any generators or have to carry power banks for your gadgets, either. Paired with a well-appointed cabin, you have the makings of a fun and comfortable adventure.

obi dweller 15 4

Run your on-board TV, power your refrigerator, and charge your devices with confidence, as the Dweller 15 has you covered!

With these RV camping tips and tricks, you’ll be able to plan and execute a top-flight outdoor adventure. And with an off-road trailer like the Dweller 15, you can get way off-grid and still have many of the comforts of home!

Visit OBi Camper today to learn more about the Dweller 15.

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