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What Do You Need for an Ultimate Overland Trailer Build?

When it comes to off-roading and overlanding, campers are always on the lookout for a rugged RV or a trailer that has everything to tackle the treacherous terrains and tough landscapes.

That wasn’t always easy to accommodate…

Well, that problem is solved now with the ultimate overland trailer build. OBi Camper has launched a real mean machine for off-roaders. The Dweller 15 is an all-out hardcore overland trailer built to take you places that you could only dream of, in complete confidence and home-like comfort.

It is superbly built and very well put together to traverse any terrain it is thrown against and packs state-of-the-art technology and amenities to make your overlanding trips 5 stars. 

Let’s highlight the features and capabilities of the Dweller 15, and find out what makes it stand out from the crowd. 

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Dweller 15 Ultimate Trailer Build – A Legendary Overland Trailer Build for the Wilds

Obi Dweller Right Side Profile

There are not many trailers out there that have all the top features and that are more than capable of going anywhere off-grid without breaking a sweat.

The Dweller 15 is a one-of-a-kind trailer that one can truly admire for its capabilities and utility, thanks to its ultimate amenities.

Rugged and Tough – Ready for any Trail

Obi Dweller 15 Front

No matter how good-looking or well-equipped a trailer is, if it cannot take you places, its existence is meaningless. The Dweller 15 is one such tough overland trailer build to take you wherever you desire.

Whether it’s mud, snow, or Rocky Mountain ascents, the Dweller can conquer it all. It has a hot-dipped galvanized chassis that provides superb strength while keeping the weight on the lower side. Its frame is super firm and resistant to environmental hazards, such as rain, rust, and chemicals.

Obi Dweller Chassis

The tough chassis is carried by a capable mechanical setup that is second-to-none. It has an independent suspension with dual heavy-duty shocks and springs. Underneath the body, you’ll find 16” alloy wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires able to maneuver virtually any surface. With such mechanical mastery, you’ll never have to worry about the terrain, just your destination. 

The off-road capability and safety are further enhanced by dual safety towing chains, front-mounted emergency brakes, heavy-duty mud flaps, and brake lights with LED turn signals.

Luxury Features and Power Supply – Your Overland Trailer Build Can Be a 5-Star Off-Road Suite

Obi Dweller 15 AC AND CONTROLD

Getting to your camping area is just one part of the story. If your trailer doesn’t have any amenities, like a power supply, you could be in for a long weekend.

Thankfully, the Dweller 15 has the best of both worlds – it is loaded with all the luxuries and necessities that you’d find at your home, just when you need them the most.

The most notable of those features is an under-bunk air conditioner that keeps you chilled during hot, sunny summers and a heater to warm you up in winters. There is also a retractable queen-sized bed that can be folded when not required and an auxiliary bed next to it. 

Obi Dweller 15 ENTRY VIEW

You also have a power backup, all credits to the 2000-watt inverter, three 100-watt solar panels, and three 100 AH batteries. Your gadgets will never run out of juice, and there’s an entertainment suite on board that you can use. 

The entertainment suite includes a TV, a DVD player, and a stereo system. You also get additional natural light in the cabin via a skylight. 

Space and Storage – Comfortable Living in the Wild Make This the Ultimate Overland Trailer Build

Dweller 15 Exterior Storage 1

Yet another reason the Dweller 15 is the ultimate overland trailer build is that it has tons of storage inside and out, so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll stow your gear.

The front-mounted toolbox and locking storage compartments are smartly integrated into the exterior of the trailer. These storage compartments are ideal for storing dirty or rough things such as spare parts, tools, or rescue gear that should be kept outside the truck or trailer.Obi Dweller 15 LIVING SPACE WIDE

Inside, you’ll find enough storage for your clothing, bedding, and whatever else you bring along on your trips. Interior storage spaces and cabinets are also assorted and laid out very smartly, without impinging on your personal space. Another unique and highlighting feature of the Dweller 15 is its retractable pop-top roof that extends to offer you extra headroom. dweller-15-best-expedition-trailer

There’s no need to carry any water tank or cans for your trip in this overland trailer build…

The Dweller 15 has loads of water storage, so you can keep fresh, stay hydrated, and cook whatever you like. The water storage options include a 21-gallon fresh water tank and a 31-gallon city water tank. There’s a 21-gallon gray water tank, too.

A Pantry and Shower – Stay Fresh and Full

Dweller 15 Outdoor Shower

It would be a shame if you’re going off-grid for the weekend and have to carry haversack meals with you. It would be fun if you could have your own kitchen out there and cook whatever you like, grilling steaks, BBQ, and other scrumptious meals.

Dweller 15 Slide Out Kitchen

The Dweller 15 has a bespoke pull-out galley kitchen with a sink, two-burner stovetop, and a separate fridge/freezer. It becomes your outdoor pantry, so you can also store your drinks and meals for longer. These luxury amenities are compactly designed and open on the outside to not deprive you of the space in the interior.Dweller 15 Bathroom

There is a dedicated shower with a cassette toilet inside, and an outside shower as well, so you don’t bring mud or dirt with your shoes inside. With generous water storage and immaculate facilities, this makes it a perfect overland trailer build purely for adventurous off-road trips. 

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