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This is One of the Most Legit Overlanding Tools Money Can Buy

Tools that can do multiple tasks but only take the space of one are what overlanders love the most about overlanding tools. 

Space in our trucks is limited, and we do everything we can to save it.

In this article, we are going over one of the best tools out there – the MAX Toolkit by the Forrest Tool Company, which gives you tool option after tool option while saving valuable space in your rig. 

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The Importance of Having Overlanding Tools

forrest tool 1

Winches and traction boards can be great recovery tools; however, in some cases, we need to do some track clearing before using them. 

In this case, a toolkit like the MAX Toolkit can be helpful. You can use it as a shovel, Hudson Bay ax, pick, or a broad pick. There’s also a mattock blade, a Combination McLeod, a rake, a hoe with a fastener, and six lock pins. The toolkit comes with an embossed leather ax sheath and a Cordura carrying case for getting the tool from one point to the next without damaging it.

With so many tools at hand, clearing the path for recovery will be a breeze. 

forrest tool company max ax with sheath

Off-roading isn’t the only instance in which a toolkit like this can be useful, either. It can also be useful around camp or even for hunting.

For example, you can use the Forrest Tools MAX Toolkit to dig a fire pit or a pit for when nature calls.

You can also use the rake attachment to brush over the coals of a fire so you can more easily douse the coals with water.

Heck, use the back of the ax blade to drive in your tent stakes, too! There’s really no end to what you can do with this tool around camp.

Overlanding Tools Must be Durable 

Forrest Tool Company Max Axe With Bag

I am sure you know that any tool we use for overlanding or off-roading purposes must be durable. 

That is because it will probably sit outside of the vehicle on a roof rack, getting bashed around on dirt roads, baked by the sun, or covered in snow. 

The conditions in which the tool will be used are also difficult. There are instances in which we need to dig through rocks, break through hard ground, or clear a muddy path.

The last thing you want is a tool that won’t be able to cope with the elements and will fail as soon as you need it. 

forrest tool 2

As you would expect from a US-built product, the Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit has the built quality required to cope with this instance. 

It meets ANSI industry standards and government workmanship standards for strength and reliability. Such heavy-duty tools are the standard equipment on Army Light Tactical Vehicles. 

To meet those standards, each tool is made of 1060 carbon steel which ensures the years of service and durability mentioned above. As I’ve said before, if it’s good enough for the Army, it’s good enough for us! 

Overlanding Tools Must be Easy to Use 

max ax by forrest tool company

At first glance, the toolkit may look big and heavy; however, it is much lighter and easier to use than it looks. 

The case provided holds all the attachments nicely, and the polyglass handle feels great in the hand while making the tool lighter than you expect it to be.

The tool has the perfect weight, which enables you to get the force needed while not being too heavy to the point where lifting and using it becomes a chore.

forrest tool broad pick

Finally, the blades on the tools come dull on purpose. You can sharpen them to your liking to maximize the usability of the tool based on your preferences. 

It really is a well-rounded kit that you can customize to your specific needs, and when the need arises, you can use it easily and quickly to accomplish whatever tasks need to be addressed. That’s just what you want from the overlanding tools you have in your kit!

Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit – Final Thoughts 

forrest tool 4


The Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit is one of the few multipurpose tool kits that work exceptionally well. It’s built well, it looks great, and does the job it is advertised as being able to do.

If you want a tool for your off-roading or overlanding adventures, this is the one to get!

For any other off-road or overland-related questions, head over to the forum section of our page. 

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