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Off Road Pop Up Camper Trailer Buyer’s Guide

Off Road campers are significant investments bought to make our off road lives easier.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure that we choose a good quality trailer that will not lead to problems down the road. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the criteria of a good off road trailer to help you make the best buying decisions for your needs.

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Off Road Pop Up Camper Buying Criteria


Off road pop up campers need to be good at multiple things. The first one is obvious – off roading. 

For a trailer to be good off road, it needs to be equipped with a fully articulating hitch, robust suspension, good departure angle and clearance, a robust foundation, and the ability to store water and power. 

A fully articulating hitch enables the trailer to move along with the truck and terrain without the hitch binding up and potentially breaking.

A suspension that can take the punishment and a frame that will stay straight regardless of the load is also crucial as mechanical failures can be a deal-breaker when off road.  

As our adventures usually involve spending a lot of days off-grid, an off road trailer also needs to provide the ability to store water and electricity for many days. 

Last but not least, it needs to be equipped with some off road tires that provide the trailer with grip under braking while also offering some measure of puncture resistance. 

Our Off Road Pop Up Camper of Choice – The Dweller 15

The first reason we love the OBi Dweller 15 is its size. At a glance, it may not seem that spacious; however, as soon as you park and pop up that top, you have much more space than you think.

Standing up and moving around is easy. This is important as many off road trailers tend to feel claustrophobic.

When inside, you also get the feeling that the trailer was built to a high standard thanks to high-end laminate cabinets and flooring. 

Aside from the space and quality feel, the interior of the Dweller 15 is also comfortable.

You get an ensuite shower and cassette toilet, a plush folding queen mattress, and an  under-bunk A/C system with a combi heater. There’s a hot water unit, an extenda bed, a dining table, and a TV with DVD and stereo as well. It’s like a house that can go off roading!

Outside, you will find an awning, an outdoor shower, and pull-out galley. The galley features a sink, a two-burner stove, and pull-out full-size divided refrigerator and freezer.

As mentioned above, a good off road trailer also needs to have the ability to store a lot of power…

Obi Dweller 15 control panel and storage

The OBi Dweller 15 offers a 2000-watt inverter, three 100-watt solar panels, and three 100AH batteries. 

With a setup like this, having power off-grid for multiple days will be a breeze!

All the above is great; however, off road is where this trailer shines. The articulating towing coupler, independent coil suspension with dual heavy-duty shocks and springs, and 16” wheels with all-terrain tires can tackle tough trails.


The four height-adjustable stabilizer jacks, galvanized chassis, and electric brakes make sure the Dweller will perform great off road and on road while being able to last for many years to come. 

Along with power availability, you also get plenty of water storage. The trailer comes with a 21-gallon freshwater tank, a 31-gallon city water tank, and a 21-gallon grey water tank. 

For additional storage, you get a front-mounted toolbox, integrated exterior storage boxes, and interior storage space and cabinets.

For safety, the trailer is equipped with dual towing chains, a front-mounted emergency brake, and lockable storage boxes. A main power shut down switch, LED exterior flood lights, LED signals and brake lights, and heavy-duty mud flaps are all included, too.

The dimensions of the OBi Dweller 15 are 17.9ft in length, 6.8ft in width, 7ft 7” in collapsed height, and 8.09ft in extended height. It’s a perfect size for off roading!

All the amenities mentioned above come at a GVWR of 6405lbs., making this trailer easily towable by light-duty trucks and SUVs alike.


It is worth mentioning that the Dweller 15 is different from any other American-made trailer.  One of the chief designers has spent time working for the Australian off road trailer market – and it shows. 

Through those experiences, he realized that America needs a good off road trailer; therefore, he took everything he learned over in Australia and implemented it in the Dweller 15. 

When it comes to off-grid adventures, Australia is one of the best countries in the world; therefore, you can be sure that this trailer has some serious engineering behind it. 

OBi Dweller 15 Final Thoughts

Deciding which off road pop up camper to get isn’t an easy task as there is an endless list of choices out there. 

However, the OBi Dweller 15 is different. It offers comfort, space, durability, and capability the Australian way. 

Of course, this trailer is made in the US, it just has some Australian hints to it.

If you have any further questions regarding buying an off road pop up camper or for anything else off road or overland related head over to the forum section of our page. And, of course, if you want to learn more about the OBi Dweller 15 and other OBi products, visit their website.

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