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OBi Dweller Buyer’s Guide

Over the last few months, we’ve featured a number of OBi Dweller campers. This includes the smallest, the OBi Dweller 13, a mid-range option in the OBi Dweller 15, and the largest option, the OBi Dweller 19.

The question is, which of these trailers – which combine incredible off-road capabilities and luxurious interiors – is the right option for you?

Let’s find out in this OBi Dweller buyer’s guide!

Table of Contents

OBi Dweller Buyer’s Guide: What is OBi Camper, Anyway?

Obi dweller

OBi Camper is a company known worldwide for its innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail. OBi, which stands for “Outback Innovations,” designed and tested their Dweller lineup to be functional, durable rigs for even the harshest environments (like the Outback!).

Now, these trailers – which blend rugged reliability with luxurious interior features – are available in the U.S. from dealers like ROA Offroad. Investing in a Dweller camper means you get a rig with unparalleled capabilities, name-brand components, and a thoughtful use of interior space.

Likewise, OBi is dedicated to building off-grid-ready campers so you can go way off-grid and enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about crowds. What’s not to like?!




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OBi Dweller Buyer’s Guide: Key Differences in the OBi Camper Lineup

obi dweller 13 side profile

The primary differences between the OBi Dweller 13, 15, and 19 are in the weights and measurements department…

The Dweller 13 tips the scales at 4,800 pounds and has a total length of 20.5 feet. The trailer is 7’3″ wide and offers an interior headroom of 6’7″. With a 70″ x 80″ RV king mattress, the Dweller 13 is ideal for sleeping two people. At less than 5,000 pounds, the Dweller 13 is a nice option if you have a compact truck or SUV.


The Dweller 15 is slightly heavier, with a dry weight of 5,200 pounds. It’s a little longer at 22.5 feet, too. However, the Dweller 15 shares the same exterior width and the same interior height as the Dweller 15.

With the additional space in the Dweller 15, you not only get the RV king mattress to sleep two, but you also get sleeping space for an additional two people. With space for four, the Dweller 15 is a good option if you have a family or need a camper to take weekend trips with your friends.

As the biggest trailer in the lineup, the Dweller 19 is 25 feet long and weighs 6,389 pounds dry. Since it’s a big camper, having a full-size truck is all but necessary, given its weight.

However, with the added size and weight comes more interior space for your camping adventures. What’s more, you get additional storage space for your gear and areas to keep your gear better organized.

Of course, given that these trailers are different sizes, their prizes differ, too. The Dweller 13 starts at $49,995, the Dweller 15 starts at $54,995, and the Dweller 19 starts at $79,999.

There are other minor differences between these models. For example, the Dweller 19 (shown above) has the most robust solar power system with 400 watts of power (though the Dweller 13 and 15 aren’t far behind with 300 watts of power). Additionally, you’ll find variations in the sizing of dining spaces and bathroom space due to the difference in overall length between the trailers.

You can get a complete rundown of each trailer’s features and the differences between them by checking out the full reviews below:

OBi Dweller Buyer’s Guide: Common Features and Amenities

Though there are some differences between these trailers, they share much in common. Let’s explore a few major commonalities between them in terms of off-road capabilities, exterior features, and interior amenities.

Off-Road Capabilities


All three Dweller units share the same shock and coil suspension design (though the Dweller 19 has a tandem axle) to give the trailer the utmost towing manners whether you’re on-road or off-road. In particular, the independent suspension design offers a silky smooth off-road towing experience – the movement and vibration of the trailer are isolated in the suspension rather than transferring to the body of the trailer.

Likewise, each trailer rides on a hot-dipped galvanized chassis that is highly durable and reliable for off-roading situations. You can add heavy-duty mudflats, electric drum brakes, all-terrain tires, and loads of ground clearance to the mix, too.

Each trailer also has an articulating McHitch, which offers 360-degree movement to prevent the hitch from jamming up. These hitches are also easy to attach and detach, so you’ll spend less time setting up camp and more time enjoying your surroundings.

Exterior Features

Dweller 13 Fridge/Freezer Slide

All three trailers featured in this OBi Dweller buyer’s guide come with a bevy of exterior features that make them the ultimate base camp for your adventures.

For example, you can enjoy a full outdoor kitchen with hot and cold water, a fridge/freezer slide, prep space, and a stove. Each trailer also has an outdoor shower so you can get cleaned up without traipsing dirt and mud all over the trailer’s interior.

Each Dweller model also has an abundance of lockable, easy-to-access storage, an electric awning to provide sheltered outdoor living space, and an electric entry step for easy access.

Interior Amenities

Dweller 15 interior

If you ask me, these OBi campers really shine in the interior department. As rugged as they are outside, these trailers are beautifully appointed with high-end features that make your camping adventures all the more comfortable – even if your surroundings aren’t all that hospitable.

Not only do you get air conditioning, but you also get a furnace to stay warm, a hot water heater, and a full stand-up shower. Each unit has a bedroom space, a dining space, and loads of storage, too.

Dweller 19 shower

OBi uses high-quality finishes as well – like laminate flooring and laminate cabinets that are durable, easy to clean, and look great! With an abundance of windows and skylights, each Dweller offers a great view of the outdoors while letting in lots of natural light.

Each trailer comes with a cassette toilet, ample headroom, and multiple tanks for storing water (fresh, grey, and city). Add a TV, DVD, and stereo system to the list, and you have the makings of well-appointed trailers!

Dweller 13 cabinetry and storage

Of course, many other amenities and options are available – if I listed them all, this would be a very long article. Instead, check out my reviews linked earlier in this article and take a moment to learn more about these trailers at ROA Offroad. As you can tell, these trailers are certainly worth a good, long look!

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