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OBi Dweller 13 Review

When you head off-road, you need a trailer that’s capable of handling tough tracks, but you also want a trailer that offers you amenities that make “roughing it” much easier.

The problem is that it can be difficult to blend off-road-readiness with a luxurious cabin. Yet, OBi Camper has done just that with its lineup of Dweller trailers.

I’ve written at length about the Dweller 15 and Dweller 19 before. Now it’s time to pull back the curtain on the smallest of the bunch in this OBi Dweller 13 review.

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What is the OBi Dweller 13?

obi dweller 13 side profile

The OBi Dweller 13 is the “little brother,” if you will, of the OBi Dweller lineup.

Like the Dweller 15 and 19, the Dweller 13 is as tough a trailer as you’ll find – yet it offers the amenities that campers in America demand for their outdoor adventures.

At about 20.5 feet from tip to tail, this trailer is compact and easily maneuverable on tight trails (or on the freeway, for that matter!). It’s just over seven feet wide at its widest point and stands just over eight feet tall with the pop-top roof collapsed (with the roof up, the trailer is about nine feet, seven inches tall). So, much like you can reap the benefits of luxury and off-road prowess, you can also reap the benefits of a compact trailer for traveling that expands to give you extra space once you get to camp.

obi dweller 13 off-road in blizzard

The Dweller 13 is made for extended off-grid trips, too.

For example, the trailer comes with a 21-gallon fresh water tank, 31 gallons of city water capacity, and a 31-gallon gray water tank.

Add tons of storage to the mix as well, including a front-mounted toolbox for your recovery gear, locking exterior storage boxes, and an abundance of interior storage space. More on all that in a bit…

obi dweller 13 solar

The OBi Dweller 13 also comes with a fully-featured electrical system that enables you to stay off-grid for days and days on end.

The 2000-watt Renogy inverter gives you the power you need for everything from charging your devices to running a microwave. The inverter works with three roof-mounted 100-watt solar panels to provide the three onboard 100AH batteries with all the power they need to stay topped off.

Like I said, this trailer makes “roughing it” so much easier!

OBi Dweller 13 Review: Off-Road Features

obi dweller 13 suspension

In looking at the OBi Dweller 13 and its long list of features, it’s worth starting a closer look at those features by examining its off-road prowess.

I know the locations where I like to camp are very remote and very difficult to get to, so I need a trailer that can handle the rough stuff. If you’re like me, the OBi Dweller 13 can handle your desire to get way off-grid.

The OBi Dweller 13 comes standard with an independent coil and shock suspension that offers superb towing on-road and off. The shocks absorb the movement of the trailer to give you a much smoother ride whether you’re headed down the freeway or down a difficult two-track.

dweller 13 hitch

In addition to these suspension components, the OBi Dweller 13 also has the following:

  • Limiting straps
  • An articulating McHitch
  • Electric brakes
  • 16-inch wheels with all-terrain tires

All of this rides on a hot-dipped galvanized chassis that provides excellent strength and stiffness without being overly heavy. Moreover, the trailer comes with four height-adjustable stabilizer jacks to keep the trailer perfectly stable once you get to camp.

OBi Dweller 13 Review: Exterior Amenities

obi dweller 13 exterior right

The excellent suspension is just part of what the OBi Dweller 13 has to offer in terms of exterior features.

For example, the 12-foot electric awning is an ideal companion for giving yourself some shaded and protected outdoor living space while you’re at camp. Just press a button, and the awning unfurls in a matter of seconds!

As mentioned earlier, the OBi Dweller 13 has loads of exterior storage space, including slide-out storage trays, locking storage compartments, and a toolbox up front for keeping gear easily accessible.

Obi Dweller 13 Outdoor Shower

You also get a rear-mounted spare, an outdoor shower for getting the muck off before heading inside the trailer, and a stainless steel pull-out galley with a sink and a two-burner stovetop. There’s a separate slide with a full-size divided fridge and freezer as well!

And don’t forget that this trailer has an expanding pop-top roof that keeps the trailer low-profile on the road and gives you more interior space (and headroom) once you’ve set up camp.

But that feature is just part of the story of the luxurious cabin in the OBi Dweller 13…

OBi Dweller 13 Review: A Luxurious Cabin

dweller 13 interior table

When you hear the term “off-road trailer,” I doubt you envision something that has luxurious features like high-end flooring and cabinetry, a king-sized bed, and a full HVAC system with a floor-mounted A/C unit and a Truma combi water heater and furnace.

Yet, that’s exactly what you get with the Dweller 13!

dweller 13 interior 2

You also get features like day or night window shades and bug screens for the abundance of windows in the trailer. There’s a skylight for taking in the nighttime view, an adjustable dining table for sitting down for meals, and a TV with a DVD player and stereo for enjoying some leisure time before bed.

obi dweller 13 hvac

One of the best interior features of the Dweller 13 is the full indoor restroom. Not only is there a Thetford cassette toilet, but there’s also a shower! And, since the trailer has a pop-top roof, the shower offers ample headroom so you can actually stand up while you freshen up.

Additionally, the bathroom is spacious enough that you can get cleaned up without constantly hitting your knees or elbows on the shower walls. That’s just not something you find in a compact off-road trailer, yet OBi has done it!

Why is the OBi Dweller 13 a Good Fit for Your Needs?

What I love about the OBi Dweller 13 is that it’s a go-anywhere, do-anything trailer that can take some abuse, yet, when you walk inside, it’s like you stepped into Four Seasons.

Not many trailer companies can blend a rugged chassis and suspension for off-road travel with a cabin that has things like a well-appointed bathroom, a comfortable dining area, and a king-sized bed. But OBi has done it – and they’ve done it really well.

Of course, the features I’ve discussed in this OBi Dweller 13 review only scratch the surface of what this trailer has to offer. For a complete tour of the Dweller 13, check out the video above by ROA Offroad.

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