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3 Upgrades for Your OBi Dweller Summer Camping Trips

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning this year’s summer camping adventures. While backpacking trips are always good fun, our favorite type of camping is Overlanding with our off-roading trailer, the OBi Dweller 15. With that in mind, if you own or are considering investing in an OBi adventure Trailer (or something similar), this article is for you!

Here, we share three OBi Dweller upgrades guaranteed to improve the quality of your camping experiences. Even though this article focuses on the Dweller 15, the same upgrades we discuss below are available on the Dweller 13 and Dweller 19

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover how to customize and transform your OBi Dweller into the off-road trailer of your dreams! 

Table of Contents

OBi Dweller 15 Specs and Features

The OBi Dweller 15 is a kick-ass trailer designed specifically for Overlanding and exploring the outdoors. Thanks to its impressive combination of exterior specs, interior amenities, and off-road capabilities, it’s as close to the perfect adventure trailer as money can buy. Moreover, it’s large enough to sleep up to five people but compact enough to squeeze into tight, remote campsites. 

Exterior specs include a pop-top roof, a 12-foot electric awning, and an outdoor kitchen. Inside, it boasts a bathroom with a cassette toilet, a comfortable king-sized bed, an adjustable dining table, a TV, and more. And in terms of off-roading capabilities, it has an articulating McHitch, 16-inch all-terrain tires, four adjustable stabilizer jacks, electric brakes, and industry-leading suspension.

Here’s an in-depth look at the key features and specs of the OBi Dweller 15:

  • Trailer Type: Off-Road Trailer
  • Max Length: 22 feet 6 inches
  • Max Width: 7 feet 3 inches (with awning)
  • Collapsed Height: 8 feet 3 inches
  • Interior Height: 6 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 5200 pounds
  • GVWR: 6405 pounds
  • Suspension: Coil and shock suspension
  • Power: 2000-watt inverter, 3 100-watt batteries, & 3 100AH batteries
  • Bed: RV King (70” wide x 80” long)
  • Water Tank: 52 gallons of fresh water + 21 gallons of gray water
  • Interior Toilet: Yes




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Add Functional Kitchen Space to Your OBi Dweller

The standard OBi Dweller 15 comes equipped with a fully-functional outdoor kitchen. The kitchen consists of three sections: a pull-out stainless steel galley with a sink and stove, a pull-out fridge/freezer combo, and storage cabinets. 

While we absolutely love spending as much time as possible outside, there are certain situations (too hot/cold, bad weather, mosquitos, noisy neighbors, etc.) where we would prefer to cook inside the trailer. Luckily, you can add three premium kitchen upgrades to the interior of the Dweller 15, and we have them all!

They are an indoor kitchen sink, an indoor induction stovetop, and an indoor fridge. While you can always add them independently, we highly recommend splurging for the entire package. Trust us, having a functional kitchen space inside your trailer is a total game-changer and will take your backcountry chef skills to the next level!

Check out the video above by ROA Offroad to learn more about upgrading your RV kitchen for your camper. 

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Clean Up in a Massive Outdoor Shower

Technically, it’s not an upgrade since every OBi Dweller 15 comes with a huge outdoor shower, but it’s so incredible (and since hardly any other trailers have one built-in) we just had to highlight it! You can see it in action in Check out the video above by ROA Offroad.

For starters, the shower is super easy to set up. It consists of seven poles, a large canvas, and four stakes and attaches directly to a groove on the left side of the trailer. You can quickly and securely set everything up in a matter of minutes. The canvas shell includes a floor so your feet won’t get muddy and a zipper window so you can rinse off with a view. 

Once you head inside, you will be amazed by its spaciousness. It’s 3 feet 8 inches wide, 4 feet 7 inches long, and 6 feet 10 inches tall. Up to four people can easily fit inside simultaneously, meaning all your kids can clean up together!

But where does the water come from? Good question! The Dweller 15 can store up to 52 gallons of fresh water and has an exterior hose (with a spray head) that pulls out and clips into the shower. You can even get hot water if you turn on the combination heater/hot water unit. 

Stay Cool With Off-Grid Air Conditioning in Your OBi Dweller

In the summer, it can get hot, extremely hot in some places, and there’s nothing worse than dripping sweat inside your camping trailer. With that said, off-grid air conditioning is another must-have upgrade of the OBi Dweller 15 if you plan to camp outside of large caravan sites and in remote locations with no power source. 

The most important step to having off-grid A/C in the Dweller 15 is storing enough power to run it. To account for this, the three standard batteries in the trailer get replaced with three premium lithium-ion batteries equipped with 315AH. Additionally, all the wires are upgraded to handle the extra power.

After that, all you have to do is fully charge the batteries before heading out for your summer camping trips. Of course, the Dweller 15 does have solar panels and an inverter to store energy while you are on the road, but it’s always best to plan and charge them at home ahead of time if you can.

Once at your campsite, you will have hours and hours of cold air. It only takes being stuck inside a blistering hot trailer once to realize how miserable camping can be. So it’s better to avoid that scenario if you can and upgrade to your Dweller with off-grid cooling!

Check out the video above by ROA Offroad to learn more about how to run the air conditioning in OBi Dwellers when you are off the grid. 

Final Thoughts

While the basic OBi Dweller 15 is already an amazing off-roading trailer jam-packed with luxury amenities, you can personalize it and make it even better with the optional upgrades. 

Improve your cooking game with an interior kitchen, rinse off in an outdoor shower, or pump the A/C with off-grid air conditioning. On top of all those, you can also add a bunk bed or lithium-ion battery!

As always, ROA Off-Road is primed and ready to answer any questions you have about the OBi Dweller lineup of trailers!

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