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12 Things to Know About the Dweller 15 from OBi Camper

It is safe to say that the American market excels when it comes to street-oriented RVs and camper trailers. 

However, there is a lack of tough, thought-out, capable, and comfortable off-road trailers – the types of trailers you see Aussies hauling around in the middle of the Kimberly. 

With the OBi Dweller 15, that off-road ruggedness became available in the U.S.

Let’s get to know this incredible trailer and explore the benefits it provides to overlanding and off-roading enthusiasts. 

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The Dweller 15 has Australian Heritage

obi dweller 15

As someone who is obsessed with off-roading and overlanding, I now have the knowledge to differentiate cultures in products.

What I mean is that I can easily distinguish whether something was made for Australia or the U.S. 

When I went onto the OBi website to learn more about the Dweller 15, the first thing I told myself was, “well, that looks Australian” little did I know that this was the point of it. 

One of the chief designers of this trailer has spent many years working with the Australian trailer industry.

Seeing what is available on the other side of the world has inspired the creation of something with the same capability and quality for the U.S. 

The Dweller 15 is by no means a copy of Australian trailers. However, it is based on the same concept with alterations that make it work with American preferences and trails. The tried-and-true build quality and engineering of the Aussies are put to good use for us here in the States!

Off-Grid is No Issue for the Dweller 15


This trailer is made for remote overland adventures – the kind of trips that take you deep into the deserts and forests over rough roads that only a few trailers can handle.

Thanks to an articulating towing coupler, independent suspension with dual heavy-duty shocks and springs, and 16” wheels with all-terrain tires, the Dweller 15 excels at off-road travel.  

Obviously, due to its size and weight (GVWR 6405), you won’t be hitting Hell’s Revenge, but that is not the point of towing a trailer like this one. 

The benefit here is that you can feel at home even if you are miles away from civilization.

It’s Built to Last 


I like to use my stuff as it’s intended to be used – through mud, snow, dirt, and even salted roads. Overlanding is a constant test for all your equipment, and anything that is not built up to standard is going to fail. 

Along with the heavy-duty suspension, the Dweller 15 features a hot-dipped galvanized chassis. In case you didn’t know, this kind of treatment offers exceptional protection from rust. 

Therefore, you can be sure that no matter the use, your Dweller 15 trailer will be one that lasts!

The Dweller 15 is Comfortable


Having a tough trailer is great, but at the end of the day, comfort is the priority, or else we wouldn’t be towing all that extra weight. 

With a folding queen mattress (69.5” x 80”), window shades, and TV with DVD and stereo, you can curl up in comfort after a long day of travel. You can also enjoy an en suite shower and cassette toilet, a second outdoor shower, and a full-sized refrigerator and freezer. There’s a pull-out galley with sink and two-burner stove as well. You also get plenty of living space.

It really is a home that can be taken anywhere you want, from an organized campsite to the middle of Death Valley.

Camp in all Weather Conditions

Obi Dweller 15 AC AND CONTROLD

Warm or cold weather adventures will be no issue with the Dweller 15 as it offers both AC and heating. 

The AC system is located underneath the bed while heating is taken care of via a combi heater.

While sitting outside, you’re protected both from the sun and rain thanks to a 12-foot electric awning. 

There is Enough Power for all Your Gadgets

Obi Dweller 15 ENTRY VIEW

When spending days or even weeks away from civilization, one of the biggest challenges is having the power to keep all our electrical devices going.

Thanks to a 2,000-watt inverter, three 100AH batteries, and three 100-watt solar panels, you won’t just be able to power all your electrical devices, but also the heater, TV, running water, and all other comforts this trailer has to offer. 

The Layout of the Trailer is Functional

Dweller 15 Floor Plan 1

A common mistake trailer manufacturers that are new to the game make is building trailers that have all the features but are laid out inconveniently.

In the long term, this can be frustrating, as nothing is where you would expect it to be. 

With the Dweller 15, you will not have such an issue.

The setup of the trailer utilizes space in a great way. It was designed so cleverly that the bed takes up the width of the camper to give the most optimal space a trailer like this can provide; same goes for the shower as well.

Obi Dweller Slide Out Kitchen

Furthermore, the outdoor slide-out kitchen and fridge/refrigerator lead to much more available space inside the trailer. 

Finally, as this is a trailer designed by people with years of expertise, the layout of the trailer is functional, intuitive, and helps create a space that’s easy to use and comfortable all at the same time. 

You Get Ample Storage Space

Obi Dweller 15 Front

Storage is crucial for any overland adventure. With both internal and external storage, the Dweller 15 excels in this area. 

Outside, you get a front-mounted toolbox and locking integrated exterior storage boxes.

These cabinets are perfect for items such as spare parts, tools, or recovery gear that tends to be dirty and rattley; therefore, are best kept outside the vehicle or trailer.

Inside, you will find tons of storage areas for clothes, linens, and any other item you may happen to take with you on your adventures. 

There is No Need to Carry Additional Water Jerry Cans

Obi Dweller Right Side Profile

Water at camp can be used for drinking, doing the dishes, or having a shower. Obviously, on a long journey, we need a lot of it, which many times means taking jerry cans. 

Due to a 21-gallon freshwater tank, 31-gallon city water tank, and a 21-gallon gray water tank, jerry cans are irrelevant when towing this trailer. The available water storage will last for a long time. 

Such details make camping even more relaxing as there is less of a need to worry about storing enough water.

The Interior Space is Expandable


To keep the trailer slim when traveling, the team at OBi has given it an expandable pop-top roof. 

When arriving at camp, you simply pop up the roof, and you instantly get more headroom, enabling you to stand upright and move around the trailer in comfort. 

Again, this shows that this trailer is packaged cleverly by managing to provide all the amenities and a spacious feeling in a limited space designed to travel on tough roads. 

Safety is a Priority

Any piece of equipment that is meant to travel on-road needs to meet strict safety standards, and the Dweller 15 does so easily.

Its electric brakes, LED exterior flood lights, LED signals, and brake lights all make sure you can be easily seen while also having the power to stop in an emergency. 

For added peace of mind, OBi offers dual safety chains, a front-mounted emergency brake, heavy-duty mud flaps, and a main power shut down. 

Regardless of the situation, the Dweller 15 ensures that both you and the ones around you remain safe. 

It Can Be Easily Towed by a Full-Sized Truck


Let’s take an F-150 as an example. Its tow rating is 14000 lbs., meaning that towing the 6405lbs (GVWR) Dweller 15 will be a breeze both on and off-road. 

This is great as you will have the power to drive over tough terrain or steep off-road hills.

Therefore, with the correct tow vehicle, you will have a trailer with all the amenities that can be easily towed for long distances both on and off-road. 

Final Thoughts

Obi Dweller On The Road

Camping doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. With a trailer such as the OBi Dweller 15, you can have all the amenities, even if you are located miles away from civilization. 

Its Australian-inspired design means it will work great on any terrain for years to come; therefore, when deciding which trailer to buy, give this one a good look!

For more information, visit OBi Camper. 

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