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The OBi Dweller 19 is the Biggest, Baddest Dweller Yet

We love the OBi Dweller series here at 4WDTalk. In fact, we’ve discussed the Dweller 15 at length in several articles (including this one, this one, and this one). We’ve also highlighted the Dweller 15’s little brother, the Dweller 13.

But so far, we haven’t explored the Dweller 19 – the big boy in the family. That changes today, my friends!

As you’d expect from OBi Campers, the Dweller 19 retains all the best features of the Dweller lineup while also giving you more room for extended off-grid adventures.

And I know what you’re thinking…isn’t the Dweller 19 too big for heading off-road? Heck no, this sucker has four wheels and an independent suspension! With the OBi off-road pedigree to its name, the Dweller 19 is every bit as capable of off-road travel as its smaller siblings.

In the video above, you can get a quick tour of the Dweller 19 from the fine folks at ROA Offroad. Have a quick look at what this incredible off-road trailer has to offer! I’ve outlined a few of its top features below for your convenience.

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How Big is the OBi Dweller 19?

Dweller 19 Right

The OBi Dweller 19 is 25 feet long and weighs 6,389 pounds dry. Yeah, that’s a big rig, but since it’s designed by OBi Camper, this trailer is a dream to tow both on-road and off. What’s more, the impeccable balance OBi has achieved in terms of weight distribution makes it much easier to tow all that weight.

For comparison’s sake, the Dweller 15 is about 22.5 feet in total length and tips the scales at 5,200 pounds dry. So, even though the Dweller 15 is a big, roomy trailer, the Dweller 19 kicks it up a notch with 2.5 additional feet of space.

Now, obviously, you won’t be towing this trailer with a compact truck or the family minivan. But…you don’t need a one-ton diesel to tow it, either. Your full-size off-road truck will have plenty of power to get this big boy off-grid and to your favorite camping locations.

The Tandem Suspension Gets You Way Off-Grid

Dweller 19 Tandem Suspension

The Dweller 19 isn’t just bigger and badder because of the additional length…

Unlike the Dweller 13 and 15, the 19 features a tandem independent control arm setup with a coil and shock suspension. That means you get four wheels under the trailer instead of two to carry the added weight of the trailer.

Of course, the coil and shock suspension is a prime feature for off-road travel. Unlike solid axle suspensions with leaf springs (which is the standard setup for American-made trailers), the coil and shock suspension on the Dweller 19 can handle the bumps and dips of off-road travel much better.

The smoother the ride, the less stress on the rest of the trailer’s components, and the more likely you are to get to camp without all your belongings inside the trailer strewn all over the place. That’s just what you want!

This smooth-ride suspension isn’t just great for off-road travel, either. It absorbs movement when you’re traveling on pavement, too, and ensures you have the best possible trailering experience.

The OBi Dweller 19 Has a Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen

Dweller 19 Outdoor Kitchen

I love to cook whether I’m at home, in the backyard with my grill, or way off-grid in the mountains camping. If you’re the same, you’ll appreciate the Dweller 19’s fantastic kitchen setup.

The kitchen is on the right side of the trailer and features a full complement of goodies for cooking while camping. For example, there’s a large slide-out that houses a dual-burner Dometic stove with a three-sided windscreen, a sink with hot and cold water (and a drying rack!), and a fold-out prep table. Underneath are drawers for utensils and other small items.

To the left of the stove slide-out is a storage slide that has a carpeted bottom. This is an ideal spot for additional kitchen storage for non-perishable food, extra plates and cups, and so forth.

Dweller 19 Slide Storage

Other features include double latches on the slide-outs, triple-sealed storage bay doors, and a large slide-out storage compartment to the right of the stove slide that gives you even more storage space for kitchen items and other gear.

The Interior is Luxurious, as You’d Expect!

Dweller 19 Interior

OBi isn’t just known for building highly capable off-road trailers. They’re also known for designing highly functional, comfortable interior spaces that make your off-grid camping trips far more enjoyable.

For starters, a nice-sized couch can accommodate two adults (or three, if you want to squeeze in). There’s a moveable table, too, so you can have your drinks and snacks within easy reach.

You can keep the interior clean and organized thanks to an incredible amount of storage. Everywhere you look, there’s a cupboard or cabinet that maximizes the available space. The doors even have hidden locking latches that prevent the doors from opening when you’re traversing difficult terrain. The full-size refrigerator gives you all the storage you need for perishable food, too, while the stove, sink, and microwave give you the ability to whip up meals.

Dweller 19 Stove

You can maintain a comfortable interior environment with the onboard heating and cooling system. Both the furnace and the air conditioning are ducted, with three ports each throughout the trailer. The furnace is a Truma Combi unit that doubles as the water heater, and is a high-end product that’s extremely popular in European caravans.

Dweller 19 Bed

Not only do you get a comfortable couch for lounging, but you also get a full bedroom at the front of the camper. The bedroom has loads of features that make it one of the most luxurious bedrooms you’ll find in an off-road camper.

For example, you get a comfortable bed that’s large enough for two adults, overhead storage compartments for smaller items, and dual hanging storage units to hang up your clothes. There’s even storage built into the sides of the bed and under the bed, and cubbies on either side of the bed that give you a place to plug your phone in at night.

You’ll also love the abundance of windows. There are two large windows on either side of the bed and an overhead window where you can gaze at the stars as you snuggle in for the night. Just imagine waking up in the morning with a panoramic view of your surroundings!

Dweller 19 Shower

One of the best interior features of this camper is the bathroom. Not all off-road campers have a bathroom to begin with, but OBi has taken it to the next level with a bathroom that features a stand-up shower that is large enough to turn around and even bend down to pick up dropped soap! The private and separate water closet is absolutely enormous, so you don’t feel cramped while you’re using the facilities. There’s more storage in the water closet, and a large window, too.

The OBi Dweller 19 Has an Off-Grid-Ready Electrical System

Dweller 19 Power System

A final component of the Dweller 19 that I’d like to discuss is the off-grid-ready electrical system.

Power is one of the most crucial aspects of long-term off-grid camping. The Dweller 19 accommodates your camping needs with a smartly designed electrical system that features 400 watts of solar power.

The solar panels feed 200 amp hours of lithium batteries, which are in turn controlled by a 2000-watt continuous pure sine wave inverter/charger. In other words, you’ll have plentiful power (and clean power, at that) for your trips, regardless of whether it’s for the weekend of a few weeks or more.

With this electrical system, you can enjoy the comforts of home, even when you’re way off the grid. Bring your coffee maker, toaster, and other small appliances, and live it up in the Dweller 19!

Are You Ready for a Dweller 19?

Dweller 19 Front

The features I’ve discussed in this article only begin to scratch the surface of what OBi has put in the Dweller 19. The term “fully loaded” certainly applies in this situation!

But, even though I’ve only discussed a few features, you can see just how well designed and well built the Dweller 19 is. There are smart and innovative features inside and out that make it an ideal option for your off-grid (and on-grid!) camping needs.

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