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4 Critical Remote Camping Tips

Photo by DieterMeyrl via iStock

Camping can be done in a variety of different locations. Many people love the safety of crowded areas while others prefer the adventure and calmness of more remote trips. 

Remote areas can be great; however, we need to ensure that we take the correct steps to help us stay safe while also having the most fun possible. 

This article covers four critical remote camping tips to help you do so!

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Remote Camping Tips – Be Prepared With a Proper Toolkit

forrest tool 1

When camping or overlanding, you need the proper tools to set up camp, get a fire going, and create a comfortable space for you and your family or friends to enjoy the outdoors.

Having the proper toolkit is essential for safety, too. For example, you need something to help build a fire pit that contains the fire rather than letting it get out of control.

forrest tool 5

One of our favorite tools is the MAX Toolkit by the Forest Tool company. There’s a myriad of reasons why the MAX Toolkit is a staff favorite, not the least of which is that it has seven tools:

  • 3.5-lb Hudson Bay Ax Head with Striking Surface
  • Shovel
  • Pick
  • Broad Pick
  • Mattock Blade
  • Combination McLeod
  • Rake and Hoe Rake-Hoe Fastener

forrest tool broad pick

Additionally, the kit comes with six lock pins for attaching the above accessories to the 34-inch composite polyglass handle. There’s an embossed leather ax sheath and a Cordura carrying case, too.

Now, aside from getting all those tools in the space of a shovel, the Max Toolkit comes in handy for clearing trails, digging fire pits, or even getting a vehicle unstuck. Its versatility will make life off-grid easier. 

forrest tool max ax close-up

Also, keep in mind that this tool is built out of high-quality materials, and it is built to last. The design and attention to detail make it feel great in the hand while also ensuring it looks at home in the back of your truck!

In other words, the Forrest Tool Company MAX Toolkit offers supreme utility, excellent functionality, and is comfortable for you to use in many situations. What’s not to like about that?!

Remote Camping Tips – Have Supplies to Start a Fire

Fire Starting Kit

Having a campfire is a crucial part of remote camping or any type of camping. It helps us stay warm, relax, or even cook food.

To get a fire going regardless of location, you should invest in a fire starter kit. Our kit of choice comes from Weyland and is equipped with fatwood fire starter sticks, a Ferro rod with paracord lanyard and striker, a fat rope fire starter, char cloth, and a hemp wick reusable match. Items in this kit are waterproof; therefore, you can use them to start a fire even when wet.

All the fire-starting equipment is neatly packed in a water-resistant molle bag which is perfect for taking with you when camping, backpacking, or on off-grid bushcraft adventures. 

Unlike other fire-starting kits on the web, this one uses the best quality materials while being 100% complete. You won’t miss any important items when you need to get your fire going!

Remote Camping Tips – Bring Water or Methods to Make Water Safe to Drink


Remote camping usually means that access to help isn’t straightforward; therefore, it is essential to take increased water supplies and items that will help you filter natural water just in case you need to. Two of our favorite water filtration systems for remote camping are the LifeStraw and MSR Mini Works.

The LifeStraw is the more compact option of the two and is the best choice if you plan to do a lot of hiking. It can protect against 99.9% of bacteria (including E.coli and Salmonella) and 99.9% of parasites (Including Giardia and Cryptosporidium). You also get 99.9% protection against microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness.

The LifeStraw has an unlimited shelf life; therefore, you can keep it in your car or backpack for as long as you like without worrying about the filters inside it not functioning properly. It is also highly versatile as it can be attached to water bottles and standard gravity hoses with a removable threaded bottom cap. This is a great product to keep with you for peace of mind. 

The MSR Mini Works is a different product type as it isn’t as portable. It is a microfiber water filter pump that can be used in emergencies. Its replaceable carbon and ceramic filter removes bacteria, protozoa, organic compounds, and particulates. It can pump at a rate of one liter per minute and is compatible with various wide-mouth water bottles and hydration bladders. 

MSR Mini Works

This product meets the NSF protocol P231 for removing 99.9% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa. Also, one replaceable filter cartridge treats up to 2,000 liters of water; therefore, these filters aren’t something you will need to change often. 

Remote Camping Tips – Tell Someone the Details of Your Trip

Remote Camping Tips

Photo by PhotoAttractive via iStock

One of the most effective safety precautions one can take before setting off on a remote camping trip is to let other people know the intended details and locations of the trip.

For example, lay down an itinerary of the areas you will be traveling through and when you will be doing so. Also, pinpoint locations where you might expect bad weather, dangerous roads, off-road obstacles, or even long hikes. This will give people not with you on a trip a good idea of where to look in case something goes wrong.

On remote camping trips, it is, in many cases, difficult to communicate with people back in civilization; therefore, taking such a step can save your life.

Final Thoughts 

High Altitude Camping – Get Used To The High Altitude

Photo by DieterMeyrl via iStock

Remote camping can be extremely rewarding if done correctly. The above tips will help you have useful gear that leads to a safe and fun trip. Remember, camping is a recreational activity that is meant to be fun. Roughing it isn’t cool. It just makes you hate camping as it isn’t comfortable in most cases.

If you have any further remote camping questions or anything overland or off-road related, head to the forum section of our page. 

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