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4 Camping Road Trip Essentials for the Perfect Trip

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Camping is about the pleasure of finding simple things and embarking on an adventure without necessarily going far from home. But it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have some camping road trip essentials with you

By all means, you should already have appropriate clothing, footwear, and the necessary items for cooking and washing. But to make your escapade as pleasant as possible, there are other camping road trip essentials you should think about.

On this camping checklist, we’ve put together a few other items that you need for a perfect camping holiday.

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Invest in a Proper Road Trip Teardrop Trailer

The appeal of going out with minimal personal items is easy to understand. It’s nice to escape from everyday life and hit the road toward beautiful sunsets and freedom. But not everyone knows how to achieve that. 

If you’ve got a dose of wanderlust and you’re craving the great outdoors, you should invest in a proper teardrop trailer. A teardrop trailer offers huge benefits for your road trips, not the least of which is a secure place to sleep and store your gear. You’ll also have a comfortable place to relax, and depending on the type of trailer you buy, you might even have amenities like an outdoor shower, a galley, and heating! 

Our choice when it comes to on-road teardrop trailers is So-Cal Teardrops. These folks have a solid reputation for designing and building high-quality trailers that won’t bust your budget.

In fact, So-Cal Teardrops has four great options according to your specific camping road trip needs. Each option is highlighted below! 

So-Cal Teardrops Buzz

The So-Cal Teardrops Buzz is the smallest and lightest option available in their catalog. It might just be 670 lbs, but it’s also robust and durable enough to be an easy trail rated trailer with 14” wheels and tires for exploring tarmac and dirt roads. The efficient design provides ample sleeping space for two adults in a small package. The Buzz is just over 138 inches long overall with 65” height, so it’s easy to tow and maneuver into tight camping spots as well!

So-Cal Teardrops Rover

The Rover is another smaller option from So-Cal Teardrops. At almost 153” length, it is a bit bigger than the Buzz yet maintains a compact profile for your camping road trip adventures. The Rover contains enough space in the rear for a cooler or fridge and a two-burner stove so you can prepare and cook meals on the road. There’s also various storage areas for keeping your camping road trip essentials neatly organized.

So-Cal Teardrops Sierra

The Sierra is the third on-road trailer option from So-Cal Teardrops. This rig is made for the best camping and road trip experience. It is almost 159 inches long, and it provides a lot of space for two people in any camping environment. The large galley offers loads of food storage space, and with the 78” high hatch, you can comfortably prepare meals without having to hunch over. 

So-Cal Teardrops Cal Deluxe

The Cal Deluxe is the largest of the So-Cal Teardrops family and is much more suitable for families. This one is almost 183 inches long and easily provides enough place to live for two people and a child. At 1120 lbs, it is also easy to tow with virtually any vehicle. With ample cabin space and a large galley, this is the teardrop tourer you’ve been waiting for!

Have a Plan

two people with a map

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Whether you are traveling as a couple, with your family, or with friends – plan your holiday well! Being spontaneous is great and always the best part of an adventure, but to ensure that your stay at the campsite is a complete success and that you are prepared for everything, you should think about bringing more camping road trip essentials.

You can start by getting this road trip planner and start preparing for your holiday. Writing down everything will remind you to bring all the camping road trip essentials. You should also get a good GPS system, such as this one from Garmin, so you won’t get lost unless you really want to. 

Prepare Meals Ahead of Time

Cook Your Own Meals while camping

Image by visualspace via iStock

Let’s be honest, food is one of the best parts of almost any event or activity – any trip, date or party, or sporting event. And, of course, camping is not the exception. Eating outdoors in nature makes everything taste even better!

But the only thing that is not so much fun about eating is the preparation. Above all, camping does not always have the conditions and comfort that your own kitchen at home offers. Usually, you only have limited space to bring only the most important cooking utensils, so you just have to make the most of what you have.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to prepare and plan meals before you start your trip. Pre-cooked meals such as this one can also become one of the most important camping road trip essentials. That way, you can spend your time doing what you enjoy the most while saving a lot of space in your vehicle or trailer. 

Bring a Toolkit

Man changing wheel after a car breakdown.

Image by Bobex-73 via iStock

To ensure that your tow vehicle and your trailer don’t let you down at an inopportune moment, you should also bring a well-stocked toolkit as part of your camping road trip essentials. A nail, broken glass, or a sharp curb can give you a flat tire and can ruin your day if you don’t have the right equipment to fix it.

What belongs in a toolbox is primarily a matter of personal preference and your own manual skills. You certainly don’t have to “over-equip” yourself. But essential tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, socket wrench, Allen key sets, a hammer, a small wood saw, work gloves (also for changing tires!), and of course, a few screws and nails should be there.

With these road trip essentials packed away in your So-Cal Teardrops trailer, you’ll be all set for a road trip of a lifetime!

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