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    Tailgater table leg - up or down?

    +1 they go down, that front leg isn't for load. Don't sit on the table (talking from experience) it won't hold!
  2. F Clayton

    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 in REI?

    Love the tent, but iKamper is on crack with their asking price. Sorry, but bad way to flex on users.
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    Re-painting Tailgater tire table different color?

    Are there any size tires that this doesn't work with?
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    Secondary offroad rig for lighter days?

    My wife just picked up a Subaru Crosstrek and I have to say, this little thing is so darn cool! Next weekend we are going to take it out and leave the Jeep home. My wife does make a good point that we will save a lot on gas. But my complex is wondering what it's going to be like driving and...
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    Batteries stone dead Patriot X1 trailer

    I would put the charger on slow charge and let it charge for a couple days. You should be OK.
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    Remove mold smell from tent?

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    OK, I want one of these!!
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    How much have you last paid for gas?

    To much! $6.67
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    roofnest condor XL OR IKamper Skycamp 3.0???

    Oh damn, both are going to be an excellent tent for you. That Roofnest is big tent, then again, so is the Skycamp. I'm pretty sure Roofnest is the big boy in terms of larger brand.
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    Remove mold smell from tent?

    We just pulled out a tent we used from last year and this must have been packed away wet as it smells!! Any idea on how to get the smell out?
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    Favorite camping cooking recipe

    Post up your favorite camping cooking recipe! Copy and Paste from your cookbook, but share some good ones! We love seafood, and shrimp is pretty much the most practical seafood (besides fish) to bring out. Here's ours: Shrimp Boil Foil Packets The key to this recipe is to use ingredients...
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    Goal Zero Ranger 300 Briefcase Solar Panels

    OUCH! That was not a good review. So was he suggesting that both panels (600w) were only capturing 100w?! That is not good at all.
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    DIY Camper Van Conversion. Full Build Timelapse

    No kidding, if I had the space, I would completely reach out to this guy!
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    What is the last thing you bought for your overlanding or camping set up?

    New set of Black Rhino wheels!