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Essential Overlanding Gear

Summer is starting to wind down here in the northern hemisphere. That means it’s high time to get away from your work routine and have yourself a few nice days in the backcountry.

Overlanding might look like a fun activity on paper, but it’s more of a daring endeavor that must be fulfilled in true letter and spirit. Prepped your 4-wheeler already? That’s great; now you need to pack some essential overlanding gear to ensure a 5-star camping experience and, more importantly, a fun overlanding episode.

There’s so much that you need while you’re overlanding and boondocking, and fortunately, some quality, versatile overlanding equipment is available to make the trip memorable and fun. It necessarily includes a setup of portable solar panels, a rooftop tent, a full-fledged toolkit, a table for extra prep space, and a recovery kit, just in case things get wild on the trail.

Let’s get familiarized with some important, rather essential overlanding gear that you must have in your vehicle before leaving.

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Execute a Perfect Trip with this Essential Overlanding Gear

There is so much gear that you can take along on your Overlanding journey, but having this essential overlanding gear is a must!

A Reliable Power Source

The Issue Of Shade And Solar Panels

Those heavy and loud diesel generators that used to take up all the space in the trunk and create so much pollution are gone. With portability at the helm, Sunflare XPLOR is here to take care of all your power backup needs.

XPLOR is a series of flexible, portable solar panels you can take anywhere, anytime. One of the most essential overlanding gear examples, these portable solar panels are quite rugged and lightweight and very easy to carry on your camping trips.

Solarflare solar panels in air

Featuring stainless steel solar cells with individual bypass diodes, you won’t have to worry about bending them to different shapes, and nor would you have to sit under the scorching sun to generate power. 

XPLOR takes the shading problem out of the equation and offers marvelous reliability with its superior bypass diode technology. Even if one portion comes under shade, the rest of the panel remains active and keeps harnessing the energy to keep your gadgets charged and appliances running.


You don’t even need to find a platform or drill holes anywhere. The XPLOR solar panels adhere with dual-sided adhesive layering and adapt to different shapes, like the curvature of the shell of your rooftop tent.

There’s no better power source than a portable solar panel like Sunflare XPLOR – clean energy, easy installation, long-term durability, and unstoppable power generation capacity. This is undoubtedly the most important item on our essential overlanding gear list and should be in your inventory for a perfect trip!

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

A Comfortable Rest Area

smrt tent summit suite first impressions

It doesn’t make sense to rest on the ground after a long, tiring day of hiking or fishing. To get a home-like experience away from home, get the very versatile SMRT Summit Suite tent.

Made of 280g ripstop canvas, it takes care of any kind of weather or climate condition. The Summit suite tent will never flinch, whether it’s raining, thunderstorms, strong winds blowing, or the sun emitting its scorching heat.

SMRT Tent Summit Suite

This waterproof and rip-proof tent keeps you well ventilated with its multiple entry points and mesh-covered windows.

Sitting snugly on your car’s roof, it comes with a telescopic ladder and an awning for comfortable entry/exit and keeps you guarded all the time. Fitted with a 3” memory foam mattress, it comfortably houses three people and even takes care of your storage requirements like shoes, clothes, small bags, and other gadgets. 

Take Time To Research Rooftop Tents

Its compact and lightweight design doesn’t add any stress to your traveling while providing you shelter on your days-long trip. If you want to add next-level comfort to your overlanding trips (who doesn’t?!), the SMRT Summit suite tent should be on your essential overlanding gear list.

A Solid Workspace



After unpacking all your essential overlanding gear, you might find enough space around to organize yourself or do something worthwhile. Well, you don’t have to worry about your work, cooking, or anything else, as the Tailgater Tire Table solves all these issues in a jiff.

The table fits your truck’s wheels without any special tools or equipment; it instantly gives you loads of space to organize your gear and do your work.

tire table 30

Made of powder-coated high-strength aluminum, it takes heavy loads without bending and makes cooking, kit setting, luggage organizing, and camp setup a lot easier.

Get this essential overlanding gear now and eliminate your outdoor space problems!

A Dependable Multi-Functional Toolkit

forrest tool 3


Prepare yourself for outdoor adventures with this essential overlanding gear!

The Max Multi-Purpose Toolkit by Forrest Tools comes loaded with a suite of 8 important daily-use tools.

Made of a composite poly-glass handle and aluminum, the only thing bending under stress would be the stuff around you, and not these sturdy tools.

forrest tool 5

This versatile and essential overlanding gear kit includes an ax with shovel, mattock blade, and broad pick. There’s also a rake and hoe, combination McLeod, lock pins, and a carrying bag.

Whether you’re looking to chop wood, extinguish a campfire, or set up/dismantle a campsite, this kit will help you get it done! It’s also a prime recovery tool that can aid in getting you or a buddy out of a jam on the trail. It really is a jack-of-all-trades type of tool!

A Complete Recovery Kit

Tackle Tuff Ready-Made Recovery Kit


Things can always go south when you’re traversing tough terrain. You could get stuck even with a rock-solid truck. The Tackle Tuff off-road recovery kit has been designed to get you out of such emergencies.

This essential overlanding gear kit is a versatile setup of rugged items that won’t leave you stranded anywhere. It includes Snatch blocks, a pair of shackles, and a tow strap. There’s also a tree-saver strap and a pair of Kevlar-reinforced gloves.


The tow trap and tree-saver have super-high-strength of up to 60,000 lbs and are utterly reliable in any situation.

Whether you need to tow, pull, or strap down your truck somewhere, this kit will be your ideal rescuer!

And, with that, you have a rock-solid list of essential overlanding gear that’s worth adding to your kit!

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