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Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024

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When I was growing up, camping meant eating hot dogs, cans of Vienna sausages, and whatever fish we caught. Today, though, the overlanding cooking situation is much different.

Now, I don’t mean to diss hot dogs, Vienna sausages, and fish, but these days, you can create restaurant-worthy meals at camp – provided you have the right overlanding cooking accessories, of course.

So that begs the question – what cooking accessories should be on your radar in 2024? Let’s find out!

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Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024: Summit Stove Camp Stove

smokin crow 1

When you go off-roading or overlanding, not only are you likely to encounter some rough terrain that can wreak havoc on your gear, but you’re also likely to be loaded up with all kinds of equipment, so space is at a premium.

That means bringing a big grill for your overlanding cooking needs probably isn’t in the picture…

But, that’s okay because the Summit Stove camp stove is as rugged as they come and has a small form factor, so it’s perfect for your outdoor adventures!

smokin crow 2

On the one hand, this camp stove features all stainless steel construction, so it’s built like a tank. Whether you’re on the Rubicon trail, off-roading in the backwoods of Georgia, or headed to your favorite campground in the Adirondacks, this bad boy will take the punishment of whatever the trail and the weather throw at it.

But don’t think that its robust build means it’s a big ol’ stove! When folded down, the Summit Stove camp stove fits into a 4 x 4 x 16-inch box. All the hardware for the stove fits inside of it, too, for the ultimate in compact camp stoves.

smokin crow 3

Setup is a breeze as well: you can have it unfolded and set up in about a minute, ready to cook whatever your heart desires. And since it burns wood or charcoal, you don’t have to worry about bringing propane bottles along for the ride. Besides, food cooked over wood or charcoal just tastes better, if you ask me.

When you’re done cooking for the night, the stainless steel construction allows for fast and easy cleanup, so you don’t have to invest a ton of time doing what no one enjoys doing when they’re camping – cleaning up after dinner!

smokin crow 4

Being outdoors is all about the adventure – exploring beautiful places, enjoying the fresh air, and having a good time with family and friends. What better place to do that than at camp, whipping up an awesome meal with your compact, rugged camp stove?

I absolutely love to cook, and the prospect of being able to have wood or charcoal-fired food at camp makes my mouth water. If you’re in the same boat, give the Summit Stove camp stove a good, hard look. Talk about a great way to elevate your overlanding cooking capabilities in 2024!

Learn more about the Summit Stove Camp Stove

Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024: TemboTusk Ultimate Skottle Grill Kit

Ultimate Skottle Grill Kit BTR Outfitters

The TemboTusk Ultimate Skottle Grill Kit stands out as one of the premier overlanding cooking accessories of 2024 for a variety of reasons…

For starters, it offers unparalleled convenience and functionality. The kit combines all the essential elements you need to cook into one comprehensive package. At the heart of the Ultimate Skottle Grill Kit lies the Skottle Grill itself, accompanied by the Kovea Burner, gas adapter, and an adjustable leg for stability. This robust setup ensures you can cook with ease in any outdoor setting, whether it’s camping deep in the wilderness or enjoying a tailgate party before a big game.

skottle grill cooking

Moreover, the Ultimate Skottle Kit goes above and beyond by including crucial accessories to enhance the cooking experience. For example, the included Accessory Kit provides a Stainless Steel Lid, Steam Tray, and Wind Guard, offering versatility and efficiency in preparing a wide range of dishes. Additionally, the Bamboo Leg Table provides a convenient surface for food preparation and serving, further elevating the usability of the Skottle Grill.

What truly sets the TemboTusk Skottle Ultimate Grill Kit apart are the included complimentary items. With a free Buzzy Waxx tin, you can easily maintain and care for the Skottle Grill, ensuring longevity and optimal performance. Furthermore, the kit includes a Wooden Spatula and Cast Iron Scraper, essential tools for flipping, stirring, and cleaning, all at no extra cost.

skottle grill leg table

The TemboTusk Skottle is versatile, durable, and can seamlessly transition from outdoor adventures to backyard gatherings. Its ability to cook anything, from hearty meals to quick snacks, makes it a valuable addition to your overlanding cooking kit!

This kit is available from our friends at BTR Outfitters – folks that know a thing or two about overlanding, camping, cooking, and all things outdoors. If you have any questions about the Skottle or its accessories, don’t hesitate to reach out to them to get the skinny on this fantastic overlanding cooking accessory!

Learn more about the TemboTusk Ultimate Skottle Grill Kit

Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024: Partner Steel 22″ 2-Burner Stove

partner steel 22 inch stove

Yet another option to consider for your overlanding cooking needs is the Partner Steel 22″ 2-burner stove. This compact, high-powered gas stove is also available from our friends at BTR Outfitters and comes with everything you need to kick off a cooking session on the right foot…

The stove is 12 by 22 inches and is 3.5 inches tall, making it extremely portable. Use it on a slide in your trailer or RV for a fixed cooking option or set it up on the optional stand for a more mobile means of cooking while you’re overlanding. Either way, you have the space and heating power to make some pretty fantastic food!

The stove’s burners are a full 12 inches apart, which is important because it ensures you can easily cook with two ten-inch pans at the same time. Yet, the grill spacing still allows you to heat up a small cup of coffee if you like. It’s this kind of versatility that has made Partner Steel a popular overlanding cooking option for years and years.

partner steel midsize griddle

When you purchase this kit, you don’t just get the stove, though. You also get a hose and a regulator set plus a windscreen. Just add fuel, and you’re ready to rock! You can also add the optional Partner Steel Mid-Size Griddle shown above for cooking eggs, bacon, pancakes, and other goodies when the mood strikes.

Having a rock-solid gas-powered stove isn’t a necessity for cooking at camp, but it sure is nice. And with a Partner Steel stove, you get something that’s as robust, reliable, and durable as you’ll find. If you want to level up your overlanding cooking accessories this year, this bad boy should be on your list!

Learn more about the Partner Steel 22″ 2-Burner Stove

Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024: Jetboil Zip

71C7XteXIJL. AC SL1500


If it’s a cooking stove that’s extremely portable you’re after, look no further than the Jetboil Zip. This little stove is respected in the overlanding community for its reliability, efficiency, and affordability. It’s a trusted classic, in fact!

The Zip personal cooking system is about as simple as it comes, yet does so without compromising on performance. That makes it an indispensable companion for backpackers seeking a compact and effective camping stove.

Powered by innovative FluxRing technology, the Jetboil Zip boasts impressive speed and efficiency, and is capable of boiling water in just over two minutes. What sets it apart is its remarkable fuel economy, consuming only half the fuel compared to traditional systems. This means longer-lasting fuel reserves, ensuring peace of mind during your extended overlanding trips.

81MAHNmEv0L. AC SL1500

The 0.8-liter FluxRing cooking cup – which comes with an insulating cozy – offers not only rapid boiling but also excellent heat retention, keeping your beverages and meals warm for longer periods. This thoughtful design feature enhances the overall camping experience, allowing you to enjoy hot meals and drinks even in remote wilderness settings.

Versatility is another key attribute of the Jetboil Zip, as it seamlessly integrates with a variety of compatible accessories. From a coffee press for those early morning brews to a hanging kit for convenient suspension, the Zip adapts to meet various culinary needs on your backpacking adventure. Whether you’re simmering soups, sautéing vegetables, or frying up a breakfast, Jetboil’s range of accessories ensures you have the tools necessary to create satisfying meals in the great outdoors.

817FOpNJWWL. AC SL1500

Furthermore, the Zip’s practical design extends to its space-saving features, with the bottom cover doubling as both a measuring cup and a bowl. This multifunctional aspect optimizes pack space, allowing you to prioritize essentials like clothing, gear, and food without sacrificing cooking convenience.

Included with the Jetboil Zip are essential extras such as a fuel canister stabilizer and a drink-through lid with a pour spout and strainer, enhancing ease of use and convenience. The Zip is incredibly lightweight and compact, too, making it effortless to pack and carry on your outdoor adventures.

Learn more about the Jetboil Zip

Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024: Camp Chef Pro 30

61l2TXTs1yL. AC SL1500


The Camp Chef Pro 30 stands out as a testament to both versatility and reliability for your overlanding cooking needs. On the one hand, it offers a robust 30,000 BTU/hr cast-aluminum burner for all your cooking needs. On the other hand, this cooking powerhouse is engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures without succumbing to rust or corrosion, ensuring lasting performance for years to come.

One of the standout features of the Camp Chef Pro 30 is its foldable side shelf, which serves as both a preparation area and a convenient storage space for cooking tools. This thoughtful addition enhances efficiency and organization, allowing you to keep your ingredients and utensils within arm’s reach while preparing delicious meals in the wilderness.

71o2f9VpVTL. AC SL1500

The square-top cooking surface of the Pro 30 accommodates single burner accessories with ease, providing versatility and flexibility in meal preparation, whether that’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Pro 30 offers ample space and functionality to tackle any culinary challenge.

Furthermore, the adjustable and removable legs of the Pro 30 ensure hassle-free transport and storage, making it an ideal companion for overlanding. Assembling the Pro 30 is a breeze, too, requiring just five minutes using the included wrench to tighten the regulator securely, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

71 DV2sT9SL. AC SL1500

Included with the Pro 30 are essential accessories such as a 3 ft. hose and regulator, steel detachable legs, and the folding side shelf I mentioned earlier, providing everything needed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience. Compatible with most 14-inch Camp Chef accessories, the Pro 30 offers endless possibilities for culinary creativity, allowing you to explore new recipes and cooking techniques in any outdoor setting.

With its appliance-style temperature controls and impressive heating power, the Camp Chef Pro 30 makes cooking with precision and confidence easy, regardless of the size of your group or the complexity of your menu. Compact, portable, and packed with features, the Pro 30 proves that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to outdoor cooking—what truly counts is performance, reliability, and versatility!

Learn more about the Camp Chef Pro 30

Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024: Camp Chef 1-Burner Pizza Oven

61WBhwVfFlL. AC SL1500


Cooking pizza no matter where your adventures take you? Sign me up! The Camp Chef 1-Burner Pizza Oven replicates the experience of a wood-fired pizza oven to perfection, ensuring even heat distribution, resulting in a perfectly crispy crust and mouthwatering toppings that rival those of your favorite pizzeria.

Whether you’re unwinding on your patio or heading out on your next overlanding trip, the Camp Chef Pizza Oven brings the joy of hot, fresh, and flavorful pizzas right to your fingertips. Its compact and portable design makes it a seamless addition to your camping cookware, allowing you to elevate your outdoor dining experience with gourmet pizzas cooked to perfection.

71qqw YV+gL. AC SL1500

Beyond pizza, the versatility of the Camp Chef Pizza Oven knows no bounds. From crusty bread and chewy cookies to delicious pies, this outdoor pizza oven offers endless possibilities for delicious treats that satisfy everyone on your camping trip.

What truly sets the Camp Chef Pizza Oven apart is its compatibility with various cooking systems, including Camp Chef’s own lineup and any grill. With a 14-inch design that fits seamlessly onto your existing setup, this pizza oven effortlessly transforms your grill into a fully functional pizza oven, allowing you to enjoy homemade pizzas with convenience and ease!

Learn more about the Camp Chef 1-Burner Pizza Oven

Best Overlanding Cooking Accessories of 2024: Tailgater Tire Table

tire table 32


Another accessory that’s well worth the price is the Tailgater Tire Table. This is one of my favorite gadgets because it’s compact, easy to set up, and gives me a stable, level space to prepare ingredients, even if the terrain isn’t level.

By hooking over the tire of your vehicle or trailer, the Tire Table has a ready-made base to provide an ultra-solid surface for whatever cooking needs you have. And with the deployable leg for added support, you can load this table up with everything you need to cook a meal without worry that it’ll sag or give way.

tire table 9

There are numerous Tire Table versions available, too, including regular and large sizes plus aluminum or steel construction. Whichever model you choose, you’ll get a table that’s as reliable as it gets. Whether you’ve got loads of ingredients for a campsite dinner, a coffee maker for your morning brew, or something in between, the Tire Table will serve you well now and in the future.

tire table 20

If you invest in a large Tire Table, it’ll accommodate tires from 30 inches to 50 inches tall. What’s more, the sliding mechanism on the table fits up to 20-inch tires, so even if you’ve outfitted your overlanding rig with some big tires, the Tire Table will work just fine.

Plus, the large size (which is what I have) can hold a lot of weight – up to 75 pounds, in fact. Yet, it’s compact, easy to transport, and weighs just 16 pounds. Not bad, right?!

Learn more about the Tailgater Tire Table

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