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Tailgater Tire Table: My Go-To Camping Accessory

When I get to camp, the first item I get out is my Tailgater Tire Table. And when it’s time to pack up and head home, the Tire Table is the last thing that gets put away. If that doesn’t speak to the value I place on this table, I don’t know what does!

So, the question is, what makes this my go-to camping accessory?

Well, let’s dive in and find out!

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This Table Couldn’t Be Easier to Set Up and Take Down

Tailgater Tire Table


I don’t know about you, but one of the things I look for when I add gear to my overlanding and camping kit is this – is it easy to set up and take down?

I mean, when I go on an adventure, I want to actually enjoy the great outdoors, not spend the whole time setting up camp. So having items like the Tire Table that literally take seconds to set up and take down is a huge bonus.

The secret to Tire Table’s success is how it hooks over your vehicle or trailer tire. Simply unlock the slide, add the two short legs that abut the front of the tire, and place the slide over the top, allowing it to go behind it. Then, push the table against the tire, tighten the jam screws, and deploy the included leg for added stability. That’s it! See how this table sets up and performs in my real-world review in the video above.

The whole process takes me about 60 seconds. That’s not bad at all!

tire table 24

Then, when you’re ready to hit the road, simply reverse the process and return the Tailgater Tire Table to its compact, flat travel mode. You can easily slide the table into the back of your SUV or truck, put it in an underbelly storage area in your trailer, or, if you’re like me, simply attach it to the spare tire carrier on your trailer, and you’re ready to rock!

The TailGater Tire Table Offers Supreme Utility

front runner expander with tire table

Once I have the Tire Table set up, I can reap the benefits of having a table that can pull multiple duties.

On the one hand, I use the table as a “base camp” for my work systems, like Starlink and my portable power station. Owning a couple of online businesses as I do, work tends to follow me wherever I go, so I need a convenient spot to keep my gadgets for connecting with clients and employees.

I also use the table for work. Whether I’m on my laptop or using a tablet, there’s plenty of space on my 33.5″D x 28″W x 1.5″H large Tire Table to take care of the day’s tasks.

summit stove with tire table and campfire mat 1

On the other hand, the table is perfect as a cooking station. I’ll use propane stoves, gas grills, and even wood-fired grills on top of the table to get meals for myself, my son, and whoever else is with us taken care of.

Along those same lines, I use the Tire Table as a meal prep station. It’s the perfect height to have a seat and chop vegetables, break down meat, and other dinner-related tasks. Of course, when the food’s ready, I can clear all the cooking stuff away and have a nice-sized table for enjoying the food I’ve just made.

tire table 10

The Tire Table is a great catch-all space, too. I find that I use it for tools as I’m setting up or taking down other gear around camp. My son and I use it for playing games before bedtime. It’s obviously a good choice for putting beverages within arm’s reach as we’re hanging out around camp as well.

This Table is Built Like a Tank

tire table 25

I have a couple of versions of the Tire Table, both of which have proven to be utterly indestructible

The table comes in varying sizes for aluminum and steel construction. I typically use the large steel table, which gives me additional space. But if I’m taking a solo trip and don’t need as big of a table, the regular aluminum table suits me just fine.

In both cases, the quality of construction is obvious from moment one. The table is impeccably built, and the moving components move freely without much effort at all on my part.

tire table 16

The bonus of having a metal table is that you can cook on it without concern that you’ll damage the table – unlike plastic camping tables that are so popular.

Like I said earlier, I use my Tailgater Tire Table as a cooking station, so not only am I using stoves and grills that get hot, but I’m also placing hot skillets, pots, and other items directly on the table. After a couple of years of use, you’d never know I’ve put my Tire Tables through so much – they are that well built!

The Tailgater Tire Table Can Be Used in All Sorts of Situations

tire table 27

Overlanding and camping aren’t the only applications for this table…

This table is perfect for a fun tailgating session before your favorite sports team plays. You can take the table to the beach for a day in the sun, too. Heck, if you’re on the road and encounter car trouble, you can use the table as a workspace with your tools.

From the beach to the mountains, the desert to the side of the road, this table gives you the stable space you need. You can do so in all sorts of weather, too – remember, this table is super durable, and you can use it without worry in rain, shine, snow, heat, cold, or whatever else Mother Nature throws at you.

Size Your Tailgater Tire Table to Your Specific Needs

tire table 11

As I mentioned earlier, I have a couple of Tire Tables – one large and one regular. The large steel table measures 33.5″D x 28″W x 1.5″H, weighs 16 pounds, and can fit on tires between 30 and 50 inches. The large table can also accommodate a generous 75 pounds of gear.

The regular-sized aluminum table is 29″D x 23″W x 1.5″H, weighs just 5.5 pounds, and can support up to 50 pounds. Of course, there is a regular-sized steel table, a large-sized aluminum table, and a regular-sized silver aluminum table available as well.

tire table 33

With all those choices, you can size the Tire Table to your specific needs. Get a smaller table for solo adventures, prioritize weight management with an aluminum table, or if you need the biggest, most robust table of them all, opt for the large steel table like I have.

So, with that, I think you’ve got a better understanding of why I absolutely love this table. Check out my Tailgater Tire Table review for even more details about its specs, features, uses, and so forth!

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