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An SUV Drawer System and Other Upgrades for Overlanding

File:2015 4Runner TRD Pro with optional bug guard installed.jpg” by Sebastian.santiago is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

This article was last updated on May 1, 2024.

Going out camping on your own, with friends, or with family can be a fun activity. However, storing all the necessary gear while also tackling difficult terrain will sometimes require modifications both in the running gear of your vehicle but also in terms of storage. 

In this article, we’ll discuss a few products that ensure you have the storage solution needed to keep everything tidy while also being able to tackle some challenging trails. 

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SUV Drawer System: Aiden James Customs Double Decker Drawer

Aiden James Customs – The Double Decker Drawer System 2

Our first recommendation is an SUV drawer system made by Aiden James Customs. The reason we love this product is that it is built with quality, strength, and weight in mind. 

The all-aluminum frame, drawers, and other panels mean that this whole system is far lighter than other similar products made from wood. It also offers more capacity for your gear.

Aiden James Customs – The Double Decker Drawer System

Further features of this product include:

  • All black T-Slot frame.
  • Steel full extension drawer slides.
  • Locking or non-locking latches from SouthCo.
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Custom color powder-coated drawer faces sides and top available. 
  • Perfect for SUVs running a large fridge on one side.
  • Mounts right to Aiden James Gear Plates.
  • 33.5″ deep X 19.5″ high X 17″ wide.

The double-decker SUV drawer system is made and assembled in the USA, so purchasing it will help a small local business. Seeing this system in person, we can reassure you it is built with great attention to detail and quality. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

SUV Drawer System: Riser Kit with Twin Slide-Out Tables

Aiden James Customs Riser And Table Kit 2

The second SUV drawer system we would recommend also comes from Aiden James Customs. However, this one is a little different. This is a gear plate that enables you to mount an SUV drawer system on top or any other accessories you might want to secure in the trunk of your SUV.

This one, however, offers two slide-out tables built into the gear plate itself. This provides a great space to work or cook when out camping. Also, since both tables are mounted directly under the SUV drawer system, taking out gear or food and putting it directly on the table for cooking or work takes just a few seconds.

Aiden James Customs Riser And Table Kit 4

This gear plate is built for the 5th generation 4Runner. The top comes up to the same height as the back seat folded down, so it works seamlessly with the interior of the vehicle.

Additionally, the kit is Rhino Lined to ensure it lasts for many years to come. Installation of this product is easy and requires no drilling or extensive teardown of carpets or sound deadening. And, once installed, there are no squeaks or dust leaks. What’s not to like?!

Upgrade Your Suspension

Fox Truck Suspension

Our next recommendation isn’t an SUV drawer system but something that is equally important.

When off-roading, the suspension system of your vehicle takes a beating. Therefore, you need to make sure that the necessary upgrades are carried out. These upgrades improve off-road abilities and durability, which drastically reduces the chance of getting stranded while off-roading. 

But how does an upgraded suspension system work in this instance? Well, aftermarket units use larger shock absorbers that can take more oil. This increases suspension stiffness and cooling abilities. When off-roading, these key differences mean you can carry more weight (a fully packed drawer system, for example) over rough roads for a longer period without experiencing suspension fade. 

An upgraded suspension unit from a brand like FOX also comes with stiffer springs which reduce body roll while also increasing your payload. Overlanding requires gear like tents, a kitchen setup, and a storage solution like the Aiden James products mentioned above. To install these accessories, we first need to ensure our vehicle can take the additional weight safely. 

Switch To Off-Road Tires

BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA K02 offroading tire

Tires are another crucial upgrade that can be the difference between making it through a trail or not. Contrary to popular belief, the increased grip isn’t the only reason why one would want to upgrade their 4×4’s tires.

You see, off-road tires also provide puncture resistance – an attribute that normal road-biased tires do not perform well at. Off-road tires, and especially mud terrains, have thick sidewalls that can take hits against sharp rocks without ripping them apart. When driving through remote areas, this is an invaluable asset. 

Through years of experience, our tire of choice would be the BF Goodrich all-terrain. It is a tire that has been tried and tested by off-roaders in every possible environment, from desert racing to the breaking cold of Alaska. You certainly won’t be disappointed with this one.

When choosing between a mud-terrain and an all-terrain, the main point to keep in mind is that the mud-terrains are louder and last for fewer miles on the road but perform better off-road.

An all-terrain is the exact opposite. If you’re planning on hitting tough trails, a mud-terrain is worth it. However, it is worth noting that tire technology has come a long way and the disadvantages of mud-terrains are no longer as prevalent. 

Final Thoughts

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro” by Jacob Frey 4A is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

With the above SUV drawer system recommendations and the tire and suspension upgrades, you can be confident that your truck will offer a good base on which you can comfortably camp.

Moreover, your vehicle will be able to tackle the tough terrain we often encounter due to increased ground clearance, better shock performance, and more grip and puncture resistance from the tires. When you arrive at camp, you will also have a tidy storage solution through which you will be able to find everything you are looking for easily. 

If you have any further SUV drawer system questions or want to explore other readers’ questions about off-road and overland-related topics, head over to the forum section of our site! 

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