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4 Reasons to Go Camping with an Off-Road Trailer This Fall

With camping being one of the top trending lifestyle choices among travelers, the question is, what is the next level up? The answer is to give a tinge of adventure to your camping experience. What better way to add adventure to your camping experience than towing an off-road trailer and expanding the reach of the terrain you can explore this fall?

Exploring off-road terrain with ample storage and various customization options are just a couple of good reasons to go camping with an off-road trailer. Better still, going camping with an off-road trailer doesn’t mean you have to rough it; some trailers also bring you the luxury you deserve in the wilderness. 

The best way to explain the reasons to go camping with an off-road trailer is through the example of FORT Campers’ F-6. The F-6 trailer is a perfect example of an off-road trailer that is compact, rugged, and customizable. It also undoubtedly stands out in the trailer industry due to its minimal set-up time.

Let’s dive into these amenities and other benefits of the F-6.

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Reasons to Go Camping With an Off-Road Trailer: You Can Go Further


One of the most significant reasons to go camping with an off-road trailer is that there is virtually no limit to where you can go. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, this trailer means far fewer restrictions regarding where you can and cannot go. 

By not restricting yourself to campsites, you can head into the wilderness away from the noise and hustle of civilization and get closer to nature. With excellent ground clearance and other off-road necessities, trailers like the F-6 help get you out there – way out there.


The FORT F-6 has much more than 16 inches of ground clearance, though. Its compact design makes towing easier, especially on rough trails and around tight corners. It has a departure angle of 40+ degrees and a Timbren axle-less independent suspension, making it an excellent option for exploring rough terrain. 

As far as physical attributes are concerned, this trailer is 150 inches long, 75 inches wide, and 58 inches high. The F-6 weighs around 3500 lbs, making it an easy-to-tow trailer to reach unexplored areas. 

Reasons to Go Camping With an Off-Road Trailer: Off-Road Doesn’t Mean You Have to Rough It

FORT F-6 kitchen

Another convincing reason to go camping with an off-road trailer is that, nowadays,  exploring rugged terrain doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rough it. We can now bring luxury and comfort while traversing through nature. 

Modern off-road trailers like the F-6 come with design features that bring the comfort of your home right out into the wilderness. For example, you get a dedicated kitchen space with an incredible amount of storage and prep area for cooking. Likewise, the trailer has a power system with a 200-watt solar panel, a solar charge controller, an inverter, and Victron batteries. Also imagine having a hot shower while overlooking nature views – anyone can get used to that!

The list doesn’t end there – the F-6 comes with customizable features for your luxury needs, making it a definite stand-out. For us, the FORT F-6 is an extraordinary choice of an off-road trailer in the market and more of a reason to go camping this fall.

Reasons to Go Camping With an Off-Road Trailer: They Offer Loads of Storage

FORT F-6 Storage

Yet another reason to go camping with an off-road trailer is its splendid storage space. While you don’t want to pack everything you own, having plenty of storage helps you bring the gear you need and keep it organized, too.

The FORT F-6 comes with 50 cubic feet of total storage. It also comes with interior weatherproof storage slide-outs to protect more sensitive gear. It has a 46-inch heavy-duty slide-out drawer that can also be customized into a refrigeration option. 

The storage capacity of the FORT F-6 trailer does not limit itself to slide-outs but extends to rooftop racks to support a rooftop tent. In other words, FORT has thought of everything when it comes to providing you with the storage you need for an incredible outdoor adventure.

You Get Tons of Options to Customize Your Trailer

Fort Compact Tent Trailer

Off-road trailers are not only about being rugged and rough; sometimes, they define comfort and luxury while navigating less-traveled roads amidst nature. Yes, another stand-out reason to go camping with an off-road trailer is its offering of a wide variety of customizable options to add flavor to your camping experience. 

An off-road trailer gives you the option to enhance your off-the-grid travel with various add-ons. For example, the FORT F-6 has various customizable options, such as a rooftop tent or refrigerator. If you want a hot shower when the outside temperature isn’t very forgiving, you will be able to add a water heater to your trailer as well.

fort 4

Along with the F-6’s standard power systems, it also has the 2000 W inverter option to meet a higher threshold of power needs while you’re out exploring.

Heck, FORT will even match your trailer’s paint to your tow vehicle so you have a cohesive, killer-looking rig!

In short, off-grid camping is made so much better if you have a trailer that gives you everything you need – and then some. FORT Campers is a great option for that purpose. Combined with the fantastic weather of autumn, it’s a match made in heaven!

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