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This UTV Off-Road Trailer Will Help You Get Way Off-Grid

Sometimes, off-road trailers do have their drawbacks. If you love towing your little home on wheels through the rough stuff, you might soon realize that doing so is very difficult due to the excessive weight of the trailer behind you.

However, what if there were a trailer so compact, lightweight, and capable that a UTV could tow it on even the roughest trails?

That UTV off-road trailer is the Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

If you want to get way off-grid, and I mean really far out there, this is the trailer for you and your UTV. This article discusses just how that’s accomplished.

Table of Contents 

Why Off-Grid Exploration is Better in a UTV

orange Boony Stomper on a mountain trail

All vehicles have pros and cons; however, there is no denying the fun that a UTV offers. The small size and rugged suspension mean that you can fly through off-road terrain. It’s a fun experience with the wind (and, admittedly, the dust) in your hair and the beautiful landscape outside the UTV’s canopy. 

Let’s be honest, off-grid exploration in a UTV is cheaper, too. UTVs use far less fuel than your truck or SUV and are cheaper to maintain. UTVs are less expensive to purchase than a new truck or SUV as well, so you save money on all fronts.

There is a problem, however, and that problem is storage space…

If you’re planning to spend a few days off-grid, you won’t have much space to put your gear in a UTV. This is where a lightweight UTV off-road trailer comes in very handy. 

The Boony Stomper is Full of Off-Road Features

boony stomper suspension

As you can imagine, a trailer that a UTV tows needs to have the off-road abilities to match what your UTV can do on the trail. Not all trailers have that. Heck, not all off-road trailers can tackle the tough stuff!

Thanks to custom-fabricated long travel suspension with independent trailing arms and load-adjusting shocks, the Boony Stomper can follow your UTV anywhere you go. Steep and narrow trails, riding through mud and muck, and going up and over obstacles will be no problem with this UTV off-road trailer.

sunnyside offroad boony stomper suspension

Aside from the suspension, you get a 2×3 steel tube frame that makes the trailer supremely rigid. On top of that, the trailer’s base dry weight is just 670lbs. With a tongue weight of 100lbs, your UTV doesn’t have much of a load to bear.

Additionally, the Boony Stomper comes with a 2-inch SAE-rated hitch with a Class 4 locking ball coupler. Add in off-road tires and excellent ground clearance, and you have the ultimate UTV off-road trailer for those tough adventures. 

How to Customize Your UTV for Off-Grid Travel

Orange Boony Stomper On A Desert Trail

UTVs come well-equipped from the factory, but there may be a few upgrades you want to consider. A windscreen and fully-enclosed cabin can be game-changers if traveling in a group. The dust and mud from other UTVs in front of you may be fun for a few minutes, but it will get uncomfortable and even unhealthy over the course of your trip. The enclosed cabin helps eliminate this issue. 

Likewise, enclosing the cab enables off-grid exploration in the fall and winter when cold temperatures and the wind chill make open-air riding a very uncomfortable task.

Boony Stomper on a rocky trail

You may want to upgrade the suspension as well. Granted, many UTVs come with a great suspension from the factory, but there is always room for improvement. A better suspension improves the UTV’s ability to track the ground and keeps the UTV (and your UTV off-road trailer) more stable on uneven terrain.

If you want to push it further, engine upgrades that increase power are also fun. An upgraded engine makes towing a trailer even easier, or if you aren’t towing a trailer, all that added power lets you rip down trails at an even faster pace. Just stay safe out there and be sensible as you explore. 

Off-Road Trailer Upgrades to Consider

Boony Stomper camping in the woods

The Boony Stomper is a UTV off-road trailer that comes well-equipped out of the box; however, if you want to, you can add some further amenities. 

For example, you can tick the box for a 6” high-density foam mattress with a poly cover for even better rest at night. You can also add a Jackery power station 240 or 500 to power your gadgets while you’re off-grid.

You can even add a roof rack for gear storage or a rooftop tent and an awning to give you some protected outdoor living space. These upgrades to your UTV off-road trailer provide electricity, shelter from the sun or rain, additional storage, and a comfortable night’s sleep – not a bad list of amenities, right?!

White Boony Stomper

Of course, there are even more options to choose from. For example, Sunnyside Offroad offers the following upgrades for the Boony Stomper:

  • Spare Tire and Matching Wheel
  • Spare Tire Rear Mount and Install
  • USB Charging Port
  • Interior Grab Handles
  • Interior Cargo Nets
  • External AC Power Port
  • Folding Side Table
  • 18.5-Liter LifeSaver Jerry Can Water Purifier 
  • Tongue Box

boony stomper interior

In case you’re wondering, the Boony Stomper’s interior is fully finished, including carpeted walls and headboard and linoleum floors. There are storage cabinets galore (with self-latching doors) and plenty of space (6’4’’ in length and 46’’ in width) to sack out for the night.

In other words, this UTV off-road trailer is a cozy space to sleep comfortably during the evening and prepare for all the UTV fun of the next day. 

Final Thoughts 

Boony Stomper on a mountain trail

Obviously, the Boony Stomper isn’t just a UTV off-road trailer – it works great with traditional trucks and SUVs, too. For a normal truck, 670lbs of towing weight is nothing; therefore, you will barely feel this thing behind you. This enables you to tow it up some of the toughest trails while also saving fuel and sparing your rig the strain of towing a heavy trailer.

For anyone who wants a comfortable sleeping space, additional storage capacity, and supreme off-road capabilities, the Boony Stomper is a perfect choice for a UTV off-road trailer.

If you have any further questions regarding these trailers, get in touch with Sunnyside Offroad. For anything else off-road or overland-related, head over to the forum section of our page. 

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