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What is the Best Teardrop Trailer for Your Adventures?

Teardrop trailers are making their way into the camping world as a viable alternative to RVs. They are light, compact, and visually appealing. They can also be easily towed virtually anywhere. These trailers are your answer if you are an adventurous traveler looking for something beyond a tent. 

It’s easy to get confused about the best teardrop trailer option for you, though. There are many excellent companies in this industry that put out great products. So, what should you look for in terms of features and amenities?

So-Cal Teardrops has a wide array of available trailers which are light, easily towable, and can fit your every need for an adventure. They have a wide range of teardrop trailer options, which means you can find exactly what you need at this one-stop destination.

In fact, we chose to feature So-Cal Teardrops because they offer a teardrop trailer for all manner of travel, from trailers for road trips on pavement to extreme off-road trailers that you can take way off-grid.

Let’s have a quick look at the options these trailers provide to see which one is the best teardrop trailer for your adventures!

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Best Teardrop Trailer for On-Road Travel

So-Cal Teardrops stands out from many manufacturers in this industry because of its wide variety of teardrop trailers for on-road travel. In fact, So-Cal Teardrops has four different models that will make your next road trip a wild success.


Cal DeluxeThe Cal-Deluxe is one the best teardrop trailers due to its extra-large space. It is the biggest of the So-Cal Teardrops line, with an overall length of 182.75 inches and a total weight of 1120 lbs.

It also stands true to its promise of being deluxe. With a bed size of 4″x59″x78″, it certainly has the space for you to stretch out. Given its extra interior space, this is a great trailer if you’re tall or if you’re traveling with your significant other, your kids, or your doggie adventure buddy!


So Cal Teardrop SierraThe Sierra is a modern and compact trailer for a quaint camping experience. With its cabin width of 50 inches, it offers a comfortable sleeping cabin for two people on a queen mattress.

Its galley counter height of 40 inches adds comfort to the overall cooking experience. The array of storage in the galley will help you keep your food and related items neatly organized, too.

With an overall length of 158.75 inches and a weight of 1020 lbs, it can be towed relatively easily for an amazing camping experience in the woods.


So Cal Teardrop RoverIf you’re looking for the complete package for your camping experience, then the Rover from So-Cal Teardrops trailers has it all.

This is a spacious teardrop with an overall cabin width of 47 inches. It even has space for a cooler, a two-burner stove, and storage for your gear!

With an overall weight of 920 lbs, it is one of the lightest options when it comes to the on-road category, so if you have a smaller vehicle, this is an ideal option for your travels.


So Cal Teardrop Buzz With a mere weight of 670 lbs, the Buzz is the lightest teardrop trailer So-Cal has on offer, and is easily towable with virtually any vehicle.

Don’t let its light weight fool you, though – this is a quality-built and durable teardrop! Its 46 inches of cabin space can easily fit two adults with room to spare. And while it doesn’t come with a galley, it does have an optional side mount table for cooking needs.

Best Teardrop Trailer for Medium-Duty Travel

So Cal Teardrop KrawlerIf you’re looking for the best teardrop trailer to camp a bit away from the crowd, but not off the grid, So-Cal Teardrops has the Krawler model to fit your medium-duty off-roading travel needs.

Though this trailer is more robust than other options, it’s still compact and lightweight, and capable of being towed by a wide range of vehicles. But, of course, there are added options for tackling more difficult terrain.

So Cal Teardrop Krawler 2For example, the Krawler has a 2500-lb Torflex axle with 10-inch electric brakes for smoother braking on the steep stuff. The 30 x 9.5 A/T tires and 7 x 15 wheels add to its off-road capabilities.

The cabin is ready for all sorts of weather thanks to its all-weather poly-fiber under-sheathing and the insulated floor and ceiling. The heavy-duty aluminum door hinges and double-sealed dustproof doors with stiffeners give this trailer further off-road prowess.

So Cal Teardrop Krawler 3With a cabin width of 53 inches, you get plenty of space to relax. The cabin features LED dome lighting, shelves and cubbies for your gear, and an AM/FM/CD radio, among other goodies.

Add a galley with a two-burner stove and LED bar lights, and you have the makings of a superb trailer for your medium-duty adventuring!. 

Best Teardrop Trailer for Hard Off-Roading

Teardrop Trailers are not restricted to just highways and byways, but can be used to meet your off-road camping needs as well. With good ground clearance and a beefed-up suspension, a teardrop trailer is one of the best off-roading trailers on the market.

Fortunately, So-Cal Teardrops have a range of hard off-roading trailers to best suit your needs for travel deep into the wilderness. 


So Cal Teardrop BorregoThe Borrego XS 510 is one of the best off-road adventure trailers with a total weight of 1400 lbs., which makes it easy to tow with all sorts of off-road vehicles, like a two-door Jeep Wrangler.

It has an efficient frame built on 2-inch by 3-inch steel wall tubing for longevity. Its 3500 lb axle,10-inch electric brakes and 9-way adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shocks give the Borrego XS 510 supreme off-roading capabilities. 

So Cal Teardrop Borrego 2The trailer comes with a reinforced shell to help combat the external forces the trailer experiences during off-roading. It also has enough space to comfortably fit a 4-inch thick queen-sized bed.

This unit has everything you need from LED cabin lighting to ample storage to a well-equipped galley, so all you need to bring with you is some bedding and a cooler!

Buzz Off

So Cal Teardrop Buzz OffThe Buzz Off is the best teardrop off-road trailer if you want a minimalist, go-anywhere trailer. It’s equipped with heavy-duty Old Man EMU springs attached to a 3500 lbs axle, 10-inch electric brakes, and 9-way adjustable brakes, making off-roading no problem for this little guy! 

The Buzz Off has an overall length of 152 inches with ample storage space and a cabin with a single curbside door. Up front is a large tongue area where a storage box and five-gallon fuel or water holders can be added.

So Cal Teardrop Buzz Off 2Even though it doesn’t come with a galley, the Buzz Off’s flat fenders offer a good workspace for cooking while you’re on the road. Though this is a simple trailer, it’s one that gives you everything you need to get off-grid!

Best Teardrop Trailer for Extreme Off-Roading

so-cal teardrops xs11 8

Even though Teardrop trailers are all about being compact and light, they also come in extreme off-road variants as well. So-Cal Teardrops’ models, such as the Buzz, Rover, Krawler, Sierra, Borrega, and Cal-Deluxe (shown above and below), come in extreme off-roading versions. 

These extreme versions come with the same chassis design as their lighter off-roading versions. But they come prepared for tougher conditions with a straight axle, electric brakes, a shock reservoir system, airbags, and mud tires to tackle rock crawling and other tough stuff.

so-cal teardrops xs11 16

You’ll also find that So-Cal Teardrops’ extreme off-road trailers have flat racks for added gear storage for extended off-grid stays.

Inside, you’ll find that these extreme off-road variants have marine cabinetry, double seals on all exposed openings, and reinforced ribbing for added rigidity on the trail. The galley also features marine cabinetry for durability.

so-cal teardrops xs11 5 off road teardrop interior

Of course, So-Cal Teardrops prides itself on providing you with precisely what you need for your specific adventures, so if you’re interested in customizing your trailer of choice, they’ll work with you to add the features you need. Talk about customer service!

Visit So-Cal Teardrops today to learn more about their incredible lineup of teardrop trailers.

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