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FORT Campers F-6 First Impressions Review

At this year’s Overland West, I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the FORT Campers F-6. To say that I was impressed is a huge understatement!

In fact, I found the F-6 to be so impressive that I wanted to give you my first impressions and discuss the many amenities and options that FORT Campers has packed into this rig.

Now, I don’t own an F-6, so I haven’t field-tested one. However, I spent a significant amount of time touring this setup and chatting with the founders of the company, and learned a lot about how this trailer is designed, built, and how it can function in the wild.

Let’s get to it!

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FORT Campers F-6 Specs

fort 3

Let’s begin by perusing the basic specs of the FORT Campers F-6:

  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs.
  • Length: 150 inches
  • Width: 75 inches
  • Height: 58 inches
  • Ground clearance: 16 inches
  • Departure angle: 40+ degrees
  • Brakes: 12-inch electric
  • Storage: 50+ cubic feet with weatherproof interior storage slide-outs and a 46-inch slide-out storage drawer (that can house an optional refrigerator)

Obviously, this camper is made for tough trails given its robust 16 inches of ground clearance and a departure angle greater than 40 degrees.

You can add to the list a Timbren axleless independent suspension and a Cruisemaster DO-35 articulating hitch to the list of off-roading amenities as well.

Given the size and weight of this trailer, it’s an ideal setup for your off-the-grid adventures.

Sleeping Accommodations

fort 8

FORT Campers wants you to have the best sleeping experience, which is why the F-6 is ready-made for a rooftop tent.

You can use the rooftop racks to support whatever tent platform you like, or you can add an optional rooftop tent from FORT Campers. They offer a number of choices, and better yet, when you place your order, your FORT Representative can discuss the details of the rooftop tent options so you can get the best rooftop tent for your specific needs.

Of course, if you have a ground tent and want to use the top of the camper to haul gear, you can do that too! Having the flexibility to use your camper as you need is a great feature of the F-6.

What About Storage?

fort 5

When I examine campers and trailers, one of the first things I look for is storage. How much is there? Where is the storage located? Is it easy to access?

FORT Campers has done an incredible job of incorporating loads of storage into the F-6 – and that’s a big deal. Space is at a premium when you’re off-roading and overlanding, so having an abundance of storage is a must.

The F-6 sports more than 50 cubic feet of storage. This includes interior storage slide-outs that make it easy as pie to organize and access your gear. These slide-outs are also weatherproof, which is a fantastic bonus! Considering you’ll be on tough tracks that might be dusty, muddy, or wet, having secure storage that keeps the elements out will give you peace of mind that your gear won’t be impacted.

The FORT Campers F-6 Kitchen is Second-to-None

fort 7

In my opinion, the best feature of the F-6 is its kitchen. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it!

For starters, the kitchen slides and drawers are crafted from bamboo, which is environmentally-friendly, lightweight, and durable. It looks like a million bucks, too! You can see the care and craftsmanship that went into building this trailer, but I think it’s most evident in the construction of the cabinets. Photos simply don’t do it justice.

fort 6

Aside from the beautiful cabinetry, the kitchen is absolutely enormous. You get plenty of storage, lots of prep space for preparing meals, and have amenities like:

  • LED work lights
  • Full pantry
  • Utensil drawer
  • Sink
  • Two-burner stove

You can add options to the kitchen as well, including a Dometic fridge and freezer combo.

But having a fantastic kitchen isn’t enough – you want to be protected from the elements while you’re slaving away making an incredible backcountry meal. FORT Campers has you covered with a 270-degree batwing awning.

Not only that, but the awning can be quickly deployed, that way you can get cooking as soon as you get back to camp from a long day of exploring.

You Get Plenty of Power, Too

Just because you can get way off the grid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a power system that allows you to charge your phone, laptop, camera batteries, and so forth…

The F-6 has a power cluster with USB and power ports for your devices. Power comes from Victorian 220 Ah AGM batteries and a 1,200-watt pure sine wave inverter. The 200-watt solar panel and solar charge controller keep the system juiced up.

If the standard 1,200-watt inverter isn’t enough, you can upgrade to the optional 2,000-watt inverter for your trailer.

What’s the Water Situation in the FORT Campers F-6?

The F-6 comes with a generous 42 gallons of water storage that can be used for the kitchen sink or the included water port with a shower hose and nozzle.

You can add an optional 6-gallon water heater to the mix, too, which makes having a shower all the better!

Impeccable Design and Functionality

fort 4

Putting all the specs, features, amenities, and options aside, the FORT Campers F-6 is simply a well-designed rig. It’s obvious that this trailer was designed and built by people that have tons of overlanding experience.

In fact, as impressive as the trailer is, the dedication of the company’s founders to engineering a trailer that’s this close to perfection is even more remarkable.

fort 1

When I was at Overland West, I had an opportunity to meet the founders of FORT Campers and chat with them for quite a while. Their love of the outdoors and their understanding of what an overlanding and off-roading trailer should be was clear from the get-go. That’s why this trailer is so impressive – its functionality, its ease of setup, and the way its features are arranged are a product of years and years of experience adventuring in the backcountry.

So, what all this means is that if you’re ready to upgrade your overlanding experience with a trailer, FORT Campers and their F-6 deserve a good, hard look. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better combination of functionality, features, and price. That’s why the F-6 is on our list of the best expedition trailers of 2022! And that’s why FORT stands for “Found On Real Trails.”

Get more details about the F-6 by visiting the FORT Campers website.

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