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4 Essential Ford Bronco Upgrades You Need to Make

Image Credit: Aiden James Customs

This article was last updated on May 1, 2024.

Ford has nailed it with the all-new Bronco. It is a vehicle that provides a perfect compromise between the Jeep Wrangler and the 5th generation 4Runner in terms of capabilities, and it has lots of nostalgia that make it a highly sought-after 4×4. 

Its big tires, lockers, and off-road gear mean it is more capable off-road than the 4Runner but the independent suspension means it can’t quite match the Wrangler. 

Since it is fast becoming an insanely popular truck, we’ll focus on four essential Ford Bronco upgrades that will make it even more off-road and overland ready. 

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Ford Bronco Upgrades – Improve the Storage Space

Ford Bronco Aiden James Rear Storage Gear Plate

Image Credit: Aiden James Customs

One of the most useful Ford Bronco upgrades one can add is a storage solution. This will help keep all your off-road gear neat and tidy which will eliminate frustration on your off-road trips. There is nothing worse than trying to find what you need through an endless pile of stuff in the trunk of your car. 

 This is where the Aiden James Customs gear plate comes into place. This product enables Bronco owners to mount drawers, kitchens, fridge slides, or even a Pro-Eagle 1.5-ton jack in the rear of their vehicle. 

Ford Bronco Aiden James Rear Storage Gear Plate

Image Credit: Aiden James Customs

The best thing about this system is that it requires no teardown of carpets or sound deadening. There’s zero drilling, too! Therefore, if you ever want to remove all your accessories to sell your vehicle, you can certainly do so. 

Installing the gear plate takes less than two minutes and because of the great design, there are no squeaks or rattles. The system is constructed with the highest quality Baltic Birch and comes with black 3mm thick Rhino Lining and all the hardware needed to install. 

If you want to deck out the rear of your Bronco, the Aiden James Customs gear plate will make the whole process far easier!

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Add a Better Suspension 

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Add A Better Suspension

Image Credit: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

The next Ford Bronco upgrade on our list is a better suspension. Many believe that the sole purpose of upgrading the suspension system of your 4WD is to increase ride height. While an increase in ride height is achieved, it certainly isn’t the only benefit.

On long overland expeditions, our trucks need to carry the weight of all the necessary gear through rough roads that in many cases are unpaved. 

Due to the extra weight, a factory suspension system will sag leading to light steering. Also, due to the shocks being constantly overworked while also being overloaded on rough terrain, the oil inside gets too hot creating air pockets that lead to suspension fade. 

Upgrading your Bronco’s suspension system includes stiffer coils and larger diameter shock absorbers that can take more oil. This lessens the overheating process while also improving the truck’s weight-carrying capacity. 

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Add A Better Suspension 2

Image Credit: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Along with the above benefits, this upgrade will also improve ride quality and may provide more wheel articulation. This will help the truck keep its wheels on the ground more effectively when driving over obstacles.

The top-of-the-line off-road oriented trim levels of the Bronco are fitted with good shocks from the factory. However, there are still benefits to be had from upgrading. 

Our suspension system of choice for the Bronco comes from Icon vehicle dynamics. This is a proven brand that has been in the market for many years. 

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Add A Better Suspension 3

Image Credit: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

This suspension offers improved performance and better ride quality than the stock suspension. You also get plenty of features for off-roading, like:

  • Tuned remote reservoir front and rear coilover shocks
  • Adjustable coilovers for up to 2-3 inches of additional ride height in the front and up to 2.25 inches in the rear
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum CNC machined components
  • High-strength alloy CNC machined lower bar bins
  • PTFE-lined spherical bearings

This system is also completely bolt-on, so installation is easy!

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Tire Upgrades are Essential

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain

Image Credit: Amazon

An item that should be at the top of your Ford Bronco upgrades list is off-road tires. Granted, the off-road-oriented trim levels of the Bronco come with good tires which can be used until they need changing. However, you will certainly get more benefits by using a product like the BF Goodrich Mud terrain.

These tires are more aggressive than the stock ones which means they grip better and are more resistant to punctures. A puncture when in the middle of nowhere is certainly not welcome. Therefore, the upgrade is worth it. 

If you want to further increase the abilities of your Bronco, you can go for a slightly larger size which will increase diff clearance while also improving your truck’s ability to roll over large obstacles. Keep in mind that this will put more strain on suspension components, axles, and your engine. Therefore, it is easier to break stuff and your Bronco will use more fuel on the motorway.

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Get Steel Bumpers

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Get Steel Bumpers

Image Credit: ARB USA

Our final Ford Bronco upgrade of choice is a steel bumper. A steel bumper is a useful upgrade as it can serve many functions. First and foremost, it protects the front end of the vehicle from potential animal strikes in rural motorways or from contact with the ground when off-roading. It also provides a great spot on which you can mount a winch, rated recovery points, spotlights, or even antennas.

Our bumper of choice comes from ARB. This is an Australian company with years of experience in the off-road world. They are one of the leading manufacturers of accessories in Australia – a country where off-roading is arguably most popular. 

Once again, it is important to go for a quality product here as this is a safety item. New vehicles have parking sensors, distance sensors, airbag sensors, and even cameras; therefore, the unit you choose must incorporate all these functions. 

Final Thoughts 

Ford Bronco Upgrades – Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Image Credit: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

The off-road-worthy versions of the Bronco, like the Badlands, are already well-equipped from the factory. However, as is always the case, there is still room for improvement.

With the above accessories, you will have a vehicle that is comfortable on the road while also being extremely capable on difficult trails. 

 If you have any questions regarding Ford Bronco upgrades or for anything else off-road or overland-related, head over to the forum section of our page to ask away!

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