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What Do You Need for Camping Off the Grid?

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If you’re planning to really get far away from urban life, make sure you’re prepared for it. The preparation goes way beyond just a rock-solid truck or a big tent, there are many other things to take care of when camping off the grid. 

Whether you’re traveling off-road or planning some off grid camping on the riverside, you must have a set of camping gear to make your trip comfortable, safe, and well-executed. There are many different types of camping gear for off the grid camping that you can add to your inventory, but it is crucial that you pack the essentials first. 

To make sure that you’re taking along the best and most important gear for camping off the grid, check out our detailed guide with all the important information about the necessary camping gear. 

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A Reliable Power Source

alp propane generator

Camping is always adventurous, whether it’s after a day-long trekking or off-roading. Having a portable power source that can cater to all your off the grid camping needs is very important. From running your sound system to charging your phones and powering the refrigerator, you should have a reliable power source.

The ALP 1000-Watt propane generator is the most versatile portable power source you could use for off the grid camping. Compact in size and weighing just 30 lbs, it can be easily carried along without causing any hassle. Powered by propane, it is safe to transport and use, as well as more environmentally friendly than gas generators.


With 60 hours of run time, whisper-quiet operations, and the latest sine wave technology, it can power your LEDs, refrigerators, and heaters, while charging all your gadgets without breaking a sweat.

Whether to keep your drinks and food chilled, tent warm, or music running, the ALP generator is the best and safest option you could rely on for camping off the grid.

Extra Water in the Trunk

RotopaX water can

Image Credit: Amazon

The one thing without which you could not do on a camping trip is water, and off the grid camping makes it even more important. Whether going for a hike, exploration in the woods or preparing some ready-to-cook meal, water is absolutely necessary in every situation. 

When camping off the grid, although everyone must have their own water bottles but having plenty of extra water is crucial. You do not want to look for a water source in the wilderness as mostly it ends in disappointment. 

To solve your water carrying problems, RotopaX offers a sensible solution. They have a water pack with 1-gallon capacity, which is light in weight and smart in size, so it can be easily transported and individually carried.

Made of durable plastic and a water-tight cap, it makes sure that you don’t even lose a drop of that precious water, and with 1.6 lbs of its own weight, carry it easily with you. It is a must-have camping gear that you should be packing in your inventory.

An Off-Road TrailerTeardrop trailer being pulled in the desert

If you really want to go camping off the grid, why not invest in a trailer that gives you a contained, organized place to sleep and relax while also offering you storage space to keep your gear protected and in easy reach?

You don’t have to spend a mountain of money, nor do you have to deal with a giant trailer that’s difficult to tow on or off road.

If you want something lightweight, nimble, and extremely functional, an off-road teardrop trailer is a great option. Specifically, the So-Cal Teardrops 510XS is a great option.

best off-road teardrop trailers

Aside from the many superb features that enable this trailer to get way off the beaten path (which netted it a first-place ranking on our 2021 list of the best off-road teardrops), this trailer has a well-appointed cabin that will keep you comfortable while camping.

There’s a four-inch mattress for cozying up for a good night’s rest. There’s also an AM/FM/CD radio if you want to jam out before hitting the sack.

The trailer comes with a 12V outlet and a USB port for charging your devices, along with tons of interior lighting in case you want to spend some time with a good book.

So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS with hood open

In back, there’s even a galley with a two-burner stove (that’s mounted in a sliding drawer to save space), a nested sliding utensil drawer to keep your kitchen utensils neatly organized, and loads of storage for your kitchen items.

Power is delivered via a 12V system with a group-25 Interstate deep-cycle battery and an onboard three-stage marine charger. For those occasions when you’re camping in or near civilization, there’s shore power hookups to charge your batteries.

Teardrop trailer rock crawling

Best of all, though, is that So-Cal Teardrops builds each trailer for each specific client. So if there’s a feature you need or want, just let them know, and they’ll figure out a way to accommodate it!

In terms of off-grid camping, a custom-built trailer for your specific needs isn’t a bad way to get things started!

Ready to Cook Food

Good To Go ready to eat meals

Image Credit: Amazon

When camping off the grid or backpacking in the wild, make sure you have freeze-dried or ready-to-cook food with you. Remember that you would not be getting any pizza or pasta delivered in 20 minutes out there in the woods and won’t even have the energy to hunt and prepare the whole meal for the group.

Good To Go has a range of dehydrated food which is specially designed, formulated, and packed for camping, hiking, and backpacking. Sealed in an airtight container, packaged in a compact assortment, and enriched with all the ingredients, it is the most important item you would need on your camping trip.

With a weight of just 6 lbs, you would not have any problem carrying these food packages anywhere. Made with real food, free of preservatives, gluten-free, and ready to cook in just 3 minutes with boiled water, this nutrient-rich package would keep you going without any cravings.

Light Source for Camp

Coleman Lumens LED mini lantern

Image Credit: Amazon

Another important gadget that is a must-have is a dependable light source for your camp. After the sun has set, and you’re in no mood for stargazing, a light source would become necessary and you’d need it even for moving around at the site. Having a light source with good backup, and powerful illumination with good area coverage is crucial. 

The Coleman Lumens LED mini lantern is one of the best options, with adequate size, reliable brightness, and long battery life.  Depending on the brightness setting, the battery in this camping light can last up to 200 hours. That means you may easily use this camping lamp for weeks without recharging the batteries. 

This compact lantern not only has a superb long-lasting battery performance, but it also has a lot of brightness. Of course, during the evening hours at your campsite, you can reduce the light to a very pleasant level and utilize the middle of the three configurations. This sturdy light is waterproof as well, so little pouring on your night out won’t be a hazard at all. Check out this article if you want to find out more about camping lights.

First Aid Kit

M2 BASICS 321 Piece Emergency First Aid Kit

Image Credit: Amazon

Emergency never knocks before happening and it is always wise to pack a versatile first aid kit in your camping gear. When off the grid, getting help in case of a mishap or danger is almost impossible, and it could take hours or days before getting rescued. Hence, it is advisable to get a first aid kit with all the necessary items to help you in case of an emergency while camping off the grid.

M2 BASICS 321 Piece Emergency First Aid Kit has all the necessary items that you’d need in an emergency and comes with 321 must-have medical aid kit items. These include bandages, cotton pellets, gauzes, analgesics, and antiseptic solutions, necessary pills, and other items. 

An easy-to-carry casing and a well-put-together kit make it one of the best medical gear available. It is light in weight, has a wall mounting hook, and has a handle to carry along on your camping trip or trekking adventure.

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