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Essential Family Camping Gear

photo by apomares via iStock

Camping with the family is a whole different beast than camping alone or with mates.  

I know I tend to rough it when camping alone; however, when with the family, that isn’t a choice.

For your family members to keep joining you again and again you will need some essential family camping gear that will make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. 

What items are on the list of essential family camping gear? That’s exactly what we are covering today. 

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Essential Family Camping Gear

ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator


Another item that should be considered part of the list of essential family camping gear is a power generator. 

Our choice for a generator is the ALP 1000-Watt Propane model, which is a great choice for families because of its fuel source. You don’t want to be carrying petrol around in your truck with all the kids and family, which is why propane is a great option.


Furthermore, propane can be stored easily and replaced cheaply. Just make sure that it’s stored somewhere warm during winter camping as it can freeze. 

The unit itself also offers some very appealing features like the ability to be paired with a second unit, has a 60hr runtime on a 20lb tank, it is EPA & CARB approved, and it only weighs 30lbs.


Additionally, the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator is one of the quietest options in its class. That means you can run the generator when you need to without worry that you’ll disturb other campers with a loud generator.

And since it runs on propane, this generator is much more environmentally friendly than comparable gas options.

If you need maximum comfort and a home-like feel to your camp, then the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator is a no-brainer! 

Learn more about the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator

Camp Chef Pro 60X Stove 

pro60x_setup3 - Essential family camping gear

This is perhaps one of the priciest items on our list of essential family camping gear.

However, you are getting your money’s worth!

This 2-burner stove features a total output of 60,000 BTU, matchless ignition, a 14-inch x 32-inch cooking grate, and a three-sided windscreen.

Additionally, the Pro 60X has folding side shelves, adjustable legs for uneven ground, and a handle for portability.


On top of all that, you can use the same 14-inch accessories on the Pro 60X as you do on your Camp Chef grill at home. I take my Camp Chef Pizza Oven off my Woodwind WiFi 24 with Side Sear, pack it in my rig, and take it with me to make pizza when I’m overlanding with the Pro 60X. That flexibility is a fantastic bonus!

Regardless of where you take your family, you will have zero issues cooking your favorite meals with the Camp Chef Pro 60x! Nothing beats a great home-cooking meal on the road – am I right?!

Learn more about the Camp Chef Pro 60X

Nemo Wagontop 8

Nemo Wagontop 8 - Essential family camping gear

One of the most important items on any essential family camping gear list is the tent. 

This specific one from Nemo might be a bit overkill for your family as it fits 8 people. 

However, if you are planning on spending multiple days in a specific area, we would suggest going for a big tent such as this one. With the amount of space this tent offers, you will not receive any complaints from the rest of the family members.

Nemo Wagontop 8

If you are planning on changing camp spots daily this may not be the correct option for you as being such a large tent it does require time to set up. 

Therefore, something smaller such as the Nemo Wagontop 6 or 4 may be a better option. 

Learn more about the Nemo Wagontop 8

Best Choice Products 4ft Plastic Folding Table

4ft Plastic Folding Table - Essential family camping gear

After the tent, sitting space is perhaps the second most important aspect on the essential family camping gear list.

Therefore, a table that is reasonably priced, big enough to host a full family, and can be folded and stored in the truck easily is the perfect candidate.

Such products can be found on Best Choice Products and their 4ft plastic folding table. 

It is heavy-duty, has a handle to carry it around, and with over 23,500 ratings and 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, you can be sure it won’t disappoint.

As this may be a little too tall for kids, you might also want to have a look at the woodchuck table for the little ones.

Learn more about the Best Choice Products 4ft Plastic Folding Table

Coleman Camping Chair with Built-In 4 Can Cooler

Coleman Camping Chair with Built-In 4 Can Cooler - Essential family camping gear

A comfy chair should always be part of a list of essential camping gear.  Our choice in this instance would be the reasonably priced Coleman camping chair that even has a 4-can cooler. 

Being the best seller on amazon and coming from a reputable brand you can be assured that this camp chair will last for ages. 

Its steel frame can support up to 325 pounds, and the fully cushioned seat and back will keep you comfy for hours. 

For the little ones, you can get the Pacific Play Tents Children’s chair just so everyone in the group stays happy.

Learn more about the Coleman Camping Chair with Built-In 4 Can Cooler

GSI Destination Kitchen

GSI Destination Kitchen - Essential family camping gear

A kitchen set should also be one of the essential family camping gear items you need to take with you. 

Our pick in this department is the GSI Outdoors destination kitchen 24. A 24-piece kitchen set that can be used by four people. 

The set comes in a nylon bag, and the whole kit only weighs 800 grams. 

GSI Destination Kitchen

In the set, you will find a cutting board, four knives, forks and spoons, a drying towel, a scrubber for cleaning, two 60mil soft-sided bottles, a utility knife, grater, pivot spoon, spatula, whisk, and a salt and pepper container.

Its small size, lightweight, and great quality make it one of the best sets when it comes to family camping or even solo camping. 

Learn more about the GSI Destination Kitchen

Hydro Blue Pressurized Jerry Can 

Hydro Blue Pressurized Jerry Can - Essential family camping gear

One of the most hated activities when camping is doing the dishes. If only you could have pressurized water at camp, right?

Well, wish no more because next on the list of essential family camping gear is a pressurized jerry can. 

The size of the hydro blue is 14”x 8”x 13”, the material is BPA-free plastic, and it can store 4 gallons of liquid. 

Hydro Blue Pressurized Jerry Can


To pressurize the jerry can you simply grab the big blue handle and pump a few times. 

The system is great for doing dishes, filling up cooking pots, or using as a drinking source.

As family camping is all about relaxation, this pressurized jerry can will make the whole experience much easier.

Learn more about the Hydro Blue Pressurized Jerry Can 

Vremi Electric Heated Blanket

Vremi Electric Heated Blanket - Essential family camping gear

Let’s be honest. There is nothing worse than being cold on a camping trip. The chances of falling asleep are minimal, therefore no one has fun.

Since you now have electricity due to the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator, you can easily add a heated blanket to your list of essential family camping gear. 

With a rating of 4.5/5 out of 4,435 comments on Amazon, the heated blanket by Vremi is the perfect candidate for the job.

When buying the product you will see a choice of a twin, throw, or throw with foot pockets so you can choose what you and your family think is most comfortable. 

Learn more about the Vremi Electric Heated Blanket

First Aid Only All-Purpose Essentials Soft-Sided First Aid Kit

First Aid Only All-Purpose Essentials Soft-Sided First Aid Kit

Preparation is key in the type of activity we love doing; therefore, a first aid kit must be included on our list of essential family camping gear.

As always, we try to feature the best products possible, and with a rating of 5/5 over 53,433 ratings, you can be sure that this first aid kit will be perfect for the job. 

It contains 312 pieces of essential first aid supplies and is the ideal size for storing in a vehicle or backpack.

First Aid Only All-Purpose Essentials Soft-Sided First Aid Kit

Keep in mind that you will need to educate yourself on how to properly use the contents of the kit in an emergency. 

Furthermore, if you are traveling through areas with a high likelihood of snake bites it may also be worth carrying some anti-venom for the most common snakes in that specific terrain. 

Snakes shouldn’t stop you from visiting these stunning places. With preparation, caution, and the required family camping gear, you can master any terrain and its challenges.

Learn more about the First Aid Only All-Purpose Essentials Soft-Sided First Aid Kit

Planar Heaters Portable Diesel Air Heater

Diesel Heater next to an SUV in the snow

If you want to extend your family camping adventures into the colder months, a heater is a must-have.

Of course, you want to be warm but safe, too, which is why the Planar Heaters Portable Diesel Air Heater is such a great option!

As you can see in the image above, the unit stays outside, which minimizes the chances of carbon monoxide in your tent, camper, or RV. But don’t worry – the unit is built like a tank and can withstand rain, sleet snow, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it!

wired remote for portable heater

With the ability to run off of diesel or kerosene (and 12V power), you have flexibility in terms of how you run the heater. And since it has a silencer, you can be warm and not be disturbed all night by a loud heater!

Other features include a wired remote, excellent portability, great fuel efficiency, and the ability to work in high-altitude situations.

In other words, it’s the perfect addition to your winter camping kit!

Learn more about the Planar Heaters Portable Diesel Air Heater

What Essential Family Camping Gear Recommendations Do You Have?

Equipment and accessories for mountain hiking in the wilderness that you should take your next camping adventure

photo by apomares via iStock

The gadgets included in our list of essential family camping gear will make your family outings much more comfortable and enjoyable; therefore, making the people you love join you more often. 

If you have any further questions regarding essential family camping gear or any other overlanding or off-roading related topic post them on the forum section of our page. Likewise, if you have favorite gear you want to recommend, let us know in the forum!

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