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Off Grid Camping Has Never Been So Easy

When camping, it’s fun to go as far off-grid as possible to connect with nature and be alone for a bit.  

In many cases, campgrounds can’t offer such relaxation. They can be packed and noisy, exactly what you don’t want. 

However, one can do some off grid camping while still being comfortable. You just need the right off-roading trailer to get it done.

Last fall, I was introduced to an incredibly impressive trailer – the RKS Off-Road Purpose – that can most definitely help you get way off grid. Today’s article explains precisely how this trailer makes off grid camping so easy.

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RKS Off-Road Purpose Main Features

Why does the RKS Off-Road Purpose make off grid camping so easy? Because it has everything you need in a small and off-road capable package.

Just a few of its main features include a 70-gallon freshwater tank, sleeping for two, and a Skydeck to take in the views of the surroundings. All that is in a trailer that is 17”9” long.

The trailer manages to be so compact by moving some of the off grid camping activities outdoors.

RKS Off-Road Purpose Trailer Living Spaces

For example, for cooking, you’ll find a 20,000 BTU Everest Burner, a dual-zone cooler, and a Truma hot water system at the back of the trailer. When driving, all three of these amenities are folded inside the trailer, but when you arrive at your off grid camping spot, you simply open everything up and have a full kitchen setup.

On the outside of the trailer, you will also find universal mounting brackets, a stainless-steel professional sink, and built-in storage + utility hooks that truly make it a fully-featured galley for whipping up some awesome off grid meals. 

stand up bathroom

If you’re wondering, the shower is located indoors in an extendable compartment. The roof pops up and gives you all the standing room you need. This is an amenity you simply don’t find in off-road trailers! There’s a macerator toilet, too.

So, your off grid camping adventure includes a great kitchen and a stand-up shower. Talk about making camp life easy!

Interior Setup of the Trailer

RKS Off-Road Purpose Trailer Desk

You will certainly be comfortable when off grid camping with the RKS Offroad Purpose. The trailer offers a modular bed configuration (queen or twins) and a memory foam mattress. 

The bed converts to a dinette or desk, so you get the ease of having a multi-functional setup.

You can also add a portable Zero Breeze AC, too, just in case you’re doing some hot weather camping.

RKS Off-Road Purpose Trailer desk 2

The interior has T-slots throughout for customizing how you use the space. There’s even an entertainment system with a 24” smart TV, built-in speakers, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth audio.

By using the same space for multiple activities, the engineers at RKS have managed to achieve a lot in a small space – just what you want in an off-road camper!

Power Options in the Trailer

One of the most difficult things to have when off grid camping is electricity. However, the RKS has you covered.

It features a Victron Power Management System with a 1,600-Watt Inverter and 12V Marine Grade Outlets. You can also add an optional detachable 420-watt solar panel.

This means that even if you plan on being stationary for multiple days at a time, electricity will not be an issue.

Design and Construction of the RKS Off-Road Purpose

rks off-road jeep offroad camper trailer

As I noted earlier, I had the opportunity to tour the RKS Off-Road Purpose last fall (at Overland West), and I can tell you that the design and construction of this trailer are next level.

All the above features are great, but they would have been useless if the actual shell of the trailer was not up to the task of off-roading. 

First, it features a honeycomb construction, meaning that it is lightweight and durable without using any wood. 

rks off-road suspension

The chassis is all aluminum (with stainless steel fasteners) to bring down the weight, while an independent Timbren axle-less suspension supports everything.  

The trailer rides on 31.5” X 11.5” off-road tires, and 12” hydraulic disc brakes help you roll over obstacles and stop on the road. 

I should also mention that the Purpose’s undercarriage is protected with steel plates. This ensures that even if you do happen to bash it when off-road, no damage to the crucial parts of the trailer will be done. 

This Trailer is Easily Towable

rks offroad purpose trailer

When you want to get off grid, you might not be able to take your big ¾-ton diesel. Instead, a small, lightweight truck like the Jeep Gladiator might be a better option.

The lightweight design, off-road abilities, and relatively small dimensions of the Purpose trailer make it the perfect marriage to the Gladiator.  

You will be able to easily tow it on the road even with the less powerful 3.6L engines, and when it comes to off grid camping, this combination will be unstoppable. 

Is Off Grid Camping for You?

jeep wrangler and rks off-road purpose

It’s hard to argue with the off grid camping abilities of the RKS Off-Road Purpose trailer. It’s built with off-roading in mind, features all the comforts one would ever need, and is relatively small and lightweight. 

By having a look around the trailer itself, you also can’t help but notice that everything is well thought through, and all materials used are of high quality. Therefore, the trailer will last for a long time, and you will not have any annoying surprises due to design flaws. 

For the person who loves off grid camping but would like to be a bit more comfortable, the RKS Off-Road Purpose is the perfect solution.

If you have any further questions regarding off grid camping, the RKS Off-Road Purpose, or any other off-road and overland-related topic, post them in the forum section of our page.

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