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Sönmez London 360 Discover Inflatable Tent Review

Every once in a while, I test a product that absolutely knocks my socks off. This is one of those times…

The Sönmez London 360 Discover inflatable tent is hands-down one of the best tents I’ve ever tested. That’s coming from years and years of testing gear and having tested dozens of tents in varying conditions and settings. This thing is an absolute rock star and is impressive in every possible manner.

So, now that you know how this review will go, let’s dive into the details so you can understand why this tent is oh-so good!

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Sönmez London 360 Discover Inflatable Tent Specs

Sönmez exterior

The Sönmez London 360 Discover inflatable tent is a marvel of design and engineering, to say the least…

The tent boasts impressive specifications that cater to both functionality and durability. With interior dimensions measuring 124 inches in length, 124 inches in width, and 84 inches in height, this tent provides a spacious and comfortable spot for outdoor enthusiasts to relax – eight to ten people, in fact! You can explore this tent in more detail in my video below:

The generous interior usage area spans 108 square feet (with nearly seven feet of headroom), ensuring ample room for diverse activities within the shelter. While I use it for sleeping and working, it’s large enough that you could use it as a living area for a larger camp. Come together for dinner and a game of cards after a day of adventuring, then retire to your separate tents to hit the sack. The possibilities are endless!

Setting up the tent is a breeze, as the inflation process takes mere minutes, allowing you to swiftly transform your camping space (it took me about seven minutes to inflate the tent the first time out because there’s a bit of a learning curve). Given its size and ease of setup, it’s an ideal choice for group camping trips or family outings.

Sönmez at dusk

I used my Planar Heaters 4kw diesel heater to keep the Sönmez London 360 Discover inflatable tent toasty warm on a recent camping trip.

Transporting the Sönmez London 360 Discover is made convenient with its carrying case, measuring 143 inches in length, 31 inches in width, and 31 inches in height. While it’s packaged very well, it is a beast – 110 pounds. The thoughtful design of the carrying case ensures that portability is maximized, allowing you to take this inflatable tent wherever your adventures may lead.

Now, I was able to manhandle this tent in and out of my Jeep, set it up, take it down, and get it back in the Jeep by myself, so don’t let the 110-pound weight scare you. It’s a big load to maneuver, but it can be done!

The construction materials of the Sönmez London 360 Discover are absolutely next level – they exemplify quality and reliability that I have seldom come across in other tents I’ve tested.

The fabric is crafted from first-class waterproof 100% polyester, ensuring a dry and comfortable interior even in unpredictable weather conditions. The inflatable columns are made from BOAT PVC for optimal performance, and the tent floor is composed of waterproof, fireproof, and anti-bacterial PVC, providing a secure and hygienic foundation for your camping experience.

Sönmez tent at night

My Goal Zero Skylight illuminates camp outside my Sönmez London 360 Discover inflatable tent.

This inflatable tent is built to withstand extreme temperatures, with a cold resistance down to -40°F and high-temperature tolerance up to 158°F. The acrylic coating on the tent further enhances its durability. Moreover, the tent offers excellent sun protection with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 80 (UV standard 801), ensuring a shield against harmful UV rays.

The Sönmez London 360 Discover doesn’t just excel in fair weather conditions; it boasts impressive wind resistance, capable of withstanding speeds of around 50 mph. This feature ensures that the tent remains steadfast and reliable even in challenging outdoor environments, making it a trustworthy companion for your camping adventures.




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Sönmez London 360 Discover Inflatable Tent Features

Sönmez interior 3

The Sönmez London 360 Discover inflatable tent stands out not only for its impressive specs but also for a plethora of innovative features designed to elevate your camping experience.

One of my favorite features is the tent’s 360º panoramic view, thanks to large windows and a transparent sunroof covering the entire ceiling. Whether it’s stargazing at night, enjoying the rain, or embracing the snow in winter, this tent offers a unique and immersive connection to the elements.

Moreover, the panoramic windows flood the living space with light, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. The tent’s Diamond Clear Windows maximize this light and visibility, while zipped privacy curtains offer quick adjustments to control visibility levels. The open/close window with fly screen feature enables the adjustment of the tent’s five large fixed windows, too.

If you’re like me and like an adventure in harsh winter conditions, the addition of a chimney exit allows you to use a camping stove inside the tent, providing a cozy and safe camping experience even in extremely cold weather (I haven’t used my stove in this tent yet – I’m waiting on new stovepipe components to arrive). There’s also a fireproof stove jack, produced from heat-resistant, flameproof fabric, that lets you set up a camping stove inside the tent during cold weather. It even has a snow and rain blocker!

Enhancing the tent’s ability to accommodate a stove is the AirSNMZ™ Panel. This panel includes a mesh ventilation system for improved airflow, allowing easy opening and closing from inside the tent.

Sönmez interior 2

I used my Lion Energy Safari portable power station to power numerous gadgets inside the tent, including a lamp, my laptop, and my Starlink internet.

Fully taped seams, a waterproof PE groundsheet, and a fixed front awning (which I did not have set up when I took the photos for this article) underscore the Sönmez London 360 Discover’s commitment to keeping you dry and comfortable. The double zip door adds flexibility and ventilation options, complemented by an extra door rain cover and mosquito nets for the door and windows to enhance airflow while keeping bugs at bay.

There are even handy features like a tent organizer, which offers a dedicated space for keys, your wallet, sunglasses, or other small items. An electric hook-up point and hanging lantern points provide you with that extra level of comfort and functionality, too.

Safety is a prime feature of the Sönmez London 360 Discover as well. This tent has a door lock system, allowing you to secure your tent with a padlock from both inside and outside.

Additionally, the tent’s tensioning and fixing system ensures secure usage in adverse conditions, with nine fixing and tension points to reduce lateral movement. This setup provides peace of mind during variable winds.

Sönmez London 360 Discover Inflatable Tent Ease of Setup

Sönmez setup

I used my Goal Zero Yeti 1500x portable power station to run an electric pump to inflate the tent.

As I mentioned earlier, this tent is designed to be set up in just five minutes. The first time out, I needed a couple of additional minutes to get it unpacked, laid out, and get the lay of the land, so to speak. But, once I did that, it was a simple matter of hooking the tent up to an air compressor and letting it do its thing.

I suggest investing in a high-quality electric air compressor that can run off a 12-volt battery, power station, or generator. This makes inflating the tent an effortless and quick process. But…I recommend having a manual pump as a backup in case your air compressor decides it doesn’t want to work!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – how can an inflatable tent that sets up in five minutes be reliably strong?! Well, a large part of that is the 5.91-inch diameter inflatable poles, which contribute to the tent’s stability (besides, Sönmez has put this tent through rigorous testing to ensure safety). And remember that this tent has nine fixing and tension points to reduce movement in winds up to about 50 mph.

One more aspect of setting up the tent I want to mention is the smart valve system. Sönmez has designed this system to prevent air loss during inflation, making the process of setting up the tent all the more efficient. But the smart valve also facilitates easy deflation at the touch of a button. Nice!

Sönmez London 360 Discover Inflatable Tent: There is SO Much Space!

Sönmez interior

Earlier, I mentioned that the Sönmez London 360 Discover offers 108 square feet of living space. To put that in perspective, that’s larger than a 10×10-foot bedroom. This tent is literally about the same size as my son’s bedroom at our house!

Needless to say, that’s a lot of real estate for your camping adventures. Whether you have a large family or a bunch of friends that need a place to crash, or you’re like me and appreciate having tons of elbow room on solo trips or camping adventures with your kids, this tent fits the bill very nicely.

And, as you can see, it makes a fantastic remote office! Many of you are like me and work remotely, so having space to set up a workstation while still having plenty of room for a bed and space to move around is yet another reason why this tent is so impressive.

Sönmez London 360 Discover Inflatable Tent Price

Sönmez exterior 2

The Sönmez London 360 Discover inflatable tent is priced at $3,750.00. Now, I know that’s a big number, BUT…this is a you-get-what-you-pay-for situation. As I noted earlier, this is far and away one of the best tents I’ve ever tested. From the standpoints of design, construction, quality of materials and craftsmanship, and durability, this tent is a home run and is absolutely worth the price.

Sönmez also offers a range of accessories that make this tent an even better option for your camping needs. I recommend adding the optional $80.00 ground mat that goes under the tent. This mat helps keep the dirt and mud off the tent, which you’ll be grateful for when it’s time to pack up and leave.

The $60.00 cinema screen is another option I would add to the mix. The screen attaches to hook-and-loop strips on one of the tent’s interior inflatable poles so you can project movies and enjoy a fun evening of entertainment. This tent is certainly big enough to act as a movie theater!

Needless to say, this tent has been one heck of an addition to my overlanding and camping setup. It will be one of my primary tents moving forward, especially this winter. Expect to see a bunch of videos on this tent over on our YouTube channel in the coming months. In the meantime, head over to Sönmez to check out this tent in more detail!

A quick heads-up: If you snag something through our affiliate links or check out our sponsored content, we might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. But fear not, we’re all about recommending stuff we’re truly stoked about!

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