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Should You Buy a Pre-Modified 4WD or a Stock One and Build it Yourself?

 photo by Morsa Images via iStock

In the automotive market, the value of the modifications you do to a vehicle plays very little role on the price your vehicle is going to sell for. 

For example, an $8,000 used vehicle with $5,000 worth of modifications may only sell for $10,000 instead of $13,000

This is bad news for the seller, but it does leave people who are looking to buy a truck with a hard choice. 

Pay some extra cash and get a pre-modified 4WD vehicle? Or get a stock one and modify it yourself? 

Today we will be going over the pros and cons of both. 

Pros of a Pre-Modified 4WD 

Pre-Modified 4WD 

 photo by luckyraccoon via iStock

The pros here are simple. You will be getting modifications you would have paid high dollar for much less and already installed on the vehicle. 

They will also save you the hassle of trying to find the mods you want to buy and which brand to go for. However, you need to make sure that the mods the car currently has are from reputable brands to avoid buying a truck that was poorly modified. 

On top of the points mentioned above, you will have a truck that is ready to hit the trails. There will be no need to wait for parts to arrive and mechanics to fit those parts.

Cons of a Pre-Modified 4WD

pre-modified 4WD in the desert

 photo by molchanovdmitry via iStock

If a truck has been pre-modified, chances are it has also been off-road already. This may mean it has been abused and may be worn out. Therefore, check it well before buying. 

Furthermore, the mods made may be of low quality or the way they were installed incorrect. The best example of this are electrical systems. If an electrical system has been done the wrong way in a truck it may not work or can even catch fire.

You should also check that all the accessories are in good condition. If they are old, there is a chance they will need replacing which defies the purpose of buying a pre-modified 4WD in the first place. 

Pros of Stock Vehicles 

SUV in the sand

 photo by brunette via iStock

Imagine a stock vehicle like a clean canvas. You are free to do whatever suits your taste and spend as much money as you want. 

You do not have to deal with mistakes made by the previous owner, and you might also be getting a less abused vehicle. 

A stock vehicle is also an opportunity to learn along the way. Learn yourself and what you need when traveling, while also getting a good idea of the terrain you will be traveling through. This can lead to a build that fits your needs just perfect – nothing more or less capable. 

Cons of Stock Vehicles

SUV in the desert

 photo by Jpreat via iStock

Modifications are very expensive. Therefore, you will have to buy everything from the start and if the accessories are installed by a garage, pay the labor as well.

You will also need to go through the headache of sourcing the parts and the correct people to fit them for you. However, this can also be a pro because through this process you will make contacts and friends; therefore, you will know where to go in the future. 

Pre-Modified 4WD vs Stock Vehicle

Pre-Modified 4x4 truck rock crawling

 photo by sierrarat via iStock

Obviously, modified vehicles can also be altered. Therefore, if you have a good idea of the modifications you will need and manage to find a truck that already has them, go for it – you can make small alterations along the way. 

If you want to start from scratch, learn along the way and build a vehicle exactly the way you imagine it, then a stock truck is the best option. 

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