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The Most Important Mods for Long Range Touring

photo by georgeclerk via iStock

Long-range touring requires preparation, and as much as budget exploring is promoted this type of adventure does require some modifications to ensure the trip is going to be enjoyable and safe. 

 If long-range touring is not what you want to do then head over to our other article which talks about essential modifications for short-range touring. If you like long and remote adventures though – keep on reading. 

You Need a Dual Battery Setup

Car battery

photo by joebelanger via iStock

A dual battery system with a charger for your auxiliary battery isn’t a luxury but a must-have if you are planning on spending many days off-grid.

Another possible solution is a 1000W or more portable power station, which can be charged by the engine when running or through solar power at camp. This will eliminate electrical modifications to your vehicle.  

Mods for Long Range Touring: A 12-volt fridge

12 volt fridge

photo by Supersmario via iStock

An icebox won’t do the job for multiple days away from civilization. For long-range touring a fridge will keep all your food cool and fresh no matter how far you go.

For a couple of people, a 40L fridge is enough. If you are a family of four, we would suggest going for a 50L or 60L. Some models can be half fridge half freezer; therefore, providing the option to keep food frozen which will last even longer. 

Max Out the Cargo Space

packed SUV

photo by LifestyleVisuals via iStock

For wagons, a cargo barrier and a drawer system are important when it comes to organization and safety – no one wants a swag coming straight at them after braking hard!

Another important storage solution for wagons is a roof rack as space availability in this type of vehicle is limited. For utility vehicles or pickup trucks, a roof rack is not necessary as there is plenty of space in the bed to store everything needed. If you still need some extra space, then you can add a roof rack. 

Learn More:

Mods for Long Range Touring: A Winch


photo by MJ_Prototype via iStock

Is a winch important? Well, kind of. If you are traveling in a convoy not everyone needs to have a winch, one is enough for peace of mind. However, if solo traveling is something you enjoy doing then a winch and some traction boards can get you out of bad situations. 

Add Some Driving Lights

driving lights

photo by 97 via iStock

Driving lights are another questionable mod. You do need them, but the problem is how many do you actually need? If you always arrive at camp before darkness, then upgrading your normal lights and adding some floodlights is all you need. For people who enjoy exploring in the dark, going one step further and adding a roof-mounted lightbar is recommended.

Mods for Long Range Touring: Vehicle-Mounted Radio Communications

long range radios

photo by Kyryl Gorlov via iStock

Do you still need handheld radio communications on a long-range tourer? Yes, you do. You also need vehicle-mounted communications though as traveling for days usually involves getting to more remote and hard-to-reach areas. Don’t mount the antenna on the bulbar, put it on the roof instead where you will get far more coverage. 

Invest in a Long-Range Fuel Tank

Jerry cans

photo by ewg3D via iStock

Long-range tanks will provide additional fuel while eliminating the need for jerry cans. Think of how much more fuel the long-range tank will provide though. If it’s just 20-30L then carry a jerry can as the cost isn’t worth it. If it’s more than 40L then go for it. 

These were the most important mods for a long-range tourer; however, if you want to go further you can. Just keep in mind that over modifying your vehicle is a bad thing so get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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