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Choose Your Type of Adventuring Before You Choose Your Vehicle

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Different types of vehicles excel at different types of adventuring. Some are great on hard-core trails, and others not so much. However, those who do well on the extreme stuff will not do so great on-road or when touring long distances.

It is a life rule. No one tool can do every single job perfectly. Therefore, you choose what type of driving and off-roading you will be doing and pick your truck accordingly.

How do different types of driving influence your vehicle choice? This is what we are covering today. 

How Do You Choose What Type of Adventures You Want to Go On?

Tire on a muddy road

 photo by EkaterinaZakharova via iStock

Well, the only way to really know what types of adventuring you love the most without actually going out and getting hands-on experience is with research. 

Research on the internet and within your personality. Are you a more extreme kind of person who loves adrenaline? Or a more laid-back character that prefers relaxing around a fire while enjoying the views?

Videos of adventures other people have tackled can also help you understand whether you like certain types of driving.

For example, when you see people tackling crazy obstacles do you think it is pointless? Or would you love to give it a shot? 

Understanding what floats your boat is a crucial criterion you must set before buying a vehicle. If you don’t, you do run the risk of ending up with the wrong choice.

What Types of Trucks Fit Different Kinds of People?

Jeep Crossing high water

 photo by Laughing_Buddha via iStock

We have three types of trucks: the full-on solid axled off-roaders, the slightly softer IFS vehicles that are mostly suited for overlanding, and the crossovers which will perform best on pavement and easy trails. 

Keep in mind that a solid axle vehicle will be able to do anything the rest can do off-road and more while also being able to perform on the road if built correctly. It surely won’t be as comfortable, but it will get you to the trail.

However, the crossovers and IFS vehicles cannot do what the solid axle vehicles can do off-road. Therefore, there is an argument here that a solid axle vehicle has the potential to cover every type of traveling.

If you are sure that you won’t be hitting any of the tough tracks during your adventuring, you are left with the IFS truck or the cross-over. 

SUV at sunset

 photo by Mike_Pellinni via iStock

For people who are only planning on going down some dirt roads to an easily accessible campsite then the cross-over will work just fine. It is a vehicle that will perform great on road, will be comfortable and economical, and can get you down some mild trails. 

For the people who like to visit the more remote areas but are not into the extreme terrain solid axle trucks can handle then an IFS truck with proper low range is the choice. 

These vehicles can tackle some serious obstacles successfully; therefore, visiting the areas less seen will be easy. 

SUV off-roading

 photo by Diy13 via iStock

If you end up misjudging the type of adventuring you want to be doing and going for a cross-over but end up wanting to hit the tougher tracks, I am afraid you will have to upgrade. 

On the other hand, if you go for a solid axle or IFS vehicle and decide you only enjoy the easy trails, you won’t have to change the vehicle as it will be perfectly suited for the job. The only issues will be slightly worse fuel economy and road manners. 

If you have any further questions regarding vehicle choice visit our forum and ask anything you want there!

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