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5 Off-Road Modifications That Will Help You Go Further

 photo by AlexD75 via iStock

The list of off-road modifications one can do to their 4WD is endless. Some are very useful and others useless. 

Every off-roader or overlander has different goals and terrains they want to tackle; therefore, each vehicle should be modified differently.

Today we will be focusing on the person that wants to go further off-road – the adventurer that is planning on hitting the tougher tracks. What are the top 5 mods he/she should do to their vehicle?

Get a Winch


 photo by marrio31 via iStock

The winch won’t increase the capabilities of your truck. However, it will increase your confidence when it comes to tackling tougher trails as you know that if you get stuck you have a way to recover the vehicle. 

Therefore, there is no doubt that a winch will help you push further, tackle tougher obstacles, and get you deeper into the bush. It’s among the must-have off-road modifications for sure!

A winch can also be used to clear the track from fallen trees or even recover your mates. It definitely is one of the top items when it comes to tough off-roading. 

Off-Road Modifications: Try an Engine Tune 


 photo by cihatatceken via iStock

This might seem like a strange one but let me explain. Most vehicles come tuned to perform well on the motorway and not off-road. Therefore, most of the power is delivered higher in the rev range. 

By tuning your vehicle, you can increase power at lower RPM which will help you tackle obstacles far easier. 

An engine tune can also provide more power, a big positive if your 4wd has big tires and is constantly loaded with all the gear you need. 

Add a Suspension Lift 

Suspension Lift

 photo by Bulgnn via iStock

A suspension lift provides many benefits, thus its inclusion on this list of off-road modifications. However, the most important one is the increased ground clearance it gives. Those additional two inches can make a huge difference when it comes to clearing ruts or any other object that may present issues. 

It also provides the opportunity to fit larger tires which are going to increase clearance even further while also increasing traction. 

If you love tough trails, then a suspension lift should be one of the first modifications you do.

Off-Road Modifications: Differential Lockers

Off-Road Modifications Differential Lockers

 photo by loraks via iStock

Diff lockers are one of those modifications that take your truck’s off-road performance to another level. A locked vehicle will outperform one with open differentials with ease while also making the job of the driver far easier.

The reason lockers make such a big difference is that trucks normally send all power to the wheel with the least traction.

Obviously, in an off-road situation that is not what we want; therefore, by locking the differential we can overcome this issue.

Off-Road Tires

Off-Road Tires

 photo by molchanovdmitry via iStock

As you would expect, tires are number one on this list of off-road modifications. They are the top modification anyone should do regardless of the difficulty of trails they will be driving on.

Off-road-focused tires resist punctures and provide more grip, which both are priceless when it comes to off-road travel. 

So, if you want to play on the tough trails get some mud tires, and the performance and look of your vehicle will drastically change! 

What do you guys think? Would you change any of the above five off-road modifications for something else? 

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