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Planning a Camping Trip: 3 Things to Consider

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Planning a camping trip is much more than just calling your friends over, loading up your gear, and getting away from the city on the weekend. There’s much more to it than meets the eye, and most campers suffer on their trips if they don’t plan accordingly.

Prepping your vehicle and getting some tents is just the start of it; you’ve got to consider a variety of things and plan ahead of time. While planning a camping trip, you ought to consider all the contingencies, apart from sorting out a reliable power source, meal prep, and the gear you need on your camping trip.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll discuss a dependable power source in the form of portable solar panels, how to plan and prep your meals, and explore ways to organize your gear throughout your journey. After going through these tips, you won’t have any problem planning a camping trip!

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Planning a Camping Trip – A comprehensive Guide

Camping gear laid out on a table

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They say unplanned trips are the best. But it’s the planned trips that turn out to be fruitful and trouble-free. Having no plan can be the fool’s idea of glory, and one must act sensibly before setting off on a journey into the wilderness.

Below, we share the three best pieces of advice to consider while planning a camping trip. It’s better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it!

Have a Reliable Power Source

Sizing Your Solar Panel 2

Back in the day, people had no smartphones, and the only thing they wanted to enjoy was the serenity of nature and the company of their friends. With so many gadgets at hand and portable appliances, camping trips can be enjoyed like a walk in your backyard.

The most viable option in terms of power source at the camping rig used to be generators. They could run nonstop for hours and power any gadget or appliance, but they also have a few shortcomings. Generators are heavy and take too much space in your truck’s bed, they require you to carry fuel cans as well, create too much noise, and generate harmful pollutants. 

With better technology at hand, we now have a much better and more reliable power source at our disposal – portable solar panels. Let’s go in depth and understand why you must consider these while planning a camping trip.

Portable Solar Panels – Sunflare XPLOR

Sunflare on a Toyota

Sunflare has a range of versatile portable solar panels in their inventory, the XPLOR series. These are one of the best options in terms of having a power source and a reliable backup on your camping trip.

Building Your Solar Power for Camping System

Sunflare XPLOR solar panels are lightweight and compact, making it very easy to store and carry them along on your trips. Made of stainless steel solar cells wrapped in 3M plastic, these are flexible and highly durable and can be bent to adapt to different surfaces, such as the roof of a hard shell rooftop tent.

XPLOR solar panel options

These amazing panels also have individual bypass diodes on every cell, getting rid of the shading problem. If a small portion of your panel comes under a shade, only that area will become inactive, and the rest will keep harnessing the energy. They are also easy to install – thanks to the double-sided adhesive tape, you don’t need to drill any holes.

With high resistance to winds, temperature, and environmental hazards, there couldn’t be a more reliable power source than the Sunflare XPLOR solar panels that you could consider while planning a camping trip.

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

Planning Your Meals Properly

Bugaboo camper outdoor cooking set


When camping and hiking in the woods, it is important to plan your meals and cooking chores ahead of time. If you’re taking an RV that has a kitchen, you’re in good hands. Otherwise, you need to sort out the meals, cutlery, cooking gear, and handle your raw food.

You might not be able to set a fire every time, it might be pouring outside, and your haversacks could become spoiled. So once you start planning a camping trip, food must be at the top of the list. Luckily, there’s a versatile outdoor cooking gear available that could solve all your problems. 

With Bugaboo camper outdoor cooking set, feasting in the forest should not be a problem. This versatile kit includes pots, frying pan, plates, and other cutlery that you need to cook and have your meals in the backcountry without hassle.

Storage and Organization

Starling’s car trunk organizer


Another important consideration while planning a camping trip is managing your storage and organization. With so many items in your luggage, camping gear, and tents on the back of your truck, having enough space could become a problem.

You also don’t want your stuff to rock here and there, as it could get damaged or lost on rough terrain. Moreover, organized storage offers you more space and better management of the luggage area. 

Starling’s car trunk organizer takes care of all your luggage and storage problems. It has 3 large compartments and 15 additional pockets for easy access. Additionally, there are 12 buckles for locking and 3 Velcro strap supports to prevent sliding or slipping in your vehicle’s trunk or on a flat surface. 

You can easily carry or store it with 2 sturdy handles. With the strength of 1680D Oxford polyester, you’d never have to worry about your luggage, tools, and camping gear while planning a camping trip with Starling’s car trunk organizer.

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