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Solar for Camping: Three Must-Have Items

Camping used to be a tedious endeavor back in the day, and not because the vehicles weren’t good enough or tents were weak. It was due to those heavy generators that took up too much space and created excessive noise and pollution, just to charge your fridge and coffee maker.

Solar changed that and everything about power generation became easy as a breeze. When going camping or Overlanding, you must have a portable energy source, and there are solar panels that are easy to carry, solid in build quality, and offer generous power on the go to keep your accessories and gadgets fired up.

Let’s have a look at the three most important items that must be a part of your gear and your backpack containing solar for camping.

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Flexible Solar Panels – Revolution in Solar for Camping

Sunflare Solar Panel overhead

Solar panels are great because they produce clean energy and are cost-effective as well. But not all of them are portable and these are heavy metal/glass accessories that need a special setup. For camping, you need lightweight and flexible solar panels that you could easily carry anywhere and use on uneven surfaces in the wilderness.

Sunflare solves that problem by offering just that. Their XPLOR solar panel series consists of flexible solar panels that are designed specifically for camping and hiking purposes. Let’s understand what makes them such a good option in solar for camping.

Solid Quality

Standing on a Sunflare solar panel

Unlike conventional solar panels that have solar cells made of silicon, Sunflare XPLOR has stainless steel solar cells. These panels are tough and durable, capable enough to withstand the rugged terrains and unforgiving environment at the camping sites.

Whether it’s the strong winds, stone chips, extreme heat, or any other hazard, these solar panels won’t have any problem and keep powering your gadgets on the go.

Lightweight and Flexible

Sunflare product shot

With stainless steel cells and 3M wrapping, these panels can be easily bent. This feature comes in handy when you have to adapt the panel to an uneven surface. Light in weight, meaning they could be carried easily on the rooftop of your vehicle or your backpack.

In your solar for camping gear, this is the most important consideration and XPLOR fulfills the requirement seamlessly.

Individual Bypass Diodes

Solarflare solar panels in air

An individual bypass diode on each solar cell means that each cell behaves as an individual unit. This is very important because even if half of the panel comes under a shade, only that portion becomes dormant and the rest of the panel keeps working. In conventional solar panels, this is not possible as there are no bypass diodes.

These diodes also prevent any hotspots or chances of short-circuiting, making them a versatile as well as a safe option. Perfect solar for camping gadgets.

Easy to Use


You don’t have to drill holes or insert nails anywhere, the Sunflare XPLOR solar panels come with double-sided adhesive tape. Simply remove the wraps and paste these lightweight panels anywhere you want, just towards the sun!

Dependable Warranty

Although these are super sturdy, Sunflare backs them up with a respectable 25-year warranty anyway. With such a backup in mind, you’d never have to worry about the durability of your power source.

Head over to Sunflare to learn more about these solar panels.

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

Portable Solar Generator – Easy Solution Solar for Camping

Jackery 1000 2 1

Image Credit: Jackery Inc.

Having a separate power source for your handheld gadgets offers some extra peace of mind and Jackery offers the perfect accessory for that. Their SolarSaga portable solar panels are one of the smartest and easiest-to-carry panels that you could get on the market.

What makes Jackery solar panels so good? It’s their range of products and easy portability. They come in three power ratings 60, 100, and 200 watts, to help you power your smartphones, LEDs, and Bluetooth speakers. They have monocrystalline cells that enhance their efficiency many times, specifically 23.1%, almost 6% more than the other panels.

These come with AC/DC/USB options and very easy-to-use Plug n Play operability. These can be used in all-weather conditions and offer a reliable backup power source for your camping and Overlanding endeavors. Connect them to your Jackery solar power station and have yourself a solar for camping source that’s dependable.

Solar Table and Cooler – Portable and Versatile

GoSun Solar Table and Cooler

Image Credit: Amazon

Back in the day, you would have to carry ice buckets and coolers to keep your frozen food from rotting and the drinks chilled. GoSun has solved the problem of carrying ice, that melts too soon and makes everything messy.

GoSun solar table and cooler come equipped with a 60W-rated solar panel that keeps the items chilled inside the cooler. The table has a glass top that you can use to sort out your items and perform other tasks. It also has a power bank that charges all your devices and can run a portable fan as well.

This versatile product is collapsible and light in weight, which means it can be easily folded and carried anywhere without any hassle. It is also made of highly durable material and offers top-class reliability which is very important for camping trips. This is a must-have item in your solar for camping gear and can make your life easier out there in the landscapes.

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