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Adventure Trailer Build: How to Design the Perfect Trailer

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

This article was last updated on May 2, 2024.

When I was a kid, “choose your own adventure” books were all the rage. I loved them – it was fun to determine how the story proceeded. 

I don’t know if those books are still a thing, but what I do know is that there’s a “choose your adventure trailer build,” and it’s the ideal way to get a camper that fits your specific needs.

When you think about it, it really is an ingenious idea – you start out with a base trailer, then as your needs and wants change, you can add modular components. What’s not to like?!

This adventure trailer build your own adventure comes courtesy of the folks at Beaver Built. Let’s have a look at Beaver Built trailers so you can see why they are a good fit for your adventure needs.

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Basic Trailer Specifications

beaver built 6

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

This choose your own adventure trailer build starts with the base Wapos trailer that’s 144 inches long, 79.75 inches wide, and has a dry weight of 1,050 pounds (GVWR 3,527 pounds). 

I know what you’re thinking…that’s towable with a two-door Jeep! It’s also towable with small AWD vehicles like Subarus.

This alone makes this adventure trailer build one to keep your eye on – there’s no need to invest in a new truck or a bigger SUV. You can go adventuring in your small SUV like you always have, but now you can have a trailer in tow.

beaver built 1

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Anywhere your SUV can go, this trailer can follow. It has a 37-degree departure angle with the standard wheel and tire package (which includes Yokohama A/T 31-inch tires and 15-inch Vision wheels), but if you opt to add 33-inch tires, you get a 40-degree departure angle. Not bad!

Either way, the trailer is well-equipped for off-road travel with an aluminum body, a galvanized steel frame, and a Cruisemaster CRS2 1.6-ton dual-shock suspension.

Beaver Built offers a one-year warranty on the trailer and a 10-year warranty on the frame, too.

Features and Amenities of this Adventure Trailer Build

beaver built 3

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

The size specifications might make you think that this is a spartan trailer with little to offer in terms of features and amenities. Fortunately, that’s not the case!

Despite its small size, this trailer still offers more than 43 cubic feet of storage space. The rear storage compartment is made of aluminum and has a large rear door that reveals a food-grade stainless steel countertop where you can prepare meals for you and your camping buddies.

beaver built 4

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Up top, you get a roof rack for carrying extra gear or for supporting your rooftop tent. To make it easier to access, Beaver Built has added an anti-slip powder-coating to the fenders and tongue deck, both of which are sign to act as steps (or a seating area, or a gear prep area…whatever you need!).

If the roof rack and interior storage don’t suffice for all your gear, this adventure trailer build your own adventure gives you another standard storage option – the rear hitch. 

Simply add your hitch-mounted storage box to the back of the trailer, and you have even more space for the gear you need for your wilderness travels.

Modular Components Make This Adventure Trailer Build Specific to Your Needs

beaver built 2

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Of course, what really makes this choose your own adventure trailer build so much fun is that you can pick and choose modular accessories to add as you go.

So, when you start out with your build, the basic trailer might be all you need. But as your needs change, you can add bolt-on accessories days, weeks, months, or years after your original purchase.

Tire and Roof Rack Considerations

For example, you might begin your adventure trailer build with the standard 31-inch tires and 15-inch wheels to match your two-door Jeep. But down the road when you get a new vehicle, you might upgrade to 17-inch Vision wheels with Yokohama X/AT 33-inch tires (and a matching spare to go along with it).

beaver built 9

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

As another example, you might start with the standard roof rack but upgrade to a larger rooftop tent in a few years. Beaver Built has you covered with an extended rack with a front box that has locking doors on the passenger and driver sides. Add a front box divider with a wall shelf to enhance your ability to organize your gear even further.

Storage and Galley Considerations

Add even more storage space with a set of side boxes, one for each side of the trailer, which gets you a total of 16 cubic feet of space. Doing so turns your Wapos trailer into what Beaver Built calls a Mahkesis trailer. It’s the same base trailer but has more storage and the ability to accommodate more accessories.

beaver built 7

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

If you’re like me and you love to cook, a kitchen management system might be the bolt-on option you add to your adventure trailer build.

The kitchen system is housed in the passenger-side box and features a 22-inch stove pullout, pantry storage, two large drawers, and a thin kitchen accessory drawer. You can also add a kitchen drawer pullout to the aforementioned front box, which houses a spot for your fridge/freezer and has a stainless steel countertop and utensil drawer underneath.

beaver built 11

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

It’s pretty amazing just how much you can squeeze into this adventure trailer build, but there’s room for even more additions, like:

  • A rear drawer with dividers and a storage deck
  • A spare tire carrier
  • A D035 coupling with an integrated hand brake
  • A tongue deck 2-inch receiver
  • Armor protection
  • Rear C jacks

You can even add a custom-designed electrical system to your adventure trailer build!

What Does Your Adventure Trailer Build Look Like?

beaver built 12

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

If you ask me, the problem with some adventure trailers is that they often lack specific features that I really need or want. Or, conversely, they have equipment that I have no interest in having.

But Beaver Built changes all that. Their “choose your own adventure trailer build” experience gives you the ability to create a truly bespoke trailer that precisely fits your needs now and in the future. This innovative approach to trailer building is one of the reasons why Beaver Built is on our list of the best off-road teardrop trailers of 2021 and the best expedition trailers of 2022!

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