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Off Road Teardrop Trailer Options: 4 Amenities You Need to Add

What is an economical travel arrangement with a curvy shape and very light on its feet? Without a doubt, it’s none other than the off road teardrop trailer!

There are many different teardrop trailer manufacturers, but only a handful make off road teardrops. So-Cal Teardrops is one of our favorites because they have so many off road teardrop trailer options from which to choose.

So-Cal Teardrops has been in the business since 2004 and offer a selection of lightweight teardrop trailers that can handle your off-road travel needs. These trailers are compact, light, and simple to tow. That’s a great combination!

So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS with hood open

Massive campers with all of their amenities may be wonderful for paved roads and well-established sites, but they won’t survive off road. An off road teardrop trailer is the way to go if you prefer to camp off-the-beaten path.

The wonderful thing about So-Cal Teardrops is that they build and customize their trailers with everything individually for each of their clients. This is possible because of a long list of off road teardrop trailer options. Add a galley, additional storage, and a hot shower, to name a few. 

Let’s have a look at some off road teardrop trailer options you should consider adding to your rig.

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A Great Example of an Off Road Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop trailer rock crawling

The So-Cal Teardrops’ 511 Cal Deluxe is a teardrop option that can fit people above six feet tall, a rare find on the market. The Cal-Deluxe is precisely what you need for the greatest camping vacation if you are particularly tall or need additional space for children, but that’s just one reason why we want to use it as an example. 

The Cal-Deluxe is clearly the head of the family because of its vast amenities. With a dry weight of around 2,200 pounds, it has a large, tall, and wide frame. It can optionally fit a 102” bed, and you can feel the comfort of home while you are sleeping. 

This trailer includes amenities like:

  • A lockable front cage system
  • A 30-gallon water tank, which can be enough for your needs on an off road site
  • LED lighting inside the sleeping area
  • LED lighting outside in the galley to make food at night or to enjoy the outside weather.
  • A two-burner gas stove on a slide-out.

so-cal teardrops xs11 7

This off road teardrop trailer even has double-sealed openings to keep the dust out of the cabin as you traverse dirt roads!

But more than that, So-Cal Teardrops focuses on fine craftsmanship. For example, the wood bracings prevent the doors from flexing even under harsh conditions, and the powder-coated steel frame offers strength, rigidity, and durability without adding too much weight.

All this rides on a 2,500-pound Dexter torsion axle with 7-inch electronic brakes with LED brake lights. Not bad, right?!

Off Road Teardrop Trailer Options

so-cal teardrops xs11 16

Off road teardrop trailers from So-Cal Teardrops offer dozens of options. Below, we share just a few examples, which you can check out through So-Cal Teardrops’ catalog

All models have impressive features, but there is always room for customizing your teardrop trailer for your specific needs.

Electrical Off Road Teardrop Trailer Options

With the addition of the Renogy 100W monocrystalline foldable solar suitcase, you can make your power source more portable and convenient. Renogy’s Black 100W Compact Monocrystalline Solar Panel reduces weight while improving module efficiency. It is the ideal choice for any off-grid solar system. 

This solar panel frame has a laminated and lightweight substrate, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It combines solar cells to enhance your trailer’s electrical performance and power-generating effectiveness. The panel consists of the junction box and connector for quick and simple installation.

Frame Options

so-cal teardrops airbag suspension

By adding airbag suspension, you can modify your off road teardrop trailer options so the trailer can accommodate heavy loads. With this option, you can also lift and lower your trailer to the ideal position for camping or off-roading through rough surfaces.

so-cal teardrops air compressor for airbags

When you add the air compressor airbag suspension option, inflating and deflating the trailer’s airbags becomes quick and simple. Not only is this advantageous for leveling the trailer at camp, but it can also help you navigate low openings, like getting the trailer in and out of your garage.

Woodwork Off Road Teardrop Trailer Options

so-cal teardrops xs11 6 off road teardrop galley

Woodworking can also be used to customize your off road teardrop trailer. You can design a galley for storage behind the headboard and a shelf for storage above, giving the cabin a feeling of openness and space. 

On either side of the cabin, there can be two folding shelves made of natural wood that may be used when needed and stored away when not. There will be plenty of room to store all of your needs if you build a variety of cupboards over the footwell.

So Cal Teardrops Removable Side Table

The removable side table shown above adds nice outside work or preparation space and has a laminated galley counter surface. Use it for added counter space, a place to eat dinner, or simply a handy spot to sit your belongings.

Accessory Options

Any seasoned off-roader knows the value of a good awning and knows the name ARB really well. When you design your teardrop, the ARB Awning 2000 is just what you should add to your list of off road teardrop trailer options.

These extendable awnings easily attach to most vehicles, fit into the sides of roof racks, and are ready to use when you arrive. The awnings are made of thick, extruded aluminum that’s shielded from the elements by heavy-duty, nylon-reinforced PVC bags with height-adjustable features specifically for harsh conditions.

These awnings can be utilized with the simple and quick-to-assemble ARB awning room, which has a robust waterproof base and an isolated ceiling to keep you cooler/warmer. All main walls have a zipper and net entry doors for quick access and to deal with changing weather. 

Overall, the So-Cal Teardrops have superb construction and impressive attention to detail. Because of the recent interest in the off-grid camper market, you can add even more options and amenities to create a truly bespoke off road trailer.

Explore even more off road trailer options by visiting So-Cal Teardrops!

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