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Always Be Overlanding

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I am an outdoor person; I don’t really like being stuck at home – and when I do – I always seem to daydream. My mind keeps on going back to the things I love – my truck and my mountain bike. 

Some days the urge to head out is more profound than others – and today, I can’t seem to get my mind off these two things. 

Therefore, rather than letting you know what sort of gear you should take when out overlanding – I am going to tell you why you should always be overlanding – no matter what.  

SUV on dirt road

Photo by jacoblund via iStock

Growing up is a good thing… sometimes. You see, it makes you think about doing the stuff you love twice. 

Especially if they will take time, effort, and money. Will traveling that far away, for so many days be worth it? That is what your mind keeps telling you. 

The truth is, that if you were 15-years-old and had the opportunity to undertake that same trip, you would do it with no hesitation. 

Wide angle shot of SUV overlanding thought a desert with mountains in the background

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So, what I suggest doing is to keep the common sense of a grown-up when needed – but when it comes to the things you love doing, like overlanding – be a 15-year-old kid. Don’t think twice, just do it. 

Remember, you DO NOT have forever, routine has a way of trapping us and before we know it – days, turn into years. Your whole life may go by and you will never do the things you always wanted to do. 

Sounds scary? Well, it’s because it is. But how do you overcome routine? How do you keep that 15-year-old kid alive? The answer is simple – repetition.

4x4 creating huge dust cloud in the the desert

Photo by georgeclerk via iStock 

Let me explain, the longer you take to re-engage with something the lower the chances are of you returning to it. It gets stored in the back of your head, making it seem unimportant. 

That’s until one day, you stumble across it by accident again. Then, you are reminded of how much you enjoy it and wonder why you didn’t do it for so long. 

The answer is simple: the last time went overlanding, you did not plan the next time you would do it again. Or even if you did, something happened and it got canceled. However, the date of the next adventure didn’t move forwards – it just disappeared. 

And just like that, a week became a few weeks, a few weeks became a few months, and you were overtaken by routine. 

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Man standing in 4x4 truck bed holding a map and looking through binoculars

Photo by stevecoleimages via iStock

How do you prevent this from happening? Well, you should always plan your next overlanding adventure. No matter how big or small it is. 

Plan the ones which will only last half a day. At the same time, plan those dream trips that will take you to the most remote of places and last for days or even months. 

Even if you think it is impossible for them to happen, plan them, wait for them, keep your brain occupied by them and as soon as you find the opportunity you’ll do them.

Footprints in the sand leading to an SUV

Photo by 35007 via iStock

Do not stay at the planning phase though. Head out on that afternoon you happen to have free, get out and drive as far as you can drive before having to turn back around. Even an afternoon trip is still overlanding! 

I head out nearly every morning, it may just be a mountain bike ride in the forest near to where I leave – but still, the boring routine is broken.

Gaia GPS is always working on my laptop, planned out trips are there waiting to be undertaken; therefore, as soon as the opportunity arises, I grab it and go. 

Make sure you set some time aside to undertake those slightly longer trips. If you have kids, bring them with you! This way your spouse won’t get mad, and the kids will stay occupied. Got a like-minded spouse? Cool!! Bring them with you as well. 

4x4 Overlanding into the mountians

Photo by cristianoalessandro via iStock

Why have I written this article? It was the spark of the moment, the feeling that many times we are told to do what we are supposed to do and not what we want to do. That’s not always correct. 

This is the culprit behind the people who are on board as passengers, going wherever life takes them and the reason others are the drivers, taking life wherever they want to take it. 

I hope that through this article I have made you think twice no more – and just do more.

I guess the following one should be how to plan your next overlanding trip. What do you think?!

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