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How to Customize a Teardrop Trailer for Improved Functionality

In a previous article, I used So-Cal Teardrops as a prime example of a company that builds excellent trailers that give you plenty of customization options so you can build a truly bespoke trailer for your needs.

But, I only highlighted four customization options in that article, and there are so many more!

So, in today’s post, let’s revisit how to customize a teardrop trailer so you have even more ideas for making your teardrop as functional as it can be.

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Why So-Cal Teardrops?

so-cal teardrops xs11 11

First and foremost, So-Cal Teardrops has been in the business for nearly two decades. All that experience is a benefit to you because they know how to craft high-quality teardrops for all sorts of camping adventures.

You can get a rig that’s ready-made for on-road touring. You can also invest in a So-Cal teardrop that’s ready for extreme off-road travel. And there are many different options in between, too!

I also appreciate that So-Cal Teardrops is a small, locally-owned business here in Southern California. Not only do these folks help sustain our local economy and provide jobs for people in our area, but they also use the highest-quality materials sourced here in the U.S. All of that equates to a high-quality trailer that you can rely on for years and years to come!

I’ve had the opportunity to meet the So-Cal Teardrops team, and I can tell you that you won’t find a more dedicated or hard-working group of people in the industry. Their primary goal is to provide you with the best product and the best customer service to back it up. And from what I’ve seen, they do that, and more!




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Choosing How to Customize a Teardrop Trailer

so-cal teardrops xs11 2

When customizing your teardrop trailer, you have to consider how you’re going to use it and what you need to add to the trailer to make your unique camping adventures more functional.

In the first post I referenced earlier, I discussed customizing your teardrop trailer with items like an off-grid power source, a fridge for the galley, an awning for outdoor living, and a hot water heater. This time around, I want to focus on a few other ways you can make your teardrop trailer even more functional.

Now, the recommendations I outline below don’t apply to everyone, and that’s okay! The point is to present you with various options on how to customize a teardrop trailer so you’re inspired to make the unique customizations you need for the type of camping you do.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at four more teardrop trailer customizations to consider.

How to Customize a Teardrop Trailer: Add an Airbag Suspension

so-cal teardrops airbag suspension

An airbag suspension on your teardrop trailer might seem like overkill, but as far as functional customization options go, it’s hard to find something more functional than this.

On the one hand, an airbag suspension gives you a greater ability to carry more gear in (and on) your teardrop trailer. As the load increases, you simply inflate the airbags to prevent the trailer from riding low under the weight of the cargo (you obviously need to keep your cargo weight within the limits of the trailer – adding airbags isn’t license to stack thousands of pounds of gear on your teardrop).

On the other hand, an airbag suspension allows you to raise or lower your trailer at camp with much greater ease. Additionally, you can lower the height of the trailer to get it into your garage or storage facility. Like I said, it’s a super functional customization!

How to Customize a Teardrop Trailer: Add Tongue Storage

so-cal teardrops xs11 8

Adding storage is a top priority for many folks who travel with a teardrop trailer. After all, these trailers are small, so you need to maximize your ability to safely store your gear.

So-Cal Teardrops provides various options for enhancing the storage capabilities of their trailers. A prime example of this is an extended metal cage with a locking lid, like the one shown above.

A cage like this is ideal for storing bulky items, gear that gets dirty, or frequently used gear like tire chocks, firewood, and off-road recovery gear. As you can see above, the cage is added behind the front storage box option on the extended tongue layout. As a combined upgrade, this gives you far more storage space for extended trips in your teardrop trailer.

How to Customize a Teardrop Trailer: Add a Few Hitch Receivers

So Cal Teardrops Hitch Receivers

One of the many things I appreciate about So-Cal Teardrops trailers is that they are so thoughtfully designed to improve your ability to maximize their functionality from the get-go.

A good example of this is that these trailers come standard with two 1-¼-inch auxiliary side receivers like the one shown above. These receivers allow you to add all sorts of hitch-mounted amenities to your trailer, like an umbrella, a table, or even a toilet.

So-Cal Teardrops gives you the option of adding a second set of two receivers to the mix, which gives you the ability to add up to four hitch-mounted receivers. You can also add a rear 2-inch receiver for adding a cargo rack, bike rack, or other storage-enhancing options. 

How to Customize a Teardrop Trailer: Beef Up the Galley

so-cal teardrops xs11 6 off road teardrop galley

One of the best ways to improve the functionality of your teardrop trailer is to give the galley some love. So-Cal Teardrops makes that possible on their off-road models (the 510 and 511) with the option to do a full galley upgrade.

This customization includes five drawers for small items like food, spices, and cooking utensils. You also get a lengthwise refrigerator slide so you can keep your food cool in a compact, easy-to-access space.

As I noted earlier, traveling in a teardrop trailer means maximizing the storage space you have onboard, and this customization option certainly helps. When you have to take all the food you need for your trip in a small trailer, every square inch in the galley needs to be functional – and that’s what this upgrade does! 




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How to Customize a Teardrop Trailer: Final Thoughts

so-cal teardrops xs11 7

As I explained earlier, the process of how to customize a teardrop trailer really comes down to figuring out what you need your trailer to do. You also need to pair up with a trailer company that offers the ability to customize your trailer to your specifications.

So-Cal Trailers certainly ticks the boxes as a company that can help you make your teardrop trailer your ultimate adventure rig. There are dozens of possibilities for adding comfort, functionality, and performance to their trailers. What’s more, there are many different models to choose from, making So-Cal Trailers an ideal partner for your on-road or off-road adventures.

The only thing left to do now is decide what kind of teardrop you want and what options you need. Get in touch with So-Cal Teardrops today to get the process started!

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