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Teardrop Trailer Benefits: 4 Reasons to Invest in a Teardrop

Traditional teardrop trailers are a well-liked, adaptable choice for all kinds of travelers because of their aerodynamic design and aesthetic appeal. There are also many teardrop trailer benefits that make camping a true joy.

For example, a prominent teardrop feature that users enjoy is an outdoor kitchenette accessed through the lift-up hatch in the back. Likewise, many teardrop trailers offer two adults’ worth of sleeping space as well as essential storage, while some designs offer true off-road capabilities that enable you to explore off-the-beaten-path locations.

These little, transportable trailers in the form of airfoils were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s. The sleek tag-along, superseded by large RVs and motorhomes about fifty years ago, have experienced a significant resurgence among campers in recent years.

Teardrop trailer being pulled in the desert

A teardrop trailer benefits you with its ability to adapt according to your requirements. The first teardrops from decades ago were a technological marvel that gave consumers the benefit of sleeping above ground while being shielded from the elements. Today, teardrop trailers offer more utility, robust amenities, and all sorts of customization options.

So-Cal Teardrops, has led the way in the revival of the teardrop trailer with its smart designs, superb build quality, and excellent customer service. For that reason, I’ll use So-Cal Teardrops as a prime example of teardrop trailer benefits and why you should invest in a teardrop trailer.

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Teardrop Trailer Benefits: They are Easy to Tow

So Cal Teardrop Buzz 2

Compared to other campers, teardrop trailers are substantially lighter and far more maneuverable. Many teardrop models, like the So-Cal Teardrops 408 Buzz shown above, even weigh less than 1,000 pounds! This means that you have a lot more alternatives while towing a teardrop than you would with a big camper. 

For example, to go camping, you don’t require a large pickup truck. With a dry weight of 670 pounds, you can tow this trailer with virtually any vehicle, including a UTV.

So Cal Teardrop Buzz

In addition to the featherlight weight, the Buzz’ smaller size makes it easier to tow and navigate, making it simpler to fit into narrow areas when filling up with gas, navigating congested tourist attractions, or parking at your campsite. 

The Buzz might be small, but it’s mighty in terms of its construction. The So-Cal Teardrops team uses 2”x2” .090 wall steel tubing to make the frame, which is both lightweight and super strong. The trailer rides on a smooth-riding torsion axle and 14-inch wheels and tires for a fantastic towing experience.

Teardrop Trailer Benefits: They Can Go Anywhere

So-Cal Teardrop at the beach

Teardrop trailers benefit you in portability, which helps when you’re traveling in remote, off-grid locations. You can travel practically any place with a teardrop in tow, whether it’s to the neighborhood campsite or a far-flung wilderness area on the other side of the country.

With a design that allows for various off-road situations, So-Cal’s Medium, Hard and Extreme Trail-Rated Teardrops can provide you with off-road functionalities while maintaining a high comfort level. These vehicles enable you to travel through remote wilderness and surrounding areas without needing to plug into shore power and water.

On the other hand, the Hard and Extreme Trail Rated Teardrops are created and engineered to withstand the most difficult road conditions. For example, you can take So-Cal’s Extreme Rated 409 Rover and conquer difficult two tracks deep into the wilderness. This trailer is capable of rock crawling behind your 4×4 thanks to its robust frame and gusseted reinforcements in all the corners. 

Furthermore, the Rover comes with a straight axle, electric brakes, airbags, mud tires, and a shock reservoir system. In other words, this trailer will go virtually anywhere you want to take it!

Teardrop Trailer Benefits: They are Customizable

Customized So Cal Teardrop

Every trailer made by So-Cal Teardrops is customized for its new owner. The more discriminating teardrop owner will typically have a long list of items they require on their construction, even though a “basic” build is rich enough in amenities to satisfy the majority.

So-Cal Teardrops has a host of optional features that change your teardrop’s frame, woodwork, electric system, and accessories to make it exactly how you desire. If you have any issues, they’ll pay attention to them and outfit the trailer accordingly.

So, if you want a leisure trailer for RV park touring, a rugged extreme off-road trailer to explore the wilderness, or something in between, the So-Cal Teardrops team will work with you to develop the ideal trailer for your needs!

Teardrop Trailer Benefits: They are Budget-Friendly

So Cal Teardrop Near The Ocean

If you have a tight budget, RVs might not be accessible to you. After all, some full-size trailers have a full-size six-figure price! But teardrop trailers offer the benefit of being far more budget-friendly.

Don’t think that a budget teardrop means you’ll be camping in a tin can, either. Even the lowest-priced models from So-Cal Teardrops give you the ability to have a comfortable camping experience. For example, the 408 Buzz has a base price of just $13,000. That’s a fantastic price for the freedom and comfort of the open road!

So Cal Teardrop 511 Cal Deluxe

But even So-Cal Teardrops’ more expensive models are still highly affordable. The priciest model –  511 Cal Deluxe – is still only $27,000. That’s not bad considering the long list of features and amenities, and its unparalleled off-road prowess.

So, no matter what you’re looking for in a teardrop trailer, So-Cal Teardrops has you covered. There’s an affordable, easy-to-tow, go-anywhere trailer waiting for you!

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