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Four Types of KC Off Road Lights You Need for Your Rig

This article was last updated on May 1, 2024.

While off-roading, we many times find ourselves driving through the night either because we need to get to camp or just for the fun of it.

In case you didn’t know, off roading at night is a whole different beast than in the daylight. Obstacles look different, choosing your line is much more difficult, and the shadows and low lighting make everything look much more intimidating. 

The same is true for camping. As soon as the sun drops, we need lights for cooking, eating, and just hanging around. 

Lighting is one of those areas in which you want a quality product. One of our favorite brands is KC Hilites.

KC off road lights have been in the market for more than 50 years. They produce some of the toughest, most reliable lights for off-roading. Plus, they give you some Back to the Future cred – especially when mounted on old Toyotas.

Below are some of the top products offered by KC that will make all your night-time adventures far more enjoyable. 

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A-Pillar – KC Off Road Lights Flex Era 3

4wd lighting driving lights


The KC Flex Era 3 are the perfect light to mount on your A-pillars due to their small and rugged design. They are waterproof, dustproof, and are crafted from military-spec material. 

Their small size may be deceptive, but these can be really bright! Our perfect mounting solution would be on an adjustable mount which will provide the ability to use them as sidelights or even camp lights. 

Fog Lights – KC Off Road Lights Gravity LED G34

fog lights

Fog lights are an essential item for any overland trip as you never know what the weather has in store. During snowy and foggy conditions, a set of fog lights might be the difference between being able to see and be seen or not.

Just like all KC Off Road Lights, these fog lights are tough and easy to install and are available in different sizes. 

I have the G34 lights on my Jeep, but since they’ve been discontinued, you might want to have a look at the more refined LED G4, which is certainly an upgrade over the G34. Check out these other Jeep Gladiator mods while you’re at it!

Roof Rack Flood Lights – KC Off Road Lights C2 LED

KC Hilites C2 LED Lights


The KC Off Road Lights C2 LED are a perfect fit to your roof rack and work great for sideways maneuvering on narrow roads or when reversing at night. They are also made of tough military-grade material and are stuffed in a protective housing that provides long-term durability and tough off-road service for many years.

Since they are mounted on the roof, they can also be really helpful when it comes to setting up camp.  

Light Bar – KC Off Road Lights Pro6 Gravity LED Lights

4wd lighting spot lights


This heavy-duty light bar is a great product to install on your bumper or above your windscreen. It is tough and super-bright and can illuminate even the darkest of forest trails giving you the confidence needed to maneuver confidently at night. 

It can also be used for camp setup, towing, or even repair sessions on the hillside – its usability is endless. LEDs can be added or removed providing adjustability and the Gravity Reflective Diode Technology massively enhances its focus and intensity of illumination. 

If you are someone who only plans on installing one single light source on your truck this lightbar may be the best choice. 

Bonus: Aiden James Customs – Under the Hood KC Lights

Aiden James Customs – Under the Hood KC Lights

For anyone who owns an old 4WD that needs wrenching in the dark or for those who have a new and reliable one but have accessories mounted under the hood this lighting solution is perfect for you. 

Aiden James Customs has developed a plug-and-play kit that comes with everything you need to install in no time. It comes with a pair of KC Hilites Cyclone V2s that have a magnetic mount that sticks to your hood. This kit also provides the harness, 3M backed cable clips, and a magnet switch to turn them on and off automatically. 

When buying the lights all you have to do is choose the lens color and the fuse that your specific vehicle uses (types of fuses and the vehicles they fit to are mentioned on the website).

The system comes with a two-year warranty and it is easy to install. The light turns on when you open the hood and there is no need to buy switches or do custom wiring. Easy peasy!

Final Thoughts

where to put 4wd lightsOff-road lights are a crucial modification every overland or off-road vehicle should have. The KC products outlined above will provide reliability and durability for many years to come. Likewise, the KC-backed underhood lights from Aiden James Customs will give you peace of mind that if you need to do some work to your rig in the dark, you’ll have all the light you need!

If you have any further off-road light-related questions or for anything else off-road or overland-related, head over to the forum section of our page. 

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