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4 Things to Consider When Buying a Teardrop Trailer

Overlanding and off-roading have evolved a lot over time. Technology has helped the industry grow and adapt to modern trends. When every aspect of mobility is heading towards compactness and space-saving, the world of camping trailers is quickly adapting.

Teardrop trailers have always been popular among overlanding and off-roading enthusiasts. But only a handful of companies make great teardrop trailers. If you’re looking into buying a teardrop trailer, there are a few things you must consider.

To help illustrate what you should look for in a teardrop trailer, I’ll use So-Cal Teardrops and their extreme off-road XS511 trailer as an excellent example.

This rugged and well-equipped trailer is hand-made for each customer and can be fine-tuned to your needs. Let’s get into the ins and outs of buying a teardrop trailer and explore more about So-Cal Teardrops!

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Buying a Teardrop Trailer – Important Things to Consider

so-cal teardrops xs11 2

A teardrop camper is not just a box of metal that moves around with you on your camping trips…

It ought to be rugged, durable, and well-equipped so it can help you conquer tough roads and get to beautiful destinations. But, not all teardrop trailers are made alike. Here are a few things that you must consider when buying a teardrop trailer.

Build Quality

so-cal teardrops xs11 15

When you go off-roading in your truck and desire to tow a trailer, the trailer must be robust enough to bear the challenge of accompanying you, irrespective of the location or terrain. 

When buying a teardrop trailer, make sure that it has sturdy construction, a rugged suspension system, and overall dependability for your overlanding trips.

The XS511 trailer by So-Cal teardrops performs superbly in this department. It’s constructed using high-strength aluminum and wall steel tubing with gusset reinforcements. It features heavy-duty Old Man Emu leaf springs with 10″ electric brakes and a 9-way adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shock reservoir system & airbags. It doesn’t get much more off-road-ready than that!

This thing will take you as far off-grid as your vehicle can go. Put simply, when buying a teardrop trailer, you won’t find many that can match the build quality of XS511.

Storage Space

so-cal teardrops xs11 7

Buying a teardrop trailer requires that you’re aware that it won’t have the kind of space you find in a full-size travel trailer or RV. 

But, the So-Cal Teardrops extreme off-road trailer has a smart design and comes with different storage options and spaces to maximize how much gear you can store.

It begins with marine-grade cabinetry in the galley and inside the trailer, which gives you plenty of space to store your kitchen essentials and your personal items. Apart from dedicated storage spaces and cubbies in the cabin, there’s an in-floor storage area that can be used as a refrigerator or trunk.

so-cal teardrops xs11 16

On the outside, there’s a galley that opens wide and tall and offers multiple storage options with an array of drawers. There’s a slide-out kitchen and stove that can keep your cooking passion alive out in the wilderness. Towards the front of the XS511 trailer, there’s another storage area in the form of tongue storage. There’s even a lockable space that stays hidden and protected.

If this isn’t enough storage for you, the roof of this trailer is still at your disposal. You can get it customized as per your requirements. For example, you can add storage space or racks for keeping extra gear.

Features and Amenities to Consider When Buying a Teardrop Trailer

so-cal teardrops xs11 9

A teardrop trailer doesn’t have to be just a box of metal with wheels. If you play your cards right, you can get a trailer with tons of features and amenities.

The So-Cal Teardrops XS511 is full of top-quality Baltic birch to give you the essence of a premium product. You get loads of interior space and a 59” x 78” 4-inch-thick queen mattress for a comfortable night’s rest. You also get a retractable table for your meals, or if you’re like me, you can use the table to get a little work done while you’re off-grid.

so-cal teardrops xs11 5 off road teardrop interior

As it is a hand-made bespoke teardrop trailer, you can also add a variety of features that make it fit your needs and wants. The list includes:

  • A 12V air conditioning unit
  • A portable solar panel setup
  • Propane heater with Slide-out fridge and kitchen
  • An inverter unit
  • Charging solution for your gadgets

Honestly, there are just too many features and amenities to list. This trailer is built from the ground up with your overlanding experience in mind, so you’ll find handy amenities in every corner of the trailer.


Teardrop trailer rock crawling

When buying a teardrop trailer – especially one you intend to take off-road – knowing its dimensions is critical. If you get a trailer that’s too wide or too long, for example, you run the risk of getting stuck or breaching the trailer.

Of course, understanding the weight of the trailer is also important as you don’t want to exceed the tow rating of your vehicle. Understanding how much space the trailer offers inside is also informative for your comfort.

The XS511 weighs a scant 2,200 lbs, so you can confidently tow it with a wide range of trucks and SUVs. And with 18.3 inches of ground clearance, it’s likely that this trailer has far more clearance than the vehicle with which you will tow it.

At 180 x 60 inches, this trailer is compact yet still offers plenty of interior space. The body is 120 inches long, 59 inches wide, and 44.5 inches tall inside. It’s a cozy, comfortable space that you can enjoy no matter where your overlanding adventures take you.

Teardrop Trailers Give You the Freedom You Demand

Teardrop trailer being pulled in the desert

There’s other factors to consider when buying a teardrop trailer – the suspension, the onboard power system, and the price, to name a few.

But if you give consideration to the four criteria outlined above, you’ll be in a good position to research teardrop trailers, compare them, and select the best one for your needs.

Ultimately, one of the best advantages of teardrop trailers is that they give you the freedom you demand. They’re small and maneuverable so you can get to your favorite off-grid locations. They offer good interior space where you can rest comfortably out of the elements. Trailers like the So-Cal Teardrops XS511 also give you a superb galley so you can whip up tasty meals while you’re “roughing it.”

On top of all that, teardrop trailers don’t require a ton of preparation. Load up your gear, check the systems for proper functionality, hook up, and take off! There’s nothing better than having the ability to go on outdoor adventures and do so on a whim if you desire! That’s why buying a teardrop trailer is such a great idea.

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