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Which KC Hilites are Best for Off-Roading?

Having a solid truck with a durable engine and suspension is just one side of the off-roading story – there is much more to it than meets the eye. Once you’ve left the road and embraced the rugged trails in the wilderness, that’s where you realize you need much more than the camping gear and all-terrain tires, especially when the sun disappears.

Having powerful and durable lights on your truck is one of the most important upgrades you need for your off-roading endeavors. You have to have a clear, illuminated path on tough terrains, and enhanced visibility when going through thick woods or curvy mountains. Off-roading lights are also used for camping and trailing as well.

I’ve always preferred top-quality and highly durable lights for my truck, and KC Hilites make a necessary part of my purpose-built off-roading project.

4wd lighting driving lights

With more than 50 years of experience in light and LED technology, KC Hilites knows what they’re doing, and produces one of the toughest, most reliable off-roading lights in the market. It has been my go-to choice for ages and my truck is equipped with a range of KC Hilites off-roading lights.

I’m an avid off-roader and quite fond of going off the grid and exploring the wilderness, especially in dark hours, and I can tell you these lights have been my ultimate adventure buddies.

Let me share some of the lights from KC Hilites inventory on my truck and explain why I prefer them over any other product in the market.

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Light Bar – KC Hilites Pro6 Gravity LED Lights

4-GRAVITY-PRO6-BARKC Hilites Pro6 Gravity LED Lights

Image Credit: KC Hilites

This is my favorite light accessory that I have on the truck. The mighty heavy-duty light bar can either be installed on the bumper or the overhead upfront. The super-tough and super-bright bar of light illuminates the world for you, so you can drive and maneuver confidently at night.

I’ve also used it for camp setup, car towing, and repair sessions on the hillside as well, and the usability is limitless. It has flexible adjustability, thanks to its infinity ring system and you can add or remove the LEDs as required. The Gravity Reflective Diode technology massively enhances its focus and intensity of illumination, unlike the conventional design where most of the light is scattered.

With its robust build quality and unparalleled application in the wild, the KC Pro6 Gravity light bar is the best you could get right now, and it has never disappointed me.


  • White light with a 5,000K color temperature.
  • 18,400 lumens with 6,700 Lux at 10 meters
  • 1,637 meters beam distance
  • 160 total watts and IP Rating – 65
  • Dimensions – 6” tall, 3.33” deep, and 51.5” wide

Spot Lights on A-pillars – KC Hilites Flex Era 3

4wd lighting spot lights

The second on the list of my off-roading lights setup is the KC Flex Era 3. These are high-quality spotlights, best suited for your truck’s A-pillars. Whenever I feel that my light bars would be too much for a trail or I’m carrying heavy loads on the rooftop, I rely on these little rays of hope.

The size is really deceptive, these are tough, dust and waterproof, and all-weather spotlights built to last years and help you traverse any path you want to take head-on. The near-field range and sideways illumination are matchless and I feel more confident using these on curvy and bendy routes than any other source of light.

The KC Flex Era 3

Image Credit: KC Hilites

The KC Flex Era 3 are handy in size, tough in endurance, and offers superb utility on dark off-road trails like none other, so should be on the top of your wish list.


  • Spot beam pattern with powerful LEDs
  • IP-68 Rating and 5,000K color temperature
  • 3,672 lumens with 800 Lux at 10 meters
  • A class-leading 607 meters beam distance
  • Dimensions – 3.6″ wide, 3.5″ tall, and 2.6″ deep

Flood Lights on Roof Rack – KC Hilites C2 LED Lights

KC Hilites C2 LED Lights

Image Credit: KC Hilites

These Roof studded floodlights are my favorite lights for sideways maneuvering on risky patches and are super useful for reversing at night. Made of tough military-grade material and stuffed in a protective housing to offer long-term durability and tough service over the years, without giving up.

If you’re looking for a set of LED lights that help you illuminate while you camp, set up your gear, travel on rough patches with narrow crevices, and reverse in the dark – The KC C2 LED lights are best for you and I cannot recommend them enough as I’ve been an avid user for some time now.

The major quality that contrasts this product from others in the market is the tough durability and long-term service reliability of KC C2 LEDs.


  • A highly effective 120-degree flood beam pattern
  • 6,000K color temperature with IP-67 Rating
  • 2,200 lumens with 27 lux at 10 meters
  • 104 m beam distance
  • Dimensions – 2.85” wide, about 2” tall, and about 2” deep

Fog Lights – KC Hilites Gravity LED G34 Lights (now discontinued)

fog lights

I’ve been using the KC Gravity G34 as fog lights on my truck and I have always admired their utility. Very easy to mount and tough in build quality, they offer an unprecedented utility on dark rainy nights and urban routes as well.

Available in different styles, these highly durable fog lights provide a classic 210m coverage from the ground up and are tough enough to withstand the atrocities of the road. I was lucky enough to have these in my inventory, but the Gravity G34 has been discontinued and replaced with more refined, modern fog lights from KC Hilites.

If you’re looking for high-quality fog lights for off-roading endeavors as well as city usage, have a look at KC Gravity LED G4 Universal lights. These are surely an upgrade over the ones that I’m currently using on my truck.

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