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Forrest Tool Company MAX Multipurpose Toolkit Review

I’ve been adventuring in the wild for a long time now, and I’ve tested tool after tool after tool that promises to be a game-changer.

In most cases, the gear I’ve tested is perfectly fine. In a few cases, though, the gear I’ve tested is terrible. Only once in a while do I test gear that absolutely crushes it.

This is one of those times.

I’ll tell you right now that the Forrest Tool Company MAX Multipurpose Toolkit is one of the best tools I have for overlanding, camping, and off-road adventuring.

Today’s review explains why this bad boy is at the top of my must-have list.

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Forrest Tool Company MAX Multipurpose Toolkit Specs and Features

forrest tool max toolkit


The MAX Multipurpose Toolkit has a 34-inch composite polyglass handle and no less than eight different tools:

  • 3.5-lb Hudson Bay Ax Head with Striking Surface
  • Shovel
  • Pick
  • Broad Pick
  • Mattock Blade
  • Combination McLeod
  • Rake
  • Hoe Rake-Hoe Fastener

The toolkit also comes with six lock pins, an embossed leather ax sheath, and a Cordura carrying case.

In other words, this isn’t just a tool – it’s a complete all-in-one kit that you can easily transport and use in a variety of situations.

MAX Multipurpose Toolkit Build Quality

forrest tool company max ax with sheath

The Forrest Tool Company MAX Multipurpose Toolkit is proudly made in the U.S.A. Not only that, but the toolkit meets ANSI industry standards.

Additionally, the MAX Multipurpose Toolkit meets government workmanship standards for reliability and strength. It’s standard equipment on Army Light Tactical Vehicles and High Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, too. If it’s good enough for our military, it’s good enough for your outdoor adventures!

Whether you’re using the tool to chop wood, dig a trench, rake through hot coals, or something in between, you’ll appreciate the polyglass handle. It feels great in the hand and sturdy, yet lighter than I expected it to be. You feel like there’s some heft to it, but not so much that it’s a chore to move the tool around. Forrest Tool Company really achieved a fantastic balance in that department.

forrest tool broad pick

Each tool in the kit is made of 1060 carbon steel, so you get unparalleled durability over the course of many years of use. The attachments connect to the handle with ease, and the locking pins keep the different heads in place – there’s no give or play, which is certainly what you want when you’re slinging an ax, shovel, or another tool around.

The excellent build quality continues in the kit’s other accessories. The ax sheath, for example, is embossed leather and offers a durable and eye-catching cover for the ax. The strap has a stainless steel buckle that won’t rust.

The ax head is left intentionally dull right out of the box. This gives you the capability of sharpening the blade to your liking and specific needs. I really like being able to sharpen my blades to my liking anyway, but it’s also an incredibly satisfying and relaxing process!

How Portable is the MAX Multipurpose Toolkit?

forrest tool company leather accessories

You might look at the toolkit and initially think that it would be a bit inconvenient to lug around. After all, it’s an eight-in-one tool with steel attachments!

But, Forrest Tool Company designed this tool to be modular and easily portable – a task that’s made even easier with the included Cordura carrying case. The case holds all the attachments in a neatly organized and easy-to-carry bag. Each attachment has its own little pouch to keep things tidy (and to prevent the accessories from clanking against each other as you go down the road).

What’s more, having the carrying case makes it easy to transport the toolkit. There’s loops on the back of the case that accommodate the ax handle, so you can carry the ax and all the accessories as one unit. Just throw this toolkit in the bed of your truck and have all the accessories right there when you need them.

If you’re like me and do a lot of camping and overlanding, space is always at a premium. Having a toolkit like this that takes up so little space, yet offers so much utility, is certainly a bonus.

Using the MAX Multipurpose Toolkit

forrest tool max ax close-up

As I mentioned earlier, the MAX Multipurpose Toolkit is lighter than I expected, but the accessories have good weight to them so you feel confident that when you swing the pick, for example, that it will penetrate the ground and work effectively.

The same goes for the ax head, the mattock, and other accessories – the blend between overall weight and having enough oomph to get the job done is perfect, in my opinion.

In a camping situation, I’ve used this tool to chop wood, dig a fire pit, and as a fire safety tool. Having so many options that allow you to dig and chop is great. For example, in some cases, I use the pick to get the fire pit digging process started. In other situations, I use the mattock. The McLeod tool is obviously handy for these situations as well.

forrest tool mcleod

The McLeod tool is a great option for clearing debris from a campsite, too. You can use the rake to clear large debris like branches while the hoe side of the tool can be used to dig a trench to divert water away from your tent.

Far and away, though, I use the ax blade most often. The Hudson Bay ax head tips the scales at 3.5 pounds, so like I mentioned before, it has nice weight to it for chopping firewood. It’s also an excellent tool for clearing down trees that block progress on the trail.

I will say this – the MAX Multipurpose Toolkit is a great addition to an off-roading kit as well. It can help aid in recovery of a stuck vehicle by using the shovel, one of the picks, the Mattock tool, or the McLeod.

And since all these accessories are easy to attach and use, and since it comes in a nice, small package, it offers tons of functionality for your 4×4, ATV, or UTV.

The Final Verdict

max ax by forrest tool company


So, there you have it – the MAX Multipurpose Toolkit is a great addition to your overlanding or off-roading kit that can help with many different tasks, from building a fire to clearing brush to recovering a vehicle.

If anything else, having this toolkit in your vehicle will give you peace of mind that if something goes awry, you’ve got a host of tools you can use to address the situation.

The build quality is outstanding, the ease of use is excellent, and at around $280.00, it’s a great price!

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